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Best Hockey Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are in integral piece of a hockey player’s uniform. They are designed to protect the elbow from painful injuries that may occur from a fall to the ice or a crash to the boards. Elbow pads should be able to handle all types of impacts, but they should not be inhibitive to a player’s motion. They must be sturdy and agile at the same time. The elbow pads on the list are ranked based on each pad’s weight, level of protection, freedom of movement for the player, comfort, and sizing options.

Reebok Kinetic Fit 20K Pro Hockey Elbow Pads

Reebok Kinetic Fit 20K Pro Hockey Elbow Pads

As expected, Reebok’s latest line of pads continues to improve on the very few problems of previous versions. The latest elbow pads have improved over last year’s model by not sliding near as much and comfortably sitting a little more snug against your skin and not getting too hot, due to the great liner. Another wildly important feature that has helped to define Reebok’s pads is the ability to bend very easily. This helps them to feel fitted against your arm, and also allows you to keep your focus on the game, instead of trying to reposition your pads.

Easton Mako Hockey Elbow Pads

A lot of players are initially skeptical of Easton’s Mako line because of the fold system, which replaces the traditional straps that most are accustomed to. Yes, it does take a little getting used to. But there are plenty of things to like about it. It adds protection to the inside of the arm, and also stays secure and will not get caught on a jersey, like almost all other straps do so often. It also allows for quicker adjustments and feels a lot tougher than most pads.

Bauer Supreme TotalOne Elbow Pads

These pads have a very traditional feel to them that players will feel very comfortable with. The traditional straps have covers to keep them from getting snagged on jerseys, which makes a huge difference in a player’s comfort and focus on the game. The liner actually breathes very well too and allows your arms to stay relatively dry, unlike the majority of pads that don’t breathe and wear out quickly as a result. Bauer has also made the stitching a lot stronger, which is a huge improvement over older models.

CCM U+ Crazy Light Senior Hockey Elbow Pads

Like the name indicates, these pads are extremely light. In fact, they’re made with a specially designed foam and liner that is water resistant to ensure that they don’t get heavier throughout a game and wear down because of moisture damage. Like the majority of modern pads, it features a three piece system that bends very easily with a player’s movements. While CCM equipment has a reputation of wearing out rather quickly, these pads seem to made very well and with the right treatment, they’ll last as long as any other pad out there.

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Elbow Pad

Warrior made these pads to be as durable as they are tough. They incorporated new technology to stop the buildup of mold overtime, which is the number one killer of pads. It has the feel of more traditional pads of the 90's that a lot of older players will love, and a simple and straightforward strap system to match. There is, however, a smaller strap that covers the inner elbow crease that will really help to stop the pads from slipping over the course of a game.

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