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Best Locking Guitar Tuner

There’s no way around it, you’ve got to keep your guitar in tune if you want to play it. The locking tuner presents an ideal way to achieve this task, as the tuning pegs use a screw/retaining configuration so that there is minimal movement of the strings on your axe. In turn, they are less likely to go out of tune. Here are the best guitar locking tuners, with each of our selections available in different finishes/colors to match your axe, are designed to offer firm stability to prevent the guitar from going out of tune, and can be used with very little preparation or experience.

Grover Locking Rotomatic Guitar Tuners

For guitarists looking for stable and reliable locking guitar tuners, Grover is an industry standard. The company has a new addition to their line of products with the roto-grip locking rotomatic 502 series. These tuners incorporate the standard design of the Grover line with a thumb screw mechanism that makes changing strings quick and easy. Available in chrome, black chrome, and gold, the 502s give players the ability to just run the string through the hole, wrap around once, and then lock by tightening the thumb screw. Now you can get in tune and stay in tune.

Sperzel 6 In-Line Locking Tuners

Quick, you’ve broken a string in the middle of a gig and need to replace it ASAP! Having a good set of guitar locking tuners will help you get in and out, and that’s exactly what Sperzel had in mind when they made their 6 in-line locking tuners. There’s no need to clip the ends of your guitar strings thanks to their design, and they are able to help keep your guitar firmly in tune. Because of the sturdy housing in these tuners, you’ll also have the stability you need to play with peace of mind. Sperzel models are all easily reversible, meaning that left-handed or custom guitar players can get in on the action, too. There are also a variety of button shapes and finishes to choose from, so your tuners can match the look and style of whatever guitar you connect them to.

Gotoh Locking Tuners

Because of their less intrusive nature in build and design, Gotoh locking tuners have become a favorite in the industry, particularly with vintage guitars that need the extra care and support that the product has been known to offer. That distinction is fitting, considering the company first began in 1950 as a manufacturer of violin strings. It was only later that they began shifting gears to cover electric guitar parts, including bridges and tuners. The design of their locking tuners makes them compatible with most modern tuner opening. Installing these will be a quick and easy feat. Matching gold bushings hold the tuners in place and maintain a firm grip for your tuners.

Fender Schaller Locking Tuners

If you’ve ever held a Fender American Deluxe Series Stratocaster in your hands and admired the smooth and firm feel of its guitar tuners, then you already know what’s so great about the Fender Schaller series. Although these come stocked on the aforementioned model, they are now also sold separately. Tune on the fly with a locking system that’s firm yet isn’t prohibitive to making adjustments. The brushed finish on these tuners also gives them a sophisticated look that adds to the overall aesthetic of the product. Installation is quick and easy, and their performance will keep you in tune without any problem.

Kluson Keystone Locking Tuning Machines

Kluson Keystone’s locking guitar tuners offer the versatility for guitarists of all types. Their various styles are suited for both 3-per-side tuner configurations (i.e. Gibson Les Paul) as well as for Fender configurations that have all six tuners on one side. The stability and smoothness when running your strings through these is noticeable; if you use a whammy bar, you’ll especially be able to appreciate the stability and the end result of your guitar staying in tune longer. These tuners are also available in gold, black, or chrome, giving you a variety of styles to choose from when setting them up on your guitar.

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