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Best Knitting Needles

Picking a knitting needle might seem easy since most craft stores stock dozens of styles. The challenge is finding the right needle. Straight single-pointed needles work great for basic projects like scarves, but large afghans work better on long circular needles, and socks or gloves require a set of double-pointed needles. Some yarn is fairly slippery and works best with rougher needles such as bamboo, but natural fibers like wool sometimes work better on slick, metal needles. Still, quality is important, and each of these brands was selected for its overall quality, popularity, and availability. Most of these brands also offer needles in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate a full range of knitting projects.

addi Turbo Knitting Needle

One of the most popular knitting needles available, the Addi Turbo needles are made of nickel-plated brass for a smooth, easy surface. The brand offers a full range of sizes and styles with both single and double-pointed needles, as well as circular needles ranging from 12” to an extra-long 60” needle. For knitters who use multiple sizes of circular needles, the Addi Click system offers a set of circular needles with ten interchangeable tips, while the brand also offers bamboo needles and sharp-tipped lace needles. Note, though, that the needles come in exact metric size, rather than US size. Also, the needles are also considerably more expensive than other brands, but this is offset by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Susan Bates Silvalume Knitting Needles

Susan Bates is easily one of the most versatile brands available, offering a selection of hard plastic, aluminum and nickel-plated knitting needles. It’s also a relatively inexpensive brand, costing about half as much as the Addi Turbo needles. While Susan Bates also offers a unique set of interchangeable tip points for working with fine, standard, or loose yarns, the Silvalume needles are the made of top-quality anodized aluminum and come in an excellent selection of standard single-pointed needles as well as double-pointed and circular needles. As a bonus, the needles are color-coded by size to make finding the right needle easier. The needles come in US sizes, with the metric size noted as well.

Inox Nickel-Plated Knitting Needles

Originally a North American brand, Inox is now a division of the German manufacturer Prym. They may be sold under either label, but Inox remains a high-quality brand and a popular favorite among knitters. While the brand offers various bamboo or teflon-coated needles, it is most known for its slick metal finish. Inox needles come in metric sizes and are available in all the standard styles from single-pointed to double-pointed and circular needles. Most of the circular needles come in a range of lengths from 15” to around 40”, but one version comes in a rare length of almost 100”.

Clover Takumi Knitting Needles

The Clover Takumi knitting needles are a special Japanese brand available only in bamboo. The needles come in a good selection of sizes and lengths, ranging from the delicate size 0 up to the unusually-thick size 19. The circular needles come an equally wide range of lengths starting at 9” and going up to 48” at the longest. Clover Takumi also offers a set of interchangeable needles with 12 sizes of tips for 5 different cord lengths, but some knitters have found that the tips come unglued during use. Since the needles are bamboo, the smallest sizes can feel flimsy, but they hold up remarkably well under normal use.

Crystal Palace Bamboo Knitting Needles

A less well-known brand, Crystal Palace offers a nice selection of bamboo knitting needles to complement the brand’s specialty yarns. Crystal Palace needles come in all the standard sizes from 0 up to 17 for single-pointed versions and three lengths of circular needles from 16” to 35” for, as well as an extra-long 55” circular needle for a small group of sizes from 9 to 15. The circular needles don’t have the smoothest joining, so the stitches may catch on the needles occasionally, but they work well otherwise. Plus, the brand offers a variety of sets that make it easier for beginners to get the full range of sizes together.

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