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Best Ice Scraper

Ice scrapers - also known as ice choppers or ice breakers - are made to break through standing ice on sidewalks, driveways, porches, or patios. They can be used by using brute force to ram the blade downwards onto the ice, shattering it and making it easy to shovel away. In scraper mode they can scrape under the ice edge which breaks up sheets of ice into removable pieces. Whether you need a chopper, a scraper, or a combination of the two, you'll have to decide what blade type suits your needs best

The best ice scrapers on this list were chosen in part for their ergonomic or shock-reducing handles, coupled with a tough and heavy steel blade for chopping or scraping. Blade width was also considered since wider blades distribute more of the force over a greater area while smaller width blades concentrate the force of the blow more. Plus, there will also be a best bang for the buck scraper/chopper featured.

True American 4.5" Heavy-Duty Forged Scraper

If you’re looking for the best ice chopper on this list, none do it better than the True Temper True American 4.5-Inch Scraper. With a forged steel blade only 4.5 inches in width, you’ll concentrate a massive amount of force from the blade to the ice. Measuring nearly 54 inches, the handle will allow you to grasp wherever it feels comfortable, enabling you to propel the blade with a massive downward thrust.

The scrapers forged blade will keep an edge longer and the four pound weight makes for less fatigue during use. Better still, this is one of the least expensive choppers available, yet it comes with a solid ash wooden handle to absorb shock, the same wood used in the manufacture of baseball bats. It comes with a point-of-purchase warranty, meaning this scraper will be intact and ready to use when purchased.

Manplow Multi-Tool Ice Breaker with Pistol-Push Handle

The durable Manplow MTIB16 Ice Breaker features a wide, 16 inch replaceable  blade which easily scrapes away ice along with a comfortable pistol grip handle that lets you push the blade along with ease. The 50 inch steel handle can be adjusted for pushing, chopping or scraping, which is unique among other scrapers on this list.

The pistol grip handle is made of shock absorbing material and can be adjusted up, down and sideways with an adjustable wrench. Covered by a one year warranty, this six pound tool makes a better scraper than a chopper, but for thin ice it will do the job. This is not an inexpensive scraper/chopper, but for long stretches of ice encrusted walkways or driveways, this is the tool to have.

Bully Tools 92425 7-Gauge Scraper with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

If you want one of the most effective combination ice chopper/scrapers around, than you want the Bully Tools Model #92425 Heavy Duty Scraper. Although called a scraper, the V-shaped seven inch blades concentrate a lot of force on every chop to smash through even the thickest ice. The D-handle works just like a shovel handle which enables you to comfortably grip and push while scraping ice away. The 40 inch fiberglass handle is almost indestructible, and this scraper comes with a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for the best combination scraper and chopper all in one package, and price is no object, this is the one for you.

Hisco H19FIS Ice Scraper

Hisco H19FIS Ice Scraper

The longer the handle the more power behind the chop, and the longest handle on this list comes with the Hisco H19FIS Ice Scraper. The 6.5-inch blade makes a good ice scraper of its own accord, but when coupled with the power applied plunging downward with a 60 inch handle, you have one serious
ice-chopping tool.

The pultruded resin/fiberglass handle and the comfort, shock-absorbing grip will allow you to concentrate on getting the job done with less fatigue. Although pricey, this scraper does come with a lifetime warranty which says a lot about its durability. The heavy-duty forged steel blade is never going to quit on you and it will last year after ice-breaking year. For a combination scraper and chopper, this one is hard to beat.

Emsco Bigfoot 48" Heavy Duty V-Head Ice Chopper with Shock Shield

Emsco Bigfoot 48" Heavy Duty V-Head Ice Chopper with Shock Shield

If you are looking for the best bang for the buck chopper/scraper here, you've found it in the Bigfoot 48 Inch Heavy Duty V-Head Ice Chopper. With its seven inch blade, it's a combination scraper/chopper that’s up to the task of handling both duties. The scrapers D-handle has built-in, shock-absorbing engineering to make it comfortable to use when chopping ice.

The handle is a bit short at 36 inches, so you'll be down on a little power during a chop. Weighing almost six pounds, this combination scraper on heavier than some but for all around ice removal duty you’ll be good to go. It comes with a one year warranty and the price is middle-to-high among the others listed here. For what you get at the price you'll pay, this bang for the buck scraper is hard to beat.

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