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Best Home Safe

The late, great comedian, George Carlin had a very funny bit about stuff.  He described life as the associated accumulation of stuff that we compile day after day, week after week and year after year.  He noticed that when we travel we take a smaller version of our stuff with us.  And while on vacation he noticed that we often take a day trip bringing with us an even smaller version of our stuff.  Then coming home, we often come home with more stuff than we left with and therefore the volume of our stuff would increase. Recently, articles in many newspapers talk of a new austerity where people are reducing the amount of stuff they buy, use and keep, and most report feeling freer and happier than ever before.  But no matter whether you have a lot of stuff or just a bit of stuff, I guarantee you have some important stuff that you will want to protect from damage or theft.  To help you, I have compiled the best home safe list to where you can keep your most important. So, take a good look at everything that is important to you and decide which of the five entries on this list fits your needs for size, security and risk of damage from water or fire.  And remember, you’re not just getting a safe, you’re creating peace of mind.  Sorry, George.

Gardall B Rated Cash Drawer Safe B2818

Let’s just say when it comes to protection, bigger is better.  The question is, how much protection do I really need?  If the answer is a lot then the Gardall B2818 Utility Safe B Rated Money Chest is for you.  With nearly six cubic feet of interior storage capacity this is the big one.  It is designed to be the most theft deterrent unit available for under a thousand dollars with five locking bolts, a recessed door, a reliable, UL listed combination lock and four pre drilled holes so it can be bolted to the floor.  The door is a full 1/2 inch thick steel plate.  There’s nothing too fancy about this one. It’s just a big heavy horse, and that’s why I like it. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is finding a place to put it.

LockState Large Digital Wall Safe LS-52EN

The LockState LS-52EN Large Digital Wall Safe comes in at number two on the best home safe list.  As opposed to the monster that occupies the number one spot on this list, the LockState can be installed in any standard wall by just about anyone in less than an hour.  This unit comes with an electronic keypad and actual back up keys in case you forget the code.  But make sure you remember where you put the keys.  Made of high quality steel.  There are several shelves for easy organization.  Best used for lots of small items like jewelry or stacks of bills as this safe is only 3.35 inches deep.

Protex Large Digital Safe LC-53D

The Protex Large Digital Safe Primary Safes 2 sits in the middle of the size and price range of the five best home safes so it enters and holds steady in third position.  Simple and sturdy, big but not too big, the Protex is a very serviceable, no nonsense, well built safe for most home needs.   It is predrilled and can be bolted to the floor for extra protection.   The one outstanding feature that I particularly like on this box is its seamless construction and  design for added security and a sleek, modern appearance. The Protex is also fire rated for one hour at 1850 degrees which is more than enough protection for your flammables.

Neiko Fit Anywhere Digital Safe Box

For those of us with a few good things we want to protect wherever we are, the Fit Anywhere Digital Safe Box for Home, Office, Boat/RV - 550 Cubic Inches - Gray Color is a great choice.  Small enough for tight spaces or to move from home to office to RV or boat, yet strong enough for you to trust, this mighty might is there so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.  With 550 cu inches of interior space, at just 17 pounds this unit is small enough to go with your or tough enough to get bolted down in any location (bolts included).  Uses an electronic keypad to accommodate an eight-digit secret pin code.  The Fit Anywhere is not water or fire proof but it is still a hearty entry on this list at a very modest price.

Secure Logic Keypad Wall Vault 20720

The Secure Logic 20720 Keypad Wall Vault, Black reminds me of something that you would see in the next James Bond film or Ocean’s Fourteen.  On that alone it makes it onto my list because, at the end of the day, don’t we all want a little of the glamor we see in the movies.  Don’t we all want to believe that our stuff is valuable enough to keep hidden in a safe behind a painting where thieves and dishonest house staff walk by it every day and not even know it was there.   The company is more practical when they describe the unique combination of InvisiVault’s remote control technology and solid, commercial grade construction available for the above average homeowner. Installs quickly between two standard wall studs and requires no hard wiring.  And you can even replace the photo that is included with your favorite velvet painting of dogs playing poker...or something like that.

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