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Best iPhone Charger

The iPhone is currently one of the most popular mobile devices available thanks to its versatile, user friendly nature, fantastic cameras, and impressive battery life across the board. However, like any other electronic device, the iPhone requires regular charging. For those frequently on the move, having the ability to top off the battery to keep it from dying is essential.

Whether you travel regularly for your job, take multiple photographs or video throughout the day, or simply enjoy heading out on the occasional road trip, these iPhone chargers come highly recommended. We selected each charger based on reliability, user feedback, broad compatibility, and when possible, MFi certification, or Apple’s iPhone certification for third party hardware.

Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter

If you're looking for a replacement charger for your iPhone, the best place to start is the source. This 18W USB-C Power Adapter is the genuine article from Apple, allowing users to sidestep any potential reliability or compatibility with third-party devices. Keep in mind that the regular USB-A to Lightning cable that came with your device will not work with this adapter, so you'll need the appropriate USB-C to Lightning cable to match. Although Apple recommends pairing this adapter with larger devices like the iPad, it'll work with any iPhone (8 or newer) that supports fast charging. Apple quotes up to 50% battery charge in half an hour, which is immensely useful if you need to top up the battery before heading out. Note: The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come packaged with the 18W USB-C power adapter and a Lightning to USB-C cable. All other iPhone models with the Lightning connector come packaged with the standard 5W USB adapter and Lightning to USB-A cable, so you'll need to purchase both the charger and cable for full functionality.

RAVPower 61W Dual USB Wall Charger

RAVPower’s dual port USB charger is compatible with both USB-A and USB-C cables, allowing you to future-proof your technology. More companies are adopting USB-C charging across the board, and the fact that this charger supports both standards means you'll have a charger ready for future devices. This adapter offers a maximum of 61W total power output with one caveat: if the USB-A port is in use at the same time, the charger will limit output to 45W. RAVPower also equips this model with smart charging technology that detects what device is connected and optimizes for the fastest charging speed. On the safety front, this adapter has built in short-circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection. Unlike Apple’s power adapter, this one has foldable pins to prevent damage while traveling. It's on the pricier side, but the combination of charging performance, USB-A and USB-C compatibility, and proven reliability means it's likely to be the last charger you'll need for a while.

Aukey USB-C PD Fast Car Charger

With the abundance of technology in our pockets and cars, it seems you can never have too many charging ports. Many newer cars come with USB-C or USB-A ports that connect directly to the vehicle’s infotainment system, or are used as charge points throughout the vehicle. If your vehicle is not equipped with them or you're simply looking to add additional ports, a car charger is a great option. As with many of the other chargers we selected, we recommend having a combination of a USB-A and USB-C ports. Aukey’s car charger offers up to 21W of power when using the USB-C port, and supports fast charging with any iPhone (8 or newer) provided you're using the correct USB-C cable. Quick charge 3.0 is also available for Android devices that support it, in case you have other devices that need charging. That said, total output is limited to 17W when both the USB-A and USB-C ports are in use. This compact charger plugs into any cigarette lighter or 12V/auxiliary outlet and sits nearly flush with the edges. The Aukey charger also comes with a 45-day money back guarantee and a 24-month warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD Portable Charger

Over the years, Anker has established itself as a reliable supplier of mobile charging accessories. Their portable batteries enjoy the same reputation, thanks to their proven safety record and ample performance. Our recommendation is the PowerCore Essential 20000 PD, which occupies a sweet spot in the company's lineup in terms of features and capacity. As the name implies, it packs a 20,000mAh battery, which (according to Anker) is enough to fully recharge an iPhone XS five times before the pack itself needs topping up. Both USB-A and USB-C ports are provided; either one can provide up to 18W of fast charging for devices that support it, though the total combined output drops to 15W when both ports are used. Either way, it's more than the standard USB wall adapter that Apple supplies in the box. The charger itself supports fast charging via USB-C, and is compact enough to slip easily into a pocket or bag. When you’re on the go and can't count on having a wall outlet available, this Anker PowerCore portable charger is a convenient way to keep your iPhone juiced when you need it most.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable

When it comes to replacing or purchasing accessories for your Apple devices, the best recommendation we can give is to stick with Apple's hardware. The Apple Lightning to USB Cable is identical to the one that came with your device, and is instantly recognizable thanks to its distinctive white color and unique texture. This cable is compatible with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod models equipped with a Lightning port, which is just about every iOS device Apple has produced for nearly a decade. You can connect it to a dedicated power adapter or straight into a USB-A socket in your car or computer. As with any genuine Apple product, this factory Lightning cable should give you peace of mind that your device will charge and connect properly without issues.

Xcentz Nylon Braided Lightning to USB-A Cable

Xcentz built its reputation on providing great value, offering high quality products at amazingly reasonable prices. These nylon-braided USB-A to Lightning Cables are fully MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad) certified, and Xcentz backs them with a lifetime warranty. The generous 6-foot length offers plenty of versatility, and the cables come in a variety of fun colors, from Dark Grey to Army Green. Because they are nylon-braided, these cables will hold up to daily abuse far better than the factory Apple cables can. Everyone has experienced older Lightning cables fraying or kinking; meanwhile, Xcentz claims these cables can withstand more than 30,000 bends and will support up to 175 pounds. When we published this, these cables had 2,054 user ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Stocking up on a few ensures you are not stuck without a cord in your car, office, or home. As a reminder, these are only the cables; if you do not have an adapter, you'll need to pick one up as well.

Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable

If you own an iPhone released in the past few years (8 or newer), Apple quietly added fast charging to the extensive list of features. Despite this, Apple continues to ship all iPhones (except for the flagship iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max) with the same 5W power adapter and Lightning to USB cable that was introduced on the iPhone 5 in 2012 and forced everyone off the 30-pin connector. These Lightning to USB-C cables can take advantage of USB-C power adapters capable of providing sufficient power, and will charge all fast charging-enabled iPhones to 50% in approximately half an hour. Because these are factory Apple cables, there's the reassurance that they're fully compatible with any Apple device equipped with a Lightning (or USB-C) port. For many iPhone owners, that peace of mind alone justifies going with the genuine article over a third-party option that retails for a fraction of the price.

Anker USB C to Lightning Cable

When it comes to any sort of cable for the iPhone, we're hard-pressed to find anything that works better than the factory options. Then again, you'd have to search for a long time to find someone who hasn't experienced fraying or splitting with the iconic white cables, especially after they've been in service for a while. The usual long-term wear-and-tear drawbacks apply to the factory USB-C cables, and many iPhone owners look for a sturdier alternative that is capable of taking what life can throw at it. Anker's nylon-braided Powerline+ II is our favorite, with its generous 6-foot cable length and impressive build quality backed by a lifetime warranty. The connectors are reinforced on both ends, and the double-braided construction is durable enough that Anker claims a 30,000-bend lifespan. The only reason you'll have left to switch cables is if Apple abandons the Lightning connector in the future.

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