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Best Inversion Table

Inversion table first rose to popularity because of their strength training and pain relief benefits. These machines aren't as popular as they once were which is actually a good thing as it weeds out the companies that were just throwing together some cheap models for a quick profit. That just leaves a few dedicated companies putting out some of the best quality products out there. These inversion tables were chosen for this list because their solid metal parts and durable construction assure sturdy machines with a minimum weight capacity of at least 300 pounds and height allowances up to 6'8" in some cases. These picks also include specialized handles which help in righting yourself during a workout, breathable materials which increase user comfort during longer periods of use, and features for therapeutic relief like stretching handles and movable rib supports.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

The Health Mark Pro Max inversion table may look like something you would see in the circus, but it's actually the best inversion table available today. Thick steel, a wide base, and excellent construction make this inversion table leaps and bounds above the rest with a maximum height of 6’11”, maximum weight of 600 pounds, and five pre-set inversion levels. Unlike other inversion tables which only let users lie on their back, the Pro Max allows users to lie the opposite way as well which offers more options including simultaneous massage.

The back is covered foam which provides comfortable support while the ankle braces are surprisingly comfortable as well considering their dual use. An elongated bar makes it easy to find the perfect fit without having to double over to tighten the braces. The amazing height and weight capacity of this table are not the only great features either. Oversized round handles make it almost eerily easy to lower and raise yourself and the large hooks for pre-set inversion levels mean you never miss your desired inversion angle.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table

Teeter has so many great products, but the EP960 is one of my favorites and theirs as well. It has an extra wide base which gives excellent support, but can also be folded up for storage when not in use. The width of the base makes this table sturdy while the frame is made of a heavy duty steel with a solid plastic back, both of which are covered by a five year warranty. The EP960 supports individuals weighing up to 300 pounds and has a nice height range between 4’8” and 6’6”. The ankle pads feel great around your ankles and adjust perfectly for a comfortable yet snug fit.

Teeter products have an awesome ankle clamp bar which make mounting and dismounting a breeze without having to bend over too far to clamp or release. It comes with two different handles, one set to help lower and raise yourself and the other to help with stretching when you are inverted. The EP960 also offers a nice breathable back with lots of holes which can also be used with many of Teeter’s add-on products, an adjustable head pillow, and pre-set rotation control to help with inversion for anyone from beginner to inversion pro.

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

This inversion table is like the Incredible Hulk of inversion tables. It's specially designed for abdominal workouts and can support individuals up to 6’6” and 320 pounds. It has thick steel tubing and a nice wide base which assures total comfort and safety during a workout, even at the limits of the machines weight and height range. The manufacturers “Smart Gear” rotations system offers you 10 different table angle levels while preventing potential free falling. There's also an innovative “ratchet” ankle clasps which make it to find the perfect spot between safety and comfort and the long rounded handles make slow, controlled rising/lowering a reality.

When it comes to assuring back comfort the 4000 ATIS offers a simple (but effective) straight-padded back and a long adjuster bar for the ankle clasps; this way users don’t strain their backs when reaching down to mount and dismount. While the only downside to this frame is that it's not a foldable model, you do get a built in side pocket to hold your belongings, like your smartphone which is a nice extra touch.

Teeter Hang Ups Contour L5 Inversion Table

Teeter takes great pride in their inversion tables and this is one of their best. The Contour L5 is designed for beginners to old pros with a progressive rotation control with pre-set positions and great easy handles with a nice foam grip to pull yourself up easily.It has a nice, wide base and a heavy duty steel frame which supports up to 300 pounds and individuals ranging in height from 4’8” to 6’6”. The ankle clamps are super easy to use with a nice bar that keeps you from having to bend all the way down. The ankle supports themselves are super comfortable and wrap snugly for your personal safety.

The back rest features a ergonomic design with a moveable rib support  as well as these awesome little acupressure nodes, two nice extras which makes a big difference in overall user comfort. The open back also offers a ton of air flow to keep you cool and comfortable during a workout. This machine has folding for storage and a five year manufacturers warranty protects your investment.

Ironman iControl Inversion Table

Ironman iControl Inversion Table

The sturdy frame of this inversion table is made of a thick steel which can support up to 300 pounds and a user height range between 4’8” and 6’6”. The back rest is filled with a stiff but comfortable foam for support, but is also surprisingly breathable for comfort. The feature which really makes machine stand out is the iControl disc brake which allows for a slow and controlled descent along with infinite inversion levels. The brake is controlled by a simple to use level which you pull do engage and push to disengage and can be reached without having to shift your body.

Locking your ankles into place is as easy as pulling the extra-long ankle lock bar down until you find the perfect spot between comfortable and snug. The table handles are long, rounded, and padded for comfort which makes them a great help in returning to an upright position. Additional perks like the folding frame for easy storage and an included stretching bar are just icing on the cake.  While this is an excellent all around inversion table, I'd recommend it more for those new to inversion machines or individuals with unique workout needs.

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