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Using a hand soap is something that is a part of our daily routine and yet most of us do not really give it too much thought. We know it’s something we must do in order to stay healthy and prevent germs from spreading. There are also those of you who work in the medical, automotive or restaurant profession that rely on these as part of performing your job safely. Others may choose a product due to the fact that it smells good and look pretty in the bathroom.

Finally there are those of you who have kids and need something that doesn't cost a lot and is easy and safe for the entire household to use. No matter what way you use these hand soaps just know that all of the products that made it onto these lists are the highest performing consumer favorites that get repurchased time and time again.

Lava Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Bar

This iconic product from Lava has been around since 1893. Lava Bar was originally used by coal miners so you can imagine how a potent and powerful this product had to be to clean up that level of grime and dirt. Tar, motor oil, and anything else you can think up is no match for this powerful little cleaning bar. It uses volcanic pumice, water, glycerin and coconut-based acids to break dirt and grime all down before you wash it away. The glycerin and coconut acids work wonders to both cleanse and preserve moisture loss within the skin so your hands will never feel dried out or stripped after cleanup. Simply put, Lava wins over muck every time.

100% Pure Coconut Butter Soap

You can never go wrong with any product made by 100% Pure. This company only uses the highest quality organic ingredients in their products and you won’t find drying alcohols or cheap synthetic fillers in this pick. Keep a bar of 100% Pure Coconut Butter Soap on hand when you need to cleanse, pamper and treat your skin to a little pick-me-up. The base of this soap features avocado and olive-based vegetable oils enhanced with moisturizing ingredients like coconut and shea butter for a rich indulgent lather that works to both cleanse and deeply moisturize. Individuals with sensitive skin prone to irritations will love the gentle feel of this soap lathering up on their hands.

South of France Natural Bar Everyday Detox Soap, Orange Blossom Honey

If you want the best then look no further than the South of France' Orange Blossom Honey Bar Soap. These soaps are made with the traditional French-milled style and the all-natural ingredients really refresh your skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized. This soaps signature scent is derived from honey infused with orange blossom extract while palm and coconut oils work to keep skin deeply hydrated long after you’ve washed up. Glycerin and other natural essential oils will guarantee this soap will engage your senses while making hand washing a pleasure every time. This line of soap is available in other incredible scented options like green tea, lemon verbena, and Mediterranean fig.

CO Bigelow Hand Wash Rosemary Mint

C.O Bigelow Village Perfumer Hand Wash-Rosemary Mint hand soap is ideal for use by both men and women. It has a refreshing scent as it breaks down oils, grime, dirt and grease along with a thick consistency which lathers up very well.

This hand soap contains aloe to hydrate and heal the skin while an inclusion of mint extract is great for perking up your senses, invigorating the skin, and opening up pores for a deep down clean. Rosemary extract which helps keep skin from losing moisture while stimulating collagen production at the same time for younger looking hands.

You’ll love the unique look of the container which has an “old fashioned” look and feel reminiscent of old apothecary shops from 1838. That’s actually when this company was established so you know they’ve had time to perfect their products like this one.

Nest Fragrances Scented Liquid Hand Soap-Bamboo

Nest Bamboo Liquid Soap uses flowering bamboo and natural, citrus-based fragrances to indulge your senses. This product promises a high-end, spa-like experience every time you wash your hands, cleansing gently but thoroughly. Oils, dirt, and anything else you’ve got on your hands on will rinse off easily, leaving the moisturized skin thanks to nourishing rice extracts and aloe. This rich liquid hand soap will not over dry your skin thanks to its glycerin, water and coconut based cleansing formula. Stash this in your kitchen or you’re your personal master bathroom for a simple indulgent treat.

Worx All Natural Powdered Hand Cleaner

If you can’t risk using any type of harsh ingredients on your skin, reach for Worx All-Natural Hand Cleaner which is made with 100 percent all-natural, biodegradable ingredients. Just because it’s all natural powder soap, you’ll still get the same powerful cleaning results minus the harsh detergents found in other soaps. Gentle plant-based cellulosic colloids in the soap powder work to gently dislodge grime without causing any irritation, making this a great product for individuals with hangnails or small cuts. Thanks to light juniper and berry essential oils, it also cancels out fouls odors.

Goop Multi Purpose Hand Cleaner

Goop’s original Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner is one of the more popular brands in the waterless hand cleaning world. This product is tough on grimy messes your hands may pick up like paint, tar, grease, ink, and oil. The main ingredient is a carbon-based emollient which helps to quickly and gently  break down soils as This product also contains glycerin which is an excellent ingredient that moisturizes skin as it cleanses. This will be the perfect product to stash in your garage or art studio for a quick and easy clean up. The formula is safe and gentle enough where you can even use it on a child’s hands without issue.

Tom's of Maine Natural Beauty Bar

Tom’s Of Maine Natural Beauty Bar Daily Moisture is only made with natural ingredients that are good for the skin as well as the planet. The base ingredients of this hand soap are derived from palm, coconut and vegetable oils making this soap silky to the touch and soft on over-worked hands. It also contains rich moisturizers like vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba for soft, gorgeous skin. If you’re allergic to heavily scented soaps or just don’t like them, you’ll love the mild, unobtrusive scent this soap releases as you wash. This product is safe for use for by children as well as those with dry, sensitive, aging skin. This product is easy to find in popular retailers and worth a try if you haven’t fallen in love with it already.

EO Products Hand Soap Lemon & Eucalyptus

If you’re very selective when it comes to choosing the perfect product to use on your skin and want a something almost all-natural, then EO Products Liquid Hand Soap Lemon & Eucalyptus is perfect for you. This product will fight bacteria with natural lemon oil which cleanses and refreshes the skin. The infusion of natural eucalyptus gives this soap its antibacterial properties which cleanse wounds and preps the skin to begin the healing process. These active ingredients will also sooth tired, achy hands and joints after a long day’s work. Added calendula, white tea oil, and chamomile will nourish the skin while protecting from damaging free-radicals elements.

Dial Pomegranate & Tangerine Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer

Dial Pomegranate & Tangerine Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap is the most popular, and trusted brand amongst health care professionals. Dial products assure clean, germ-free hands thanks to active benzethonium chloride, a potent antimicrobial/antibacterial agent found naturally in grapefruit seed extract. This hand soap is also available in other amazing scents like White Tea & Vitamin E, Spring Water and Lavender & Twilight Jasmine which are all scented with natural leaf extracts and essential oils; just keep in mind each soaps formula may vary depending on your fragrance of choice. Glycerin leaves hands feeling moisturized and clean without a greasy residue which allows for easy rinsing.

Mrs. Meyer's Foaming Apple Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Apple Foaming Hand Soap is made with 98 percent all-natural ingredients. The formula’s apple scent is derived from natural extracts and features ingredients like olive oil, aloe leaf juice, and natural fruit acids. This formula is mild enough for frequent use and will cleanse your hands clean with just one little pump. Although the apple scent is the most popular, this product is available in other scents if you’re feeling adventurous such as lavender, lemon verbena, and watermelon.

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