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Best Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse is a game of speed and dexterity, so if you're going to have any chance at beating the other guy to the ball, you're going to need a pair of reliable cleats to help get you there. Everyone's got a unique set of feet and when you're looking for a good pair of cleats, it's all about how they feel when you're on the field. Some players like a low-cut shoe, while others are going to go for some added support on a 3/4 ankle height model. And let’s face it, no flashy colors or high-end marketing gimmicks are any kind of substitute for comfort. Plenty of choices out there, for sure. That's why we're here, to narrow down all of those options to the five best picks on the market.

Our picks were selected along a variety of criteria, first and foremost we looked at the materials that were used in manufacturing these best lacrosse cleats. Most of these shoes uses synthetic uppers which are best-suited for all weather conditions, will keep your feet well-protected, warm, and won't react adversely to wet conditions. Comfort is also an important component, and while every foot will feel comfort differently, these picks have few universal elements such as airflow so your foot doesn't sweat, comfortable inner liners so the feet breathe, and durable outer materials that protect and support your foot.

The bottom cleat plates of these shoes are made with thermo-polyurethane, a durable yet lightweight plastic which makes them sturdy, resilient, and ready to own any kind of playing surface. Lastly, these shoes have molded cleats that come in a variety of shapes to give you total traction for quick speed and ease of lateral movement. All of these features combined add up to some top notch shoes for this list of best picks.

Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly 2 Lacrosse Cleats

The Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly 2 takes the previous version of their popular lacrosse cleat to the next level giving it more traction, comfort, and protection. Like just about all Nike shoes, these run narrow in size so you may want to consider buying a size higher to accommodate for fit. But these shoes have been designed to wrap around your foot at the arch and mid, using ultra-thin nylon fibers that have been strategically placed to keep the shoe firmly in place while offering extra support and protection for the foot.

These fibers also help to keep the shoe lightweight since less material is needed in the overall construction of the shoe. Carbon fiber is used around the outsole for long-lasting durability while keeping the weight off, while the combination of cleat blades and pegs affords maximum grip with the field so you can move fast and turn quickly. It doesn't matter if your shoes are lightweight if you can't cut and dodge through the defense effectively.

Warrior Mens Adonis 2.0 Mid Lacrosse Cleats

Right off the bat, let's talk fit. The Warrior Adonis 2.0 is true to size, offering a shoe that wears the same way as any other you wear. That takes the guesswork out of trying to find the size that fits you how it's supposed to fit. But what makes it so great beyond fit? Warrior's Triad Flex System, located in the forefoot, has been engineered to enhance the overall fit and flex of the entire shoe as it conforms to the shape and movement of your foot.

Traction is also a major selling point of the Adonis, equipped with a Tri-Density thermo-polyurethane outsole that features a collection of soft-durometer pegs to churn the field for explosive acceleration and movement. The Adonis cleats are also comfortable and protective as Warrior has used neoprene along the tongue and heel areas to reduce blisters and wrapped the whole thing in an exo-skeletal thermo-polyurethane support structure that acts like a cage to help keep the most vulnerable parts of the foot safe from injury during the game.

Nike Men's Huarache 4 LX LE Lacrosse Cleats

Every lacrosse player has probably owned a Huarache at some point. Nike's beloved shoe has gone through many different versions since their initial introduction as a mere running shoe, then a basketball shoe before becoming one of the most sought after lacrosse shoes. The Huarache 4 LX's have the leather upper which keeps them comfortable and durable against pressure and Nike's Flywire tech holds your foot locked in place by anchoring the laces to the base of the shoe. Tie them up tight and these cleats will feel like they're bolted to your feet.

The outsole uses a thermo-polyurethane plate equipped with conical studs for that burst of acceleration and shovel cleats along the sidewall to help you cut and move with total stability and agility. Nike has also added a moisture-wicking Lycra liner which is soft and fully breathable so your feet feel better and you can keep your head in the game.

Under Armour Men's Highlight Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armour makes the list with their Highlight, a slim cut shoe that has been built to act and feel more like a sock than a shoe. They've made this cleat ultra-thin, eschewing additional materials in favor of a minimal approach to comfort, fit, and overall foot protection.

The first thing you’ll notice is the high ankle CompFit sleeve that's been added to provide greater support while encouraging speed with UA's exclusive Corespeed chassis. This technology provides improved flexibility and mobility by conforming to and moving with the natural shape and tendencies of your foot.

Comfort is a another big concern at UA and they've addressed this paramount necessity with foot-forming 4D Foam that molds to your foot. There’s also the shoe's MPZ padded tongue which safeguards the vulnerable area at the instep from potential injury. The Highlight's bladed cleat configuration offers speed and traction on this shoe that’s been created for better aerodynamics than most shoes in its class.

Warrior Burn 8.0 Mid Lacrosse Cleat

Matching comfort with performance, the Warrior Burn 8.0 offers so many great features, it was easily going to make the top of the list. They're very lightweight at 10 ounces, so hitting a sprint is a cinch. Turning and acceleration are also effortless with these shoes, by way of a Tri-Denisty peg thermo polyurethane outsole plate complete with a 14-point cleat configuration for increased traction. That means you'll be churning turf away from your foot in order to achieve a truer and more confident grip on the field.

Warrior has also made these shoes more breathable as the synthetic upper is fully ventilated by way of laser etching and the company's TriadFlex System has enabled more flexibility in the shoe design. So your foot has the freedom to move quicker and more securely, and Warrior's highlighted shank creates optimal midfoot support so you have total stability. These are shoes made for the dedicated attacker.

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