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Best Lacrosse Helmet

The lacrosse helmet is your main line of defense from sustaining a serious head injury during a game. Complete protection of your head and face is priority one in this dangerous contact sport and the value placed on finding the right head gear is absolutely immeasurable. Sporting equipment companies understand this safety requirement, so they’ve been working to improve upon the level of available safety technology.

The following lacrosse helmets are among the best you can buy to keep your brain from getting knocked out of your ears throughout the season. Each one has been chosen along the following criteria including materials used for their construction, that they meet all necessary safety standards, offer appealing visual aesthetics, and their overall level of protection.

Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet

Since 2008, Cascade's Pro7 helmet has been chosen as legal, standard on-field equipment for every team in the MLL. What sets this helmet apart from the rest is the way it protects your head. Instead of typical foam rubber, the helmet has honeycomb modules that contract upon impact, which helps distribute the force of the blow evenly throughout the helmet. This way you don't take the brunt of the strike all in one place.

The Pro7 is also a one size fits all helmet, using a star-wheel system to let you dial in the precise fit for your head. Detachable pads at the sides and ear-ports can be interchanged to ensure a snug fit so that the helmet doesn't slip or shake during the game. Another standout feature is the built-in visor which is an extension of the helmet shell itself as opposed to a separate, screwed-on piece. This prevents the visor from getting shattered making it a great helmet option for goalies. Slip this helmet on and you'll immediately see it also has great tilt to it.

Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet

The CPX-R is a similar helmet to Cascade's mighty Pro7 but without the jolting sticker shock of their top of the line model. Both helmets contain the exclusive SevenTech lining system which uses honeycomb modules to displace the impact of hard hits taken to the head. However, the CPX-R differs from its brethren through the way it fits and by the shape of its shell.

While it doesn't have a star-wheel adjust, does it come with a pinch gear which slides and locks into place for the perfect fit. This can be done while you're wearing the helmet whereas the Pro7 cannot be fitted while in use. The shell of the helmet doesn’t have the integrated visor of the Pro7 either, but a separate piece attached at the front. The back of the shell has a small tail-fin which provides balance when the helmet is worn along with thick cushions along the sides of the head for added stability.

This is also a shorter helmet than the Pro7, as the backside does not extend as far down towards the neck. But really these are minor differences, since the SevenTech padding is why you're considering one of the Cascades in the first place. These slight variants on the CPX-R give you MLL-approved level of protection at a slightly lower price.

STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Helmet

STX has paired up with Schutt sports to make a helmet fully rooted in the future. Designed for optimum head protection, the Stallion 500 uses D30 padding. This is a patented, lightweight material with a molecular makeup that’s soft and malleable at rest, but hardens at impact to evenly disperse the force of physical blows.

There’s also Hybrid TPU cushioning to aid in dispersing impacts but it also acts as a liner for comfort as well. STX even added an fully inflatable Surefit Air liner to ensure a perfect fit on your head. All of these wonderful elements are enclosed within an outer shell built of sturdy ABS material with impact modifiers throughout for enhanced strength.

Warrior TII Lacrosse Helmet

Weighing in at just 2.1 pounds, Warrior's TII helmet isn't the best looking on our list but it more than makes up for that with great visibility in a lid that shows off some serious tilt. The helmet comes in three sizes but, unfortunately, doesn't contain a fully customizable fit system like the Cascades. Instead, the TII comes with adjustable pads that can be swapped out inside the helmet to maintain a better fit.

 Yes, you're at the mercy of the sizes of the pads instead of a band or halo that you can slide back and forth. The pads themselves are thick and offer good protection but don't expect anything like the Cascade SevenTech. However, Warrior's bucket has the integrated one-piece visor shell of the Pro7.

Large vent holes along the crown offer just the right amount of ventilation and the moisture-wick liner keeps the sweat off your head during the heat of on-field battle. This helmet is available in a myriad of colors so finding the one to match your team should be a piece of cake.

Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Helmet

Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Helmet

The Regulator is full of great safety features to make it a smart choice on the field. The choice of two shell sizes ensures the helmet will fit you right from the start, thanks to the company's WarFit construction of their outer shells. Slip it on and the Viconic EAS liner is engineered to provide maximum impact absorption that works in conjunction with the WarFit shell to offer a dual layer of head security.

Warrior understands the helmet is one of the most important pieces of your equipment so they not only made it safe, they offer a wealth of options to customize it just the way you want. It's been certified to meet or exceed NOCSAE standards, which means it's legal for play in high school, college, and professional competition.

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