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Best Lacrosse Mesh

Choosing Lacrosse mesh is a personal choice and something entirely up to you. However, when it's time to buy your mesh, there are so many brands out there, making a choice can get tough. When choosing the picks below, our selection criteria included the selection available from each manufacturer, the features they offered, and the amount of difficulty there was in stringing the pocket. Some of these picks were also more readily available than others which factored into our choices as well. Finally, these picks were all determined by how well the mesh actually worked and reacted on the field.

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Marc Mesh 15mm Lacrosse Stringing Kit

MarcMesh has created a mesh infused with water-proof materials which break down almost immediately to mold into the pocket you want create. The mesh is designed to give you the best of both hard and soft mesh in one piece of material. The break-in period is about three days and by then the pocket was doing everything I asked it to and more. You’ll love shooting with this mesh because of the whip it grants. I had a little difficulty stringing it because it was so malleable but I got the hang of it soon enough.

Gonzo Mesh Lacrosse Pocket Mesh

Gonzo's preformed mesh comes with a rubberized, somewhat sticky texture but it's not the tackiest coating you're likely to find and won't flake off no matter what you put this mesh through. The mesh itself is already pre-stretched and formed, sitting at about the middle of the hardness spectrum. What's really great about Gonzo mesh is it maintains shape and consistency in almost any weather. It won't flop around and get loose in the wet and only stiffens up just a bit in lower temps.

The special secret coating the Gonzo guys have used here is the key to this mesh’s reliability. The rubberized coating keeps it more resilient and dependable than regular wax. Additionally, the mesh is not only easy to string but it gives you increased ball control and additional grip. While pricey at around $20 or so, this one's definitely worth it.

String King Type 1s Packaged Lacrosse Mesh

The 1S mesh performs very well, offering one of the most reliable pockets you'll find on this list. With just one touch you'll feel something similar to a wax coating. The mesh uses polymer fibers that behave like they've been well broken in right at the start. This is by design, and intended to hold up in any type of weather. Your pocket will consistently keep its shape whether it gets wet or exposed to lower temperatures. A number of professional players have come out to endorse this lacrosse mesh and once you get your hands on it, you'll quickly find out why.

POWLAX Ti22 Lacrosse Mesh

POWLAX Ti22 Lacrosse Mesh

Pack of Wolves Lacrosse are making some of the coolest mesh you can buy today. They offer a full range of color combinations and logos that let you add a little customization to your stick. Maybe you want your school colors on your mesh, or you're a big fan of a certain college team, chances are they'll have that team's logo dyed on their mesh. Either way, you've got plenty of options when it comes to finding the mesh you want.

POWLAX has made it easy to string and uses a wax coating that keeps your pocket intact at all times. It's also very simple to place the pocket how and where you want it. The mesh tends to be semi-hard instead of feeling broken in from the get-go. It performs beautifully when it gets wet and doesn't sag or droop. Plus, with all the dyes they're using, you'll be surprised at its consistency. This mesh plays as hard as you do.

NinjaMesh Standard 10 Diamond Lacrosse Mesh

You may not have heard of Ninja Lacrosse, but that's all about to change. They offer a wide array of different mesh sizes and types with a wax coating intended to make inclement weather a non-factor in your game. We all know wet mesh can stretch and that can wreak havoc on your pocket, often resulting in way too much whip, but with Ninja Mesh your pocket remains intact.

Coated mesh has become the new trend right now, offering enhanced grip on the ball. This stuff is relatively easy to string and hardly requires stretching. Also, don't worry about all that stickiness on the mesh when it comes right out of the package, as it stuff wears away with time, leaving you with a perfectly consistent pocket.

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