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Best Hockey Shoulder Pads

Call me crazy, but I’m not a fan of having broken ribs or collar bones. And in a game as physical as hockey, injury is always a possibility. But thankfully there have been some amazing breakthroughs in player safety equipment, and shoulder pads are more advanced than ever. And when you’re taking hits or blocking shots, having pads that disperse impact, protect more of your midsection, and last longer aren’t just a nice luxury. They’re a necessity. So if you’re interested in avoiding injury (and why wouldn’t you be), check out these pads. You won’t be disappointed.

Reebok 11K KFS Shoulder Pads

Reebok has once again outdone themselves with the 11K KFS shoulder pads. They’re so light and comfortable that it’ll be easy to forget that you’re even wearing them — until you take a hit. But even then, the pads are designed to absorb and spread out the impact, which makes all the difference in the world in a game where getting hit is required. There is also a small piece of padding to cover your abdomen, which gives even more protection for blocking shots. There’s even an air filtration system that allows the pads to stay cooler, even as the game heats up. Still not impressed? Reebok has outfitted the pads with Zig Fibers to absorb and transmit energy, which actually increases blood oxygen levels. You won’t find another set of pads that feels and performs better than the 11K KFS.

Warrior Projekt Shoulder Pads

Yes, it looks so cool that you won’t want to put a jersey over it. But aside from the looks, it also is incredibly tough. One of the first things to go on a set of pads is the liner, but Warrior has outfitted these pads with one of the toughest liners I’ve ever seen, and it’s also built to stay cool over the course of a game. The pads area also outfitted to provide maximum protection all over, not just in high impact areas.

Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Shoulder Pads

The latest and greatest from Bauer is a little bulkier than some other shoulder pads out there. But it’s well worth it if you play a physical game and want pads you can absolutely trust. There is extra padding almost everywhere. This is especially notable in the bicep and rib cage areas that never seem to have enough padding. The extra padding bends freely too. Add in the comfortable liner and adjustable bicep guards, and you’ve got a well rounded set of pads that can take the abuse of even the most physical of games.

Easton Mako Shoulder Pads

The first thing players will notice is the front folding system. It’s designed so players can get increased comfort by allowing them to truly choose exactly how tight the pads should fit. It also adds an extra layer of protection which can make all the difference when blocking a shot or taking a big hit. It’s also constructed to allow free range of movement without dragging the rest of the pads out of position, which can take a players head out of the game. It’s a welcomed change to the world of protective gear.

CCM U+ Crazy Light Midnight Shoulder Pads

CCM U+ Crazy Light Midnight Shoulder Pads

Along with being incredibly light, these shoulder pads are water resistant. Therefore they won’t become heavier over the course of a game or workout. The pads are also ventilated to keep your body cooled down. The shoulder pads also move very easily, which is a big problem with lots of pads these days. You can fully extend your arm up without shifting the entire pads upwards too. The memory foam is made to last longer and perform at the highest level along the way too.

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