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Best Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispensers are a great accessory to have in your kitchen and bathroom. The reasons for buying a liquid soap dispenser run the gamut from being more sanitary than bar soap to serving as a decorative item. They come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, chrome, and glass. When choosing a soap dispenser, consider both the durability of the dispenser as well as the decorating scheme of the room it will be placed in. I’ve chosen the top 5 soap dispensers to appeal to a variety of styles and preferences, but ultimately they are quality products that will look good in your home.

Danze Deluxe Soap & Lotion Dispenser

Made of solid brass, the Danze Soap Dispenser is a great option. It fits decks up to 2 inches and will fill from the top without removing the lower bottle. Far from flimsy, this durable dispenser is available in a variety of finishes including chrome and stainless steel. Customers love that this is a top-fill model and that it is inexpensive. Just make sure you don’t fill it to the top and leave an inch or so breathing room so it doesn’t spill. If your kitchen is modern and contemporary, this soap dispenser may be for you.

Progressive International Acrylic Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser has the added benefit of dispensing body lotions as well as soap. Constructed of both acrylic and stainless steel, this dispenser has a rubber base that is non-skid, so it’ll stay in place. Its extra long sprout is convenient for lathering brushes or pumping directly into the sink. Customers enjoy that it’s clear plastic, which allows full view of soap level. Its pumping action is also smooth, so you don’t have to worry about clogging. The only potential drawback to this soap dispenser is there aren’t a variety of colors to choose from.

Forma Soap Dispenser

Constructed of durable stainless steel, this soap dispenser is rust-resistant. It has a clear, plastic pump, which allows you to chose the color of the soap to match your décor. Whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, this soap dispenser works wherever is convenient for you. Customers noted this soap dispenser is easy to fill and love that it’s clear so you can see the soap level. There were also no issues with clogging, and it looks great in your kitchen or room wherever it’s needed. The only potential drawback to this soap dispenser is that it may have problems with rust.

Cameo Lotion Dispenser / Liquid Soap Pump

With an elegant bronze finish, this finely crafted soap dispenser will dispense the right amount of liquid for you. It has a unique look and will fit well with interiors that are similar in style. It contains a non-skid foam base, allowing you to easily dispense liquid without the worry of it sliding. Customers love that these are made of thick metal, are sturdy, and perfectly match the oil rubbed bronze faucets common in some interiors.

KitchenAid Liquid Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser is easy to use with its soft, oversized pump. It includes a soft, non-slip base to allow you to focus on dispensing liquid without worries. You can easily use this dispenser with liquid dish soap or hand soap. Customers love the high capacity of this dispenser and note that it’s very well made. It easily dispenses a large amount in one pump.

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