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Best Handwraps

Boxing is a fun, exciting sport and the training can provide an unparalleled workout. The downside of boxing training is that, if you’re not careful, you run the risk of sustaining a painful injury – especially to the smaller, more delicate bones in your hand. Using the right safety equipment while you are sparring or training with the heavy bag or focus mitts can dramatically cut down on the risk of injury. The right boxing safety equipment begins with the hand wrap. A good quality hand wrap, properly worn, can prevent everything from cuts to dislocations and even fractures in or on your hand. Based on things like price, availability, ease of use and effectiveness, we’ve put together this list of the five best hand wraps on the market today.

Ringside Cotton Standard Boxing Hand Wraps

Ringside produces a wide array of high tech, effective and state of the art boxing equipment used by amateurs and professionals. One of the most popular items they sell could be one of their most basic – the Cotton Standard Boxing hand wrap. These wraps are incredibly affordable, very easy to use – and best of all, they protect your hands. The Cotton Standard Boxing hand wraps are long, at 170 inches in length, to provide the extra protection you need during hard workouts. As the name indicates, the wraps are crafted from cotton which is both durable and comfortable. Adding these boxing wraps to your arsenal will give you the best chance of staying healthy as you punch your way through your training session.

TITLE Platinum Hand Wraps

Title has long been a prime time player in professional quality boxing equipment of all varieties. Just like their gloves, speed bags and conditioning equipment, their Platinum hand wraps fit right into that mold. The Platinum wraps are 165 inches long and crafted to be thicker than many other hand wraps on the market to provide the best possible protection for boxers at any level. These wraps are also easy on and easy off to minimize the preparation before the workout and the time it takes to get ready to hit the showers once training is complete. Title Platinum wraps are comfortable, affordable and would be a good addition to any boxer’s gym bag.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

As the name would indicate, Everlast Professional hand wraps are crafted to stand up to the punishment that would be doled out during the boxing workout of a top contender. As with the vast majority of their equipment, Everlast has delivered another quality product that lives up to its name with this hand wrap. These wraps are a big 180 inches long, meaning you've got protection beyond that of most traditional wraps. Everlast Professional hand wraps are also made from a blend of comfortable materials that is completely machine washer safe. That means cleaner, fresher wraps every time you step into the gym or ring – and the clean doesn't stop there. These wraps are treated to be anti-microbial making for a cleaner and safer environment for all of the boxers in your gym.

Shock Wave Cotton Hand Wraps

Shock Wave may not have the same recognition as Everlast or Title, but that certainly hasn’t stopped them from producing a top quality hand wrap. The Shock Wave Cotton hand wraps are made of solid cotton. These wraps are durable, they fit well and they are comfortable. The Shock Wave Cotton hand wraps feature a Velcro closure to make them easy to get on and off. If you are in the market for a high quality, durable wrap that stays taught during the most intense workouts, add these wraps to your arsenal.

Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps

Adidas is a household name when it comes to sports equipment and clothing. While this super brand isn’t necessarily the first to come to mind when thinking of boxing, their boxing gear is every bit as good as their other sports gear. The Adidas Boxing hand wrap comes in a just below 140 inches in length. While that is a bit shorter than the other entries on our list these wraps still deliver the protection you need during sparring and training. Adidas also uses a unique closure system that is both secure and easy put on or take off. The Adidas Boxing Hand wraps are a wise addition to any boxer’s protective equipment arsenal.

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