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Best Meat Thermometer

No matter if you’re just starting to cook or a seasoned professional, a meat thermometer can take your cooking to culinary greatness. The ability to accurately know the temperature of your meat is a huge plus in getting that perfect meal every time. It can also keep you safe as well because undercooking of meat and seafood can lead to serious food borne illnesses.

There are a few thermometers to gauge the temperature of your food. The probe type is left in your meat and the temperature is recorded to a separate device, the instant read which is the common spike you see in most kitchens and lastly the infrared which uses an infrared laser to gauge temperature.

For our list of best meat thermometers, we’re going to focus on instant reads for their versatility; probes being pretty specialized to mainly low and slow cooking and infrared is handy for surface temperature only. We also took a look at how easy the temperature gauge is to read because what’s the point of using a cooking thermometer if you can't tell what it says? Finally we took into consideration if the gauge was waterproof and easy to clean because the last thing you want is your thermometer transferring food borne contaminants.

CDN ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer DTQ450X

The good people at CDN knew exactly what you wanted in a meat thermometer, providing a combination of style and usability with the Proaccurate. With a digital read out dial that gauges temperature from -40 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s just as at home in the freezer as it is on the grill. The thin probe allows you to check your food temps on even the thinnest cuts of meat and a six second response time let’s you know if you’re rare or medium. It’s waterproof, shatter proof and can be re-calibrated to make sure your readings are accurate.

Maverick Redi-Fork Pro Rapid-Read Electronic Food Probe Thermometer ET-64

If you like options take a look at the Redi-Fork, a combination instant read and probe for your cooking needs. Maverick takes the dual prong approach to make sure your food temperature is as accurate as possible with a large, easy to read lcd screen. You can set timers, alerts for when food hits certain temperatures and it automatically come on once your food hits 115 degrees Fahrenheit so no more watching your foods every move. The dual prongs are made of easy to clean stainless steel so E.coli concerns and over done food are a thing of the past.

Taylor Pocket Commercial Digital Meat Thermometer

The Taylor commercial is the work horse of kitchens across America. It's not only extremely accurate, the no frills approach makes it a favorite of chefs around the country. The single stainless steel probe is extra thin to produce smaller punctures on your meat and still give you temperature read outs from -40 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in quick, one second intervals. You can re calibrate the gauge and the 5 inch long thermometer comes with an anti-microbial plastic sheath to help keep your food safe from food borne bacteria.

Brinkmann Digitial Thermometer with 2 3/4 In. Probe 812-9075-S

When you want quality without spending a ton, Brinkmann is there for you. Offering some of the best values in the grilling market, their digital thermometer is no different. Sporting an easy to clean, stainless steel probe and a digital readout, overcooking your food is a thing of the past. The gauge checks temperatures from -59 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit will make sure your food is cooked right. This thermometer comes with a handy plastic cover to help keep it clean between cooking sessions.

Home Complete Digital Fork Meat Thermometer

Home Complete bring to you their digital fork meat thermometer. The duel prong stainless steel fork offers one wipe cleaning and guaranteed never to rust. Don't know what temperature med-rare is on a steak? With this easy to use thermometer, confusion is a thing of the past. The LCD read out provides the temperature, lets you set your meat type and tells you in words if it is rare to well done. With the Home Complete digital fork thermometer, there’s a few less things you need to know to take your outdoor grilling experience to the next level.

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