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Best Kickboard

Whether you’re teaching your child how to swim or want to perfect your breaststroke, a kickboard is a great piece of equipment for any swimmer to have. Newer kickboards offer streamlined shapes that cut through the water and allow you to build leg strength and develop your technique. There's a wide variety of kickboard designs for a range of skill levels and applications. The type of grip and level of buoyancy are factors to consider depending on your intended use. The size and weight of the kickboard should also be determined based on how much float support you'll want. The best kickboards featured on this list were chosen because they're lightweight, made from durable materials, and reduce drag in the water.

Arena Kickboard Pro

The Arena Kickboard Pro is designed with the competitive swimmer’s needs in mind. Made from high-quality EVA foam, this kickboard will not crack, chip or become waterlogged, even after years of exposure to chlorine or sun. Two long grooves provide a comfortable resting place for your arms while using the kickboard for maximum buoyancy.

Two handles in the back half of the kickboard allow the swimmer to be fully submerged in a natural swimming position while perfecting leg technique. The Arena Kickboard is hydrodynamically designed to cut through the water by minimizing drag, making the leg work out the only resistance on the swimmer’s mind.

Speedo Competition II Kickboard

Speedo is known for producing some of the best swimming gear on the market and the Speedo Competition II Kickboard is no exception. The Competition II Kickboard is ideal for competitive swimmers who want to build strength and endurance. This kickboard is designed for maximum buoyancy that is retained through years of use.

Made from highly durable EVA foam, this kickboard will not become porous overtime like some kickboards. The grips in the middle of the kickboard are comfortable and easy to hold while the back half of the Competition II kickboard provides the arm support you’ll need to improve your technique.

Aqua Sphere Kickboard

The Aqua Sphere Sprintboard is the ideal kickboard for competitive swimmers who want a simple solution for endurance training or for snorkelers wanting a little bit of support. The arrow-shaped design reduces drag in the water allowing the swimmer to cut though the water naturally and with ease. There are ergonomic grip pads located at both the front and rear sections of this kickboard; these grip locations give the swimmer the ability to alternate amounts of support provided by the kickboard while maintaining a firm grip. Made from durable and long-lasting Eva foam, the Sprintboard stays watertight through years of use. It’s also extremely lightweight for easy carry and storage.

FINIS Alignment Kickboard

The Alignment Kickboard made by FINIS is the one of the best kickboards for training and physical rehabilitation. The kickboards unique design minimizes drag and won’t compromise technique by having the body in an inclined position. Instead, the kickboard floats just below the waterline so the swimmer’s body is in a natural position. This position reduces pressure on the swimmer’s neck and shoulders, making it one of the most comfortable kickboards for endurance drills while a hand strap allows you to maintain control with little to no effort. The Alignment Kickboard is compact and easily stored in a back pack or gym bag.

TYR Streamline Training Kickboard

The TYR Streamline Training Kickboard is a no-frills, built to last kickboard. Made from 1/2-inch thick EVA foam, it’s the same foam typically used to make professional body boards, making the Streamline extremely durable. Thanks to its high quality construction, the buoyancy of this kickboard won’t be compromised by water absorption even after years of use.

The lightweight TYR Streamline Training Kickboard provides maximum weight support and although this kickboard doesn’t have a handle, the grips and simple design make it easy to use. Reasonably priced, the Streamline Training Kickboard is the perfect choice for beginning swimmers and general recreational use.

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