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Best Hand Impact Driver Set

Professional mechanics depend on air tools, especially a pneumatic impact wrench to get their work done. When working on stubborn nuts and bolts, an impact wrench can quickly loosen what would otherwise require massive amounts of sweat (and probably a few busted knuckles along the way). The only drawback with pneumatic impact wrenches is you need a pretty good sized air compressor to power them.
For the rest of us, there are hand impact drivers. These wonderful and inexpensive tools allow you to take hammer force and convert it to rotational force. Attach a socket or bit, and you can suddenly loosen that stubborn fastener. Not only that, but since you are applying the hammer to the back of the tool, you are insuring that the bit or socket doesn’t come off the fastener.
One added advantage of using a hand impact driver is the frustration relief provided by being able to hit the fastener that’s giving you so much trouble. It's going to take a good whack to break it loose, so you'll be able to take out all your aggression and frustration on it, rather than slamming the door and kicking the cat. That makes it an all-around better alternative.
Because these tools take a lot of abuse, quality is important. While a fairly simple device, if the metal is too thin or not properly tempered, it can break rather easily. Of course, how often you have to use it becomes a factor as well.
The most common size for these sets is with a 3/8 inch drive. There are a few out there designed for a 1/2 inch drive, but they're not common. Make sure that you use impact sockets with them, if you need to use a socket. Impact sockets have thicker walls and aren't chrome plated, so they're much less likely to break from the force of the blow.

Stanley Proto J7099A 13 Piece 3/8" Drive Hand Impact Driver Set

I picked Proto's set as number one mostly based upon their quality. This is a company that manufactures tools for the professional; maybe not in the same league as Snap-on, but definitely as high as Armstrong and Mac. This is a 3/8 inch drive impact driver; which comes with two different sizes of hex adapters and 10 bits. As best I can tell, they're the only manufacturer that gives you two different sizes of hex adapters. Everything comes in a plastic case for ease of storage and to prevent loss. The impact has a heavy-duty spring for added torque.

OTC 4608 3/8" Hand Impact with Bits & Holder

OTC is a well known and respected supplier of specialty automotive tools. One of the great things about this tool is the handle, which is cushioned for good grip, but also includes a flange to protect your hand. If you’ve ever tried to use one of these without the protector, or even a chisel without a protector, and gotten your hand with the hammer, you’ll understand the importance of this option.

This set comes in both 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch drive. I picked the 3/8 inch drive over the 1/2 inch drive simply because most people have 3/8 inch drive sockets, even though many don’t have 1/2 inch drive tools. This kit comes complete with several bits to accommodate most standard screw sizes.

SG Tool Aid SGT14950 3/8" Hand Impact Driver

SGs unit is almost identical to the OTC unit mentioned above, with all the same options and benefits I’ve mentioned. I especially like the comfort-grip protective handle. The soft grip helps you hang onto the tool and the flange protects your hand from those inadvertent misses. To me, that sets these tools apart.

This is also a 3/8 inch drive unit, allowing you to use standard sockets or the included bits. It comes with eight bits; four shorties and four extended reach ones. The nosepiece on the driver is an adapter, hiding the square drive head.

Lisle 29200 3/8" Hand Impact Driver With Bits & Case

Although this unit doesn’t come with the comfort-grip safety handle of the previously mentioned units, the knurled bands on the body make it easy to hang on to. Even though I prefer having that hand protection, it can get in the way, especially if you're trying to use the tool in tight spaces. It’s also easier to keep clean than those with a plastic band. Lisle provides their kit in a nice plastic case, to help insure everything stays together. I don’t know about you, but personally I like kits that come with a case.

K-D Tools 1140 3/8" Hand Impact Driver & Bits

For those that are seeking simplicity, KD Tools provides a basic hand impact driver. There’s nothing fancy about this unit, but there’s nothing fancy about the price either. It comes with the adapter and bits, just like the more expensive units; and works the same way. This is a 3.8 inch drive unit, so it will fit all your standard and metric sockets. A good pick for those who don’t have to use it very often.

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