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Best Home Gym

If you’re really dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle then you probably own - or are looking to own - a home gym. There are many of home gym systems available and they’re all different from one another including their size to the number of stations they provide. Quality and size are big factors when it comes to choosing the perfect home gym for your exercise room, but there are a few other things to consider.

These best home gyms were selected because of abundant stations like the leg press and lat pull down, the amount of weight they offer and the occasional double stack of weights to allow more than one user at a time, as well as including assorted special features like extra bars, cuffs, instructional DVDs, and accessory racks.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex has transformed the home gym industry with innovative products like the Revolution. This home gym offers almost anything you could want in a home gym with an impressively small footprint. The SpiraFlex resistance technology feels like a free weight system and with additional equipment, the Revolution can offer up to 300 pounds of resistance for upper body movements and 600 pounds for lower body exercises.

This home gym is like a Transformer with the way it moves around to provide you with over 100 exercises in laying, sitting, and standing positions. Along with the arms, Bowflex also offers ankle cuffs and a leg curl/extension for your workout as well as an exercise DVD and optional accessory rack to enhance your experience. It doesn’t have a traditional lat pull down, but that’s ok as this machine offers multiple variations that are just as effective. As if that were not enough, Revolution offers a built in row machine for cardio and folds up to save space when not in use.

Powertec Fitness Workbench Multi System

Power Tec is perhaps better known for their gym machines, but the Work Bench MultiSystem is made for the serious home strength trainer and probably one of the largest home gyms on the market today. Unlike other home gyms relying on weight stacks, the MultiSystem uses traditional weight plates for more weight variation options while allowing  up to 500 pounds on some exercises. Using weight plates also allows up to three people to use this gym at the same time since you’re not all sharing one weight stack at once.

This home gym doesn’t have a leg press machine, but it does provide a standing squat bar and wide base designed to work the same muscles as a leg press in a slightly more traditional manner. The base model is missing a few stations but it offers plenty of add-ons to make up for it like a curl station, leg extension, pec/fly extension, weight plates, and an accessory holder.

Body Solid G9S Home Gym

Body Solid offers a lot of really nice home gyms but the G9S has to be the best overall. This multi-station, two stack home gym has pretty much anything you could ever ask for in a home gym. Two weight stacks offer 210 pounds of weight each with the option to add an additional 50 pounds on each stack. The two stacks also mean multiple people can use this weight system, especially fitness-loving families. The multiple stations allow you to duplicate nearly any gym exercise within the comfort of your own home. This home gym comes with a ton of add-ons as well like an accessory rack, leg press, power tower, and various mechanical upgrades.

BodyCraft Elite Home Gym

Body Craft is one of those companies with a few select products deserving a little attention. For starters, a double up feature unique to this home gym allows you to use up to 400 pounds of resistance for some exercises. The Elite has an awesome design which packs a lot of stations into a tiny foot print making it one of the most comprehensive home gyms available. It boasts pretty much every station you could possibly need for a total body workout with the option of adding a leg press machine. Unfortunately it only has one weight stack but it more than makes up for that fact with an abundance of accessories including bars, cuffs, a DVD, water bottle, and a workout book.

Powerline P2X Home Gym

The Powerline PX2 is a prime example of what a Home gym should be. It has a small footprint but has a wonderfully design to give you pretty much every station you could possibly need, including the lat pull down and row; however, it’s missing the leg press which is available as an extra add-on.

What makes this leg press add-on special compared to other home gyms is it can be mounted on either side of the gym to better suit your needs. This home gym also uses uses a two-to-one pulley ration to double the amount of weight for the leg press.

The best weight offered is a little disappointing at 160 pounds, but the option to add another 50 pounds to the stack slightly makes up for this shortcoming. This home gym doesn’t come with any extra features other than the weight stack and leg press but this helps to keep the price down and the systems overall footprint small. Additionally, the Powerline brand is owned by Body Solid so you know you’re getting a dependable product.

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