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Best Head Harness

For the casual exerciser, a head harness might seem like a silly piece of equipment but body builders and athletes know how important this piece of equipment can be. They help build up muscles which serve the very important purpose of protecting your head and neck from injuries. That said, you don’t want a head harness that’s going break mid-rep. These head harnesses were chosen as the best because of the amount of weight they can hold, tough, durable materials that hold the weights in place, their ability to adjust easily to fit different sized users, as well as comfortable to wear from all angles.

A Head Strap Fit for Hercules by IronMind

It would be bold of Iron Mind to name a product after the most mythical strong man of all time without backing it up. This incredible head harness can support a staggering 1,500 pounds thanks to its aluminum frame and nylon strap. Not only is this the strongest head harness you’ll find, it’s also the most comfortable.

This harness features a soft cloth head wrap guarantees a comfortable fit every time without ever digging into your head while the aluminum frame also keeps the nylon straps from pressing against your face. An easy to adjust strap system allows you to quickly change the harness to fit head sizes between 20 and 26 inches. Lastly, this device was specially designed to be able to work your neck from all angles, leaving no room for weakness or injury making this the king of all neck strengtheners.

Harbinger 373301 Leather Neck / Head Harness

It would be a mistake to not mention a leather head harness and you won’t find a better one than this model by Harbinger. This harness is fully adjustable to fit all users and it’s specifically designed to work your neck in all planes. Unlike some other leather head harnesses this one is specially designed to work anterior, posterior, and lateral neck muscles.

This harness is constructed with tough leather and a steel chain which supports up to 50 pounds, though some owners swear they have put 90 pounds or more on it. The inside of the harness is padded with a synthetic wool for maximum comfort around the head so it won’t dig into your skin like other leather head harnesses.. If you are dead set on using a leather harness, this is definitely the one to go with.

Spud Inc. Neck/Head Harness

This Spud Inc. harness comes out of nowhere as one of the best pieces of functional training equipment you’ll ever use. This harness works best with posterior and anterior movements, but it can be used with lateral movements as well. Its simple design is very effective, featuring a nylon head strap with thick stitches holding a steel chain. Spud Inc. doesn’t provide supply a max weight for this harness, but rest assured it’s more than you’ll need considering they suggest you can pull a sled with it. The nylon strap isn’t the most comfortable, but it does the job especially since it uses industrial strength Velcro to perfectly fit any sized head.

APT Super Deluxe Head Harness

APT Super Deluxe Head Harness

There is something to be said for the simple design of a nylon strap and a steel chain since it’s easy to use, and can hold an amazing amount of weight. This harness can support over 100 pounds of weight with no problem and will probably last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it. Heavy duty Velcro and a padded interior make this one of the best fitting and most comfortable head harnesses on the market today. One unique feature that makes the APT Super Deluxe stand out is D-rings in the front and back making it safe, comfortable, and easy to work your neck from all angles.

Schiek Adjustable Head/Neck Harness

When serious weight lifters look for serious equipment they turn to body builder-centric companies like Schiek. This nylon head harness uses D-rings to connect to a steel chain with a carabineer which opens up more options for the length of your chain. The nylon harness is a bit rough but nothing that would detour you from getting through all of your sets. The weight capacity is suggested at around 50 pounds but this harness definitely feels as though it could hold a lot more. It fully adjusts to fit most heads and offer D-rings in the front and back to ensure that you can safely work your neck from all angles.

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