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Purchasing a ladder can be a bit of a daunting task. On one hand, you want a ladder that you know will be strong enough to hold you up no matter what job you’re working on. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay a lot without sacrificing quality. The decision, ultimately, comes down to what you wish to use the ladder for. Will you be using it for general purpose jobs around the home? Will you be using it in your garage? Will you be using it to gain access to your attic? The types of jobs you do, factor into what type of ladder you purchase.

We have different lists available for a variety of ladders depending on what type you need. Rest assured that every ladder in the following lists are the best of the best in each category.

Louisville Ladder FS1504 Fiberglass Platform Ladder

The Louisville Ladder FS1504 stepladder is the top stepladder available because it features the SHOX system, which absorbs impact at the bottom of the ladder and makes it safer to use. It also features a hardware tray at the top of the ladder with a paint can holder, tool slots, pipe holder, and magnet for holding small parts such as bits or fasteners.

This four foot tall ladder also features a 300-pound weight capacity, weighs only 14 pounds and has three-inch wide steps. This ensures you have plenty of room for your feet while climbing, which decreases the chance of a misstep. The best part about this ladder is that it’s cheap, great news if you’re on a budget.

Werner NXT1A06 Fiberglass Single Sided Stepladder

I have included the Werner NXT1A06 6 ft Fiberglass Single Sided Stepladder on this list because like the Louisville Ladder, it also features a tool tray at the top with slots for a drill and pipe channel. The tray also features hardware bins and a magnetic strip for smaller tools, which is great if you want to keep things organized while you’re using your ladder.

The ladder itself has a load capacity of 300 pounds and also features reinforced top connectors, sturdier-than-average steel spreaders, and EDGE 360 which provides full rail protection, making this ladder great for electricians. Also like the Louisville ladder, this ladder features three-inch wide steps, which gives you plenty of room for your feet.

DeWalt DC822KL Fiberglass Stepladder

DeWalt DC822KL Fiberglass Stepladder

The DeWalt DC822KL 5' Fiberglass Stepladder 300 lbs. Load Capacity is on this list because it’s particularly stable thanks to pinch resistant spreaders and double riveted steps, which ensure the ladder will never move around during use. This ladder also features 3.75 inch, extra wide steps, which gives you more room for your feet, which in turn makes the ladder even safer to use. The biggest downside to this ladder is it’s a tad on the expensive side. However, this ladder does come with a three year warranty and a one year service contract, which helps to justify the price a bit.

Little Giant 15705 MicroBurst Step Ladder

The Little Giant Microburst Fiberglass Stepladder Type 1A Model 6 makes our list because it folds down to only three and a half inches, making this ladder perfect for those that don’t have a lot of storage space. Like the DeWalt ladder, this ladder is very stable thanks to the StableLock Spreader System, which features reinforced alloy steel spreaders that eliminate shifting.

The ladder also features flares on either side that help to make it even more stable, great for individuals who want as steady a ladder as possible. It features a 300 pound weight capacity, as well as a one year warranty. The biggest downsides to this ladder are that it's a tad on the pricier side as well as clocking in at 22 pounds, heavier than comparable ladders.

Green Bull Series 2032 Fiberglass Stepladder

Green Bull Series 2032 Fiberglass Stepladder

The Green Bull Series 2032 Fiberglass Stepladder - 4' 203204 wraps this list up because of its high weight capacity of 375 pounds, which makes it great if you’re looking for a ladder capable of holding especially heavy loads. Additionally, the rails are sleeved in fiberglass, which protects them from abuse and wear, making this ladder a great choice for pros that want a ladder to use in varying work environments. Like other ladders on this list, this ladder features a step width of three inches as well as a tool tray for organization. It’s just a little heavy, but the ladders high load capacity helps to make up for this minor shortcoming.

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5'

The 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-foot by Xtend & Climb is the best telescoping ladder available because it was made for professional use. It weighs only 36 pounds, which is light enough for anyone to carry and extends out to 15 and a half feet. This ladder was also crafted with safety of user in mind as it has non-slip end caps which ensure the ladder won't move around when you're on it.

This ladder also includes tab indicators that tell you when each wrung is locked in place while you're telescoping, a great feature if you're ever unsure of your footing. Additionally, anyone who has ever been pinched by metal knows how bad it can hurt but this ladder features a no-pinch closure safety system. Lastly, this ladder is protected by a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Werner Ladder Lousville Ladder #L-2094-17 17' Aluminum IA MP Ladder

The Werner MT-17 17 ft Type IA Telescoping MultiLadder is great for professionals because it converts to four different types of ladders including a twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, extension ladder, and two scaffold bases. This makes it a great multi-tasker and a boon for individuals looking to save on space.

This ladder supports 300 pounds on either side and although it weighs in on the heavy side at 39 pounds, it also extends up to 17 feet. It’s also very safe to climb and stand on thanks to slip-resistant feet and a flared bottom, which is good if you want a ladder with as much support as possible. The biggest downside to this ladder is it doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Telesteps 1400E 10.5' Extension Ladder

Like the Improvements telescoping ladder, the 1400E -10.5 Foot Telescoping Ladder by Telesteps had a focus on portability. It only weighs 22 pounds, yet still feels really solid. It's also only 30 inches long retracted, so you can easily fit it in your car or under your arm, but extends out to ten and a half feet. What sets this ladder apart is the convenient quick release, safety slow down feature. It's a one-touch system allowing the ladder to be retracted safely and easily as opposed to unlocking each rung and then retracting it. This ladder comes covered by a one year warranty.

Keller Ladder KMT-22, 22' Type IA Telescoping MultiLadder

Keller Ladder KMT-22, 22' Type IA Telescoping MultiLadder

The Keller Ladder KMT-22 22 ft Type IA Telescoping MultiLadder makes our list because of its max height of 22 feet, perfect for pros who need a ladder to use for especially high jobs. Like the Werner ladder, it converts into four different ladders, which is good for multitasking and saving on space. It features a 300-pound weight capacity, which is good if you need your ladder to support lots of weight. This ladder is also extremely durable thanks to double riveted steps, which ensures it will be strong enough to last a lifetime. The only major downside to this ladder is weighs in on the heavy side at 46 pounds.

XtremePower 12' Telescoping Extension Ladder

The 12 Foot Telescoping Extension Ladder by XtremePower has a high weight tolerance, able to hold up to 330 pounds which means practically anyone can use it. It's also extremely lightweight at just 20 pounds and extends all the way up to 12 feet. Another great factor about this ladder is that the locking mechanisms are stronger than average so you don't have to worry about the locks going out. Best of all, this telescoping ladder is also very affordable, which makes it great for individuals on a budget.

AE2210 Energy Seal Aluminum Attic Ladder

The AE2210 22.5" W x 54" L x 8-10" Ceiling Energy Seal Aluminum Attic Ladder by Werner is the best attic ladder because of its air locking design. If you're worried about your attic ladder increasing your electric bill, its built-in weather stripping seals in heat while reducing drafts. This attic ladder fits all ceilings from eight to ten feet, a good range for most ceilings out there. It also comes with a high weight capacity of 375 pounds, allowing you to carry practically anything up the steps without worrying about the ladder collapsing. The only drawback about this ladder is no warranty is included.

Louisville Ladder AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder

The AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder by Louisville Ladder comes from a reputable brand with a long history of manufacturing quality ladders. This ladder operates on a cylinder-based system rather than the steel springs you find in most attic ladders, reducing the force required to open and close the attic door which eliminates the door accidentally slamming. If your attic door is located in a hallway with bedrooms, it actually makes the ladder a lot quieter when in use. It features a 350-pound weight capacity and fits ceilings from seven foot nine inches to ten feet along with a 90 day warranty.

Keller Aluminum Attic Ladder

Keller Aluminum Attic Ladder

The Keller Ladder AH2512K 25 in W x 66 in L x 12 ft H Ceiling Aluminum Attic Ladder features a strut design rather than standard springs for a wider access opening, good if you want plenty of room to bring items up and into your attic. The aluminum ladder features a 375-pound weight capacity which is capable of holding especially heavy loads. It also fits ceiling heights from 10 feet five inches up to 12 feet, which is good if your ceilings are particularly high. This ladder is very safe to use thanks to nonslip steps as well as non-marring feet to prevent damage to hardwood floors. Unfortunately this ladder does not come with a warranty.

Telesteps T1000L Telescoping Attic/Loft Ladder

The T1000L - Telescoping Attic/Loft Ladder by Telesteps has a telescoping design allowing for fully automatic extension and retraction for ease of use. Installation is straightforward as this ladder is very small, lightweight, and very strong thanks to aircraft grade aluminum construction. This ladder is extremely versatile, fitting into nearly any sized attic hatch with the smallest fit at 20 inches, It also fits ceilings between seven and ten feet while able to sustain weights up to 300 pounds. Completely rust and corrosion resistant proof, this ladder also comes protected by a one year warranty.

Fakro Ladder Fire Rated Insulated Wood Attic Ladder

The Fakro LMS Attic Ladder features a dense MDF wood door to provide more energy savings than comparable ladders so you’ll save on energy costs in the long run. This steel attic ladder features a spring design which drops down as the ladder opens, giving you a bit more room in the opening. It features a 350-pound weight capacity, and fits ceiling heights between 7 feet 11 inches, and 10 feet. It also features mounting hardware that’s concealed after installation, as well as an integrated locking latch for a sleek look which doesn’t stick out. The best part of this ladder is that it comes with a two year warranty.

Little Giant 14016-001 Alta One Type 1 Model 22 Ladder

The 14016-001 Alta One Type 1 Model 22 Ladder by Little Giant is the best ladder you can buy because it can be used as an extension ladder, A-frame ladder, staircase ladder and trestle, as well as a plank scaffolding system. The versatility alone increases the value of the ladder and you can pretty much do any job around the house.

This ladder is ideal for accommodating someone with a bigger home where different maintenance jobs will be more common. It’s also extremely stable thanks to wide, flaring legs, making this ladder considerably safer to use. This pick comes protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Werner Ladder MT-26 - 26' Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Just like the Little Giant ladder , the MT-26 26' Type IA Telescoping MultiLadder by Werner can be converted into several different ladder types. This allows the ladder to be fitted to any job you need it for, great news for individuals who need a reliable ladder for a variety of household tasks. This ladder comes with wide, flared legs which increases the ladder steadiness and may also help individuals cope with their fear of heights. Another cool feature is the steps are double-riveted, adding to the units overall strength and sturdiness.

Louisville Ladder 8' Ladder

The FS2000 Series 8’ Ladder by Louisville Ladder is one of the best ladders I’ve come across because of its fiberglass construction. Fiberglass is a strong, yet lightweight material which is nearly as strong as comparable aluminum ladders but at a fraction of the weight. This ladder also has a molded top with a magnetic tray, an incredibly convenient feature especially if you're working with screws or nails. The molded top also has slots for your drill, a paint bucket holder, and slots for tools so no more going up and down to get something from your toolbox.

Black & Decker BXL3110-05 5' Fiberglass Step Ladder

The Black and Decker 5’ Fiberglass Stepladder is on this list because it’s made of extremely strong and lightweight. Practically anyone can lug this model around with ease, making it perfect individuals looking to invest in a ladder which lasts a lifetime. It also comes equipped with a magnet top which features slots for your favorite hand tools. This stepladder features pinch-resistant safety spreader braces which prevent accidentally finger pinching while setting it up. The same spreader braces also absorb impacts so you can move around more without fear of unexpected movements. This ladder comes covered by a one year warranty.

Green Bull Series 2061 206106 Aluminum Stepladder

Green Bull Series 2061 206106 Aluminum Stepladder

The Green Bull Series 2061 206106 Aluminum Stepladder is worth consideration because of its double-riveted steps and spreaders as well as a double-braced bottom step for steadiness making it a lot more stable and safer to use than comparable ladders. Like the Black and Decker ladder, this 6 foot ladder features a top with a recessed tool tray which is great for tasks requiring various hand tools. It also has an especially 300 pound weight limit for safely carrying heavy things up and down your ladder. The biggest downside though is it doesn’t come with a product warranty.

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