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Best Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is the most important piece of equipment for the serious boxer. The bags can vary from 200 to 250 pounds depending on your size and what you want to accomplish in your training. The heavier the bag the less sway you will have. The gym owner will want bags that can stand up to many hours of use. If you are buying one for the home you need to do some research on where it will be hung and what you intend to use it for. Many people are opting to use the heavy bag to change up their style of aerobic workout so this list can be helpful to you as well. We took price, durability and ease of use into account when reviewing the heavy bags on the market and here are the top five options available today.

Century Wavemaster XXL Free Standing Bag

The free standing bag option can be better for those more interested in adding kicks and the Wavemaster has a low profile base that won’t get in the way of those kicks. The base can be filled with sand, water, or both to restrict movement. It is excellent for aerobic workouts that feature punching and kick moves. It takes up little room compared to a normal heavy bag set up with a stand and you don’t need rafters or a wall mount to hang it from. This versatility comes at a higher price but it is worth it.

Everlast C3 100 lb. Foam Elite Heavy Bag

The C3 foam technology is to decrease wear and tear on the hands and other points of contact. The bag lasts a long time with better stuffing and superior covering. The mixed martial arts aficionado will like the evasion practice this bag can provide. It has a loop at the bottom to anchor the bag for more traditional boxing use too. The chain it hangs from is long but can be adjusted if you are hanging it in a basement with less height. A versatile, effective training tool all the way around and it comes in at a great price.

Everlast 100lbs. Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag

The most famous name in boxing has a varied assortment of heavy bags and this is one of the best. It is 100 pounds to give the boxers in your gym a real test during their workout. It only takes up about five feet of space if room in the gym is an issue. For the boxer it has synthetic and natural fiber stuffing for better shock absorbency and for the gym owner it is covered by Nevatear, a special synthetic fiber and leather blend for increased durability. It has an attachment at the bottom to anchor it for more resistance giving your boxers a better challenge.

Ringside 150lbs. Large Leather Heavy Bag

The Ringside bag is made of durable leather and is a great choice for a boxing gym or any other gym interested in offering different workout options. It is filled with a blend of soft fiber which is important as some bags are water filled and may give too much recoil. Its size provides a large opponent for the serious boxer. There are four rings attached at the top to hold it perfectly in place. The chains are attached to a swivel that will keep them from tangling and interfering with the workout. It is a good long lasting bag at an affordable price.

Title Classic 70 lb Double End Heavy Bag

These bags are for the serious boxer and can be a great asset to any gym. The outside is very durable and the material inside is made to reduce the chance of sagging like more traditional bags sometimes do. The bags are double stitched to keep them going long and strong. They can hang free or have the bottom secured to give boxers more resistance for a more intense workout. They are durable and very affordable at either weight.

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