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Best Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse gloves protect your hands and finger, two of the most important parts of the body, so it's important to have a pair you can trust when things get brutal out there. When looking for a good pair of gloves, it's all about protection, comfort, ventilation and durability. The way the glove fits on your hand, the materials that they're made of and if they allow your hand to breathe, in addition to the type of padding inside of the glove. These are all important determining factors for choosing a pair right for your type of game. We've chosen each of our picks for best lacrosse gloves based along these factors to find the best options available on the market at the moment.

Brine King V Lax Gloves

Brand new for the 2015 catalog, the Brine King V takes everything that you loved about the ever popular line and improved upon it in every way. The company's Arch-Tech backhand combines total flexibility with airflow and protection for your hand. Increased impact absorption is available along the backs of the fingers and they put particular emphasis on keeping the backhand safe from harm.

The palm uses Ax Suede and gives it mesh inserts, so the glove breathes fully, meaning it will wear comfortably on your hand. It's also water-resistant and the glove is equipped with a ventilator fresh liner to keep your hand dry and the glove itself free of “funk” after prolonged use.

Maverik M3 Lacrosse Glove

Maverik's newest version of their popular Maybach glove, the M3, combines everything that was great about the previous glove but with better cooling and ventilation. The three most important updates here are the Ax Suede palm, the Flowcool venting, and something called 37.5 technology. All of these are designed to give you more airflow in and out of the glove to let your hands breathe more freely.

That Ax Suede palm gives you better shaft touch and control and the addition of the Flowcoo component makes sure the air that gets in the glove disperses the heat that's already inside of it more evenly and thoroughly. Best of all, they feel practically broken in right out of the box. Yes, they are that comfortable and the fabric that Maverik has been using in these new gloves makes all the difference.

There's also almost no break-in time needed with the M3. One more thing that's really cool about these gloves is that the wealth of customization options available to design your very own unique look.

Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves

The next step in the evolution of Warrior's EVO product line sees them offering a lacrosse glove that also uses the Ax Suede along the palm, a thin layer of fabric that improves the feel of your stick and affords greater control. The company's patented Truvents venting method improves better, more consistent airflow through the palm to the backhand which means your hands stay dry and cool much longer than normal.

The EVO has an internal wrist cuff designed for total mobility while keeping your backhand and wrist well guarded during gameplay. The cuff is connected to the body of the glove via elastic straps so it maneuvers with the natural movement of your wrist for better comfort and flexibility when things get a little rough on the field.

Cell III Lacrosse Gloves

The Cell II was already a pretty great glove, but STX is never satisfied and so they've made some upgrades for their newest version of the Cell line. They upped the ante on the flexibility, using special stretch zones to increase your movement in the glove, particularly around the thumb and other areas that see the most flex.

Seamless palm vents make sure the gloves don't retain heat and your hands stay cool. Dual-density foam has been placed throughout the glove for better impact absorption as well as polyethylene plastic board that bolsters the sensitive areas of the hand for maximum security. This pick also offers a number of customization options so you can make the glove look just the way you like it.

STX K18 II Lacrosse Gloves

Thin and sleek looking, I wondered just how much protection these gloves would really provide. After taking a few whacks from a buddy's stick, I was quite happy with the results. I couldn't believe how well they absorbed the impact with such a little amount of material covering my hands. But the biggest distinction to the K18 II's is their grip.

The textured mesh palms come with rubber strips that run up the index finger and across the middle of your palm. This allows them all to bond to your shaft, so maneuvering them along the stick to change position takes some getting used to.

There are drawbacks however. The plastic thumb pad sometimes gets caught on the knuckle of the glove which limited some flexibility. These gloves are also a snug fit so if you like some extra wiggle room inside, you may want to move up from your usual glove size.

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