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Best Hunting Jacket

The items on our list of the best hunting jackets were chosen on the basis of quality, durability and price. All of these considerations are very important while selecting hunting jackets. Hunters will also want to purchase something that will remain quiet while scouting. Consideration of the outside temperatures is also important- if you live in a warmer climate, you will want something that is not geared to subzero temps. Also, keep in mind that there are different prints for each hunting season or situation. The jacket must blend in with the environment or else the game will see you. Wearing bright orange may protect you from accidental shooting of other hunters but the animals will spot you quickly.

Cabela's MT050 GORE-TEX Quiet Pack Jacket

Cabela's MT050 GORE-TEX Quiet Pack Jacket

This hunting jacket from Cabela's has a GORE-TEX shell so it is breathable and waterproof. It is augmented with a Teflon HT finish that repels more water and resists stains. The 2 big lower pockets can be used to carry important gear with you. There are 4 camouflage patterns to choose from so you can pick the one that fits your particular needs. You will be warm and dry in this jacket so you can focus your energy on the hunt.

Browning XPO Big Game Pre-Vent Parka

Browning XPO Big Game Pre-Vent Parka

The Browning XPO uses Pre-vent laminate for a combination of breathability and waterproofing you can count on. Thermosoft insulation is lightweight and effective protection. Combine this with the hand warmer pockets and you can stay out all day on hunting season's coldest days. The articulated elbows let you perform quicker and more precise movements. A pair of bellows pockets with a pocket expansion system provides plenty of cargo space.

Scent-Lok Full Season Convertable Jacket

The shell of this Scent-Lok convertible jacket is made from Climafreeze and is fine for warmer days. You can add the zip out liner for an extra layer of quilted insulation when you need extra protection against the cold. A full length storm flap helps keep you dry even in windy, rainy weather. The snap cargo pockets and a zip chest pocket give you plenty of room for hunting tools and accessories. The ability to switch this jacket from from warm weather to cold weather use lets you easily adjust to changing conditions.

Columbia Men's Monarch Pass Jacket

The Monarch Pass Hunting Jacket from Columbia made from 60% recycled wool and 40% reclaimed fibers. This makes it an environmentally sound jacket and a well performing one. The elbow reinforcements adds durability so it will hold up to heavy use out in the woods. Both the cargo pockets and hand warmer pockets will come in handy on your hunting trips. This jacket offers durability and performance with a handsome style.

Natural Gear 4x4 Concealment System Hunting Jacket

Natural Gear's hunting jacket has an outer shell and liner made from a micro poly tricot material that is durable and quiet. The fully taped seams and elastic waist and cuffs help keep the wind and rain out. The reversible liner allows you to change the jackets color and adjust to the weather conditions. You can change from camouflage to a chocolate nylon that holds up well in wet and cold conditions. The durability and reversibility of this jacket make it a good choice to have on a hunt in all kinds of weather conditions.

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