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Best Kneeboard

Kneeboarding is a popular water sport where the rider kneels on a board and either rides the surf or is pulled behind a boat or jet ski on a river or lake. A kneeboard can be an excellent addition to your family fun on the water. Boards typically have a padded deck to protect the rider’s shins and a strap to hold the rider to the board. The knee boards on this list were chosen because they are fast, lightweight, easily controllable and built for comfort. Depending on whether you are planning on casual use on the weekend or elevating your skills to aerobatics will help determine which board is right for you.

O'Brien Sozo Kneeboard

The O’Brien Sozo took more than four years to design, making the Sozo a kneeboard of the highest quality. Built for the advanced rider who wants a fast and agile board, the Sozo offers maximum speed and air. The lightweight deck is made from a CNC machined core with wood stringers. The customizable pad can be adjusted using the Velcro attachment system. The pad is a new design that is built for absolute comfort. With an overall length of 51.8 inches, The Sozo is narrow with a shallow swallow-tail design that makes edging a breeze. This board pops off the wake with ease and has the lightest feel of any kneeboard on the water.

Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard

The Hydroslide Respect kneeboard is built for lift and speed. The parabolic design and lightweight construction makes the Respect kneeboard ride tight and fast. The Respect is the ideal kneeboard for the rider who wants to cut a hard rail and execute spins and rolls. The Respect gives the rider exceptional control with its combination of deep knee wells and a 3-inch padded shock strap that keeps the rider’s knees firmly in place. Not only is this kneeboard comfortable, it keeps your legs from taking a beating. The Hyrdoslide Respect earns its name with exceptional performance and comfort.

Connelly Skis Mirage Kneeboard

The 2014 Connelly Mirage is a new design that is built for family fun. This board is easy to use and is extra comfortable. The 2014 Mirage has a unique tip and tail that adds stability, making even the amateurs in the family look like a pro. The Mirage has a built in hook that can easily be attached to the tow line. The deck features a contoured pad and padded knee strap for added comfort. At 53 inches in length, this kneeboard can accommodate any sized rider in comfort.

Bodyglove CRK Signature Series Kneeboard

The Body Glove CRK Signature Series Kneeboard is an excellent kneeboard if you want to quickly progress from simple riding to performing jumps, slides and rolls. The bottom is channeled and has a multi-stage rocker that makes it easy to execute turns and slides. In addition to extreme maneuverability, this wakeboard is built for comfort and control. Made from EVA foam, the CRK Signature Series has deep knee wells and a molded pad. This combination ensures a low-center of gravity and reduces leg fatigue. Reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber, this lightweight board pops off the wake with ease.

Radar Falcon Kneeboard

Fast, stable, and easy to use, the Radar 2014 Falcon Kneeboard is the perfect kneeboard for family fun on the water. The Falcon has a wide tip and tail that provides added stability. The continuous rocker and molded fins and grooves make it easy to maneuver. The deep knee wells also add control in addition to being extremely comfortable. Designed with a single locking strap, this board is easy to use and will get you out on the water in no time. One of the most family friendly features of the Falcon is the stabilizing handle cleats that provide security and stability while making this kneeboard easy to retrieve from the water.

Stacy Stepanovich
I am a writer who has lived in Florida for the past 14 years where I have become devoted to any activity on the water, including fishing, diving, water skiing, and kayaking. I have repaired and outfitted small boats and kayaks for fishing and have fished both fresh and salt water during my travels throughout the Southeastern U.S. and the Bahamas. On land, I am an avid hiker and camper and have traveled along trails from San Diego to the Everglades.
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