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Best Lip Plumper

Whether clear, colored, natural, or conventional, lip plumpers are designed to enhance the lips’ volume and contours. Lip injections can run upwards of hundreds of dollars, but lip-plumping glosses, oils, and lipsticks range from less than $10 to over $30 — making them accessible for almost every budget. They increase lip fullness by stimulating blood flow with “tingly” ingredients like cinnamon or ginger, and may also include collagen-boosting ingredients for long-term improvement.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XXL Pillow Plump Plumping Lip Gloss

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL is one of my favorite brands of all time and hails from the fabulous United Kingdom. If you’re lucky enough to find this product in your local higher end drug store, be sure grab this lip plumper up before it’s gone. This new product let’s your lips steal the limelight with the help of plant-derived, active flower oils which are safe and gentle on sensitive lip skin. The formula is also infused with a peptide complex which gives you the ultimate plmuping effect as it boosts your collagen production on a deeper cellular level. Seed oils work to keep lips hydrated and nourished and you also get to choose from five flirty shades.

NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper

NYX Plump it Up Lip Plumper is a great gloss if you’re not a fan of heavy scents like cinnamon or peppermint. The plumping effect is derived from peptides which work to stimulate collagen production while an infusion of aloe leaf extract works to give lips rich moisture and helps heal and prevent chapping. Available in ten gorgeous shades, each lip-plumping tint is derived from beautiful, naturally-derived mica minerals. The color options are mostly in the brown and pink family with one bold berry shade. The colors will translate a bit sheer so don’t think what you see in the tube will be too bright when applied to your lips.

L'Oreal Infallible Plumping Lipgloss

L’Oreal Pain-Free Infallible Lip Plumping Gloss gives you six long hours of stay-put wear. This product contains collagen which gives the lips a sexy inflated look without the sensation of painful needles piercing your lips or potential skin irritation which is common issue with these products. This product contains a skin-beneficial hydrocarbon which helps prevent moisture loss, keeping lips hydrated and glossy. Choose from eight flattering shades, all naturally tinted with all natural mica minerals. Shade options include “warm” and “cool” tones in variations of brown, pink, plum, and berry.

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss delivers high impact shine is full of shimmer and is rich in hydration thanks to fruit oils and seed extracts. The main plumping ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a silicone derivative which provides the product with staying power while feeling comfortable on the lips. Another thing to love about this product is the fact it doesn’t really have much of a scent so that means no heavy fragrance chemicals clouding your senses. The shade options include colors which range from dark and rich, to bright and bold, or light and shimmery. This lip-plumping formula is also cruelty-free, having been perfected without any testing done on animals.

New York Color Big Bold Plumping and Shine Lip Gloss

If you want both full lips and shiny, stand-out color, you’re sure to love NYC Big Bold Plumping Lipgloss. You get four hours of wear and instantly noticeable fuller lips by at least 50 percent. Thanks to the infusion of vitamin E, your lips will also be hydrated and stay protected at the same time. Additionally, this product is formulated without the use of paraben, making this a filler-free lip plumping option. you. This product has a lightweight feel and has one of the best oversized applicators making application fast and easy. Choose from ten flattering shades to compliment your style and mood.

DuWop Lip Venom Lip Gloss

DuWop Lip Venom Lip Plumper took the beauty world by storm when it debuted its first ever lip plumping gloss, and has been known as an iconic product even since. This gloss is designed to enhance your natural lip color while piling on the shine in its classic clear formula. This chemical-free product is devoid of fillers and fragrances; instead, it’s rich with natural essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon and ginger to boost your pucker to perfection. This product comes in a clear formula and is rich in conditioners like avocado and sunflower seed oils to prevent irritation and hydrate the lips at the same time.

Pout Pump By Diva Stuff, All Natural Lip Plumping & Conditioning Gloss

Diva Stuff Pout Plump All Natural Lip Plumping & Conditioning Gloss is a fairly new product that’s growing increasingly popular among the ranks of its satisfied users. This product uses all natural ingredients like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and cloves as its main plumping ingredients. It also contains natural peptides to promote a youthful look and stevia to give this product a bit of a sweet taste. This product comes in a clear formula but you can always layer it with other stains if your look is craving a pop of color. You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of vitamin E which works to provide rich hydration to your lips as well as reverse visible signs of aging.

Active Bee Venom Lip Plumper

All the way from new Zealand, Active Bee Venom Lip Plumper is an innovative product known for being all-natural lip plumpers that really works to give your pout a natural “bee stung” effect without the pain. The more frequently you use this product, the more permanent the lip plumping results will be. It’s formulated with honey and shea butter which work deeply to keep lips looking hydrated, healthy, and supple. This beauty products secret ingredient is active bee venom which works to stimulate collagen production and plump lips with a gentle tingling sensation rather than a painful sting. The effect of this product last for a long time after application so you look forward to having a full, sexy pout all day long.

True Natural PLUMP Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

True Natural Plump Lip Treatment is just the lip plumping product you’ve been looking for. This is a spa-grade formula made with high quality, natural ingredients like olive oil, aloe, and shea butter for rich hydration as well as protection from the elements. The formula also includes peppermint and cinnamon oils which work to plump lips. This popular beauty treatment is all the rage among satisfied users who have left online testimonials saying it’s well worth the money. True Natural doesn’t contain any added chemicals, fragrances, or potentially irritating synthetic ingredients. Made in the USA, this product is also certified cruelty-free, having never been tested on animals.

Lip Service Collagen Lip Plumper

Protégé Lip Service gives you fuller-looking lips through the use of quality naturally ingredients. If you can’t stand the flavor of many spicy lip-plumping products, you’re sure to love that this product uses natural cherry flavor and stevia to sweeten your pucker. Natural fruit acids and botanicals like licorice work to help boost your collagen production while antioxidants such as pomegranate keep lips protected from damaging free radicals. This formula also contains vitamin C which works to reverse the visible signs of aging.

Smashbox Cosmetics Smashbox Cosmetics - O Plump

Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper adds volume and shine to lips while staying put. This high quality formula uses amazing ingredients that are great for conditioning while plumping such as wintergreen and peppermint oils which gives the lips a refreshing tingle while helping them look dramatically fuller. There's also the addition of avocado and soybean oils which work to keep the lips feeling soft and supple. This product comes in pink, but this gloss works with your personal body chemistry as it adjusts like magic to your perfect lip shade. Fun to use, this plumper and inflates lips to the max.

Clear Physicians Formula Plump Potion Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail

Physicians Formula Plump Potion Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail is a dermatologist approved, fragrance free formula which makes it ideal for individuals with chemical sensitivities. This product utilizes caffeine to simulate and plump the lips for an ultra sexy look while lip-conditioning beeswax helps keep this product in place throughout the day. There's also natural, earth-derived Mica minerals included which give your lips a gorgeous shimmer with every application. Whether you choose from a shade of light pink, dark pink, nude or clear, this lip plumper is sure to flatter any skin tone.

Shiseido BENEFIANCE Full Correction Lip Treatment

Shisedo Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment is ideal for those of you with rather thin lips from aging or a lack of moisture. This lip plumping product works to give you lasting hydration while filling in fine lines and adding incredible volume. You'll love the fact that you can layer your favorite lipsticks right over top of this plumping agent without any adverse effect. This product uses active marine collagen used to give your lips a boost for a fuller, youthful look. It's also formulated with natural humectant, an ingredient which helps prevent moisture loss making this lip[ plumper ideal for use during the harsh winter months. Shisedo Benefiance also contains glycerine which is also a safe and effective skin conditioner.

Fusion Beauty XXL Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy Intense

Fusion Beauty XXL Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy Intense

Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion XXL is a one of a kind lip plumping experience. This product works fast to deliver immediately noticeable results with the help of caffeine and niacin. There will be a slight tingle after you first apply this product but you will not experience any additional discomfort. Afterwards, your lips will be looking smooth and full all day long. Like our other picks, this lip plumping product provides the same effect a needle injection would minus the painful bruising. Layer this clear formula over your favorite matte lip colors for a beautiful signature look.

The Balm Plump Your Pucker

The Balm Plump Your Pucker

If you want youthful-looking pouty lips with a little pop of color then you're sure to love this lip plumping selection. The main ingredient at work here is active menthol which gives lips a minty fresh tingle while stimulating circulation to make your pout appear full and plump.This quality product also contains an infusion of vitamin C to help reverse visible signs of aging while brightening the skin on your lips at the same time. There's also the addition of all natural beeswax which not only protects your lips but also lips hydrated while ensuring the product stays put for long lasting results. You have eleven different shades to choose from and they're all reasonably priced.

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