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Best Hockey Pants

There are so many hockey pants to choose from these days. So how do you find the best one for you? Look no further than the pants listed here. These were selected based first and foremost on protection, but also on durability, flexibility, and the ability to work for different kinds of players at different levels of the game.

Bauer Nexus 1000 Hockey Pants

What makes these pants the best? Try them on and see for yourself. They just feel perfect. There’s just the right amount of lower back protection to make you feel safe, where most pants will annoy you by being too tight and bulky in the back or too loose and not offering enough padding to make you feel secure. The thigh pads are removable, and the liner dries very quickly, which will help the stitching last longer, making the pads more durable. But most importantly, the pads seem to bend with your body perfectly and absorb impacts magnificently without being too bulky in certain areas.

Easton Stealth RS Hockey Pants

Easton equipment just lasts forever. And when you’re paying top dollar for pants (often the first piece of equipment to fall apart) you’re going to want something that won’t fall apart after a few dozen games. These pants are a little lighter than some other newer models, but still have more than enough padding to protect you from most falls and shots. Most forwards that are looking for pants they can really move around in should look to these pants for its flexibility and lightness.

Reebok 20K Hockey Pants

To begin, Reebok has outfitted their latest pants with heavy padding for the lower back. And while you can’t go wrong with extra kidney protection, it can at times limit your range of motion if you find yourself having to turn awkwardly. But that shouldn’t turn you off to these pants, because the impact dispersing technology these pants have been outfitted with will keep you safe game after game (which is especially thick and nice in the hips). And will also help these pants last longer than most.

Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Pants

Warrior makes tough pads. Plain and simple. They’re made to protect players at all costs, and these pants are no exception. They’re thicker than the others on this list, but not thick to the point where it should slow you down to any significant degree. They’re definitely ideal for defensemen that find themselves frequently making big hits and blocking shots. Speaking of blocking shots, the lower back protection actually extends up further than other pants and should leave no part of the back unprotected as they perfectly mesh with proper shoulder pads.

CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Pants

CCM makes one thing. Light equipment to help players focus on their speed during games, not their equipment. They sacrifice a little bit of padding to keep the pants so light, which is the only thing keeping them from being higher on the list. However, unless you’re playing at a very high level or you find yourself blocking shots frequently, these pads should be more than enough to keep you protected. They also feature a molded lower back system (something all modern pants will have within a few years) which is pleasantly comfortable and will help you keep your mind on the game, not on your equipment.

Alex Lewis
I'm a die hard hockey fan that also plays. I live in sunny Los Angeles, but I'm most comfortable on a hard sheet of ice with a puck in front of me.
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