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Best Briefcase

There is nothing like being the talk of the office. And what better way to turn heads then to carry a stylish new leather briefcase to your next meeting. Not only are leather briefcases durable, they exude classic, contemporary style. The best briefcase for today's busy professional will be large enough to carry the average sized laptop, durable enough to withstand frequent use, and have the compartments to transport the items needed most. Although these are the most important features to look for, you should also consider the durability of the buckles and clasps that will secure your valuables and the handles and straps you will use to carry the briefcase. If you are looking for the best leather briefcase, then prepare to spend a pretty penny. Leather has never been considered a cheap material. However, the briefcases chosen for this list made the cut due to their quality and durability. So, you will never regret the investment made.

Tumi Alpha Slim Deluxe Leather Briefcase

There is no denying the fact that TUMI is a brand that is synonymous with quality and style. Apart of TUMI's popular Alpha collection, this leather briefcase lives up to its name. So, it should come as no surprise that this briefcase landed our top spot. Created to hold most 17" laptops, this sporty but stylish briefcase is perfect for the professional on the go. Thanks to the zip pockets, open pockets, and accessories pouch you will find it easy to organize and transport everything you need during your workday. The removable shoulder strap is padded for additional comfort. Plus, front zippered pockets grant you easy access to items such as cell phones, keys, or glasses. And, the add-a-bag sleeve will let you attach this briefcase to the handle of most rolling bags. Although the TUMI briefcase is designed with quality leather, this briefcase has a sporty design that is sure to appeal to young professionals. The only drawback to this briefcase is the price. While it is true that finding a better quality briefcase will be no easy task, you will definitely pay top dollar. Still, you get what you pay for, and you are definitely getting the best.

Piel Leather European Briefcase

Created with top grain cowhide leather, the Piel briefcase is a throwback to traditional style. It has a soft luxurious feel that you will enjoy. You will find that you can fit the average sized laptop inside the main compartment of this briefcase. This compartment is padded for added protection. However, it's not recommended for laptops greater than 15". Plus additional compartments are designed for files and folders. Additional zipper pockets are great for transporting smaller items, and a vertical pocket that is perfect for quick access needs for items like cell phones or glasses. And, it has both a shoulder strap and handle giving you options in how you wish to carry. This is a quality briefcase. Still, the best feature would have to be the style. The Piel briefcase has a look that's right of the early 1920's that is just gorgeous. This briefcase will cost around $200, which is not bad for top quality leather. And, it's worth definitely worth it.

McKlein River North Briefcase 43555

Ok, this briefcase is another beauty. Created with cashmere Napa leather, you will love the feel of this briefcase almost as much as you will love being seen with it. The secure key lock feature gives the briefcase a touch of style that's offset by its contemporary design. The McKlein briefcase has a triple compartment inner design that allows you to transport laptops and important files and folders. It has a middle compartment that is padded with high density foam for laptops. And you will be happy to learn that you can fit most 17" laptops inside the McKlein briefcase. Plus, the shoulder strap is nonstick and shock absorbent for comfort. This is a great option for those with large laptops or anyone who is fan of smooth style. This briefcase will cost you at least $130; but you will not be sorry.

Aston Leather Oversized Briefcase 215BC

Narrowing it down to the 5 best briefcases was tough, and there was one key feature that allowed this briefcase to land a spot on our list. Since it's created with steer hide leather, this briefcase is both water and scratch resistant. When coupled with handles that area attached to steel metal and flex board with sponge between the leather layers, you get a briefcase that is built to last. The Aston briefcase will hold most 15" laptops. The shoulder strap is detachable with padding for comfort. The major drawback to this briefcase is the size. You should be prepared. This briefcase is a bit on the heavy side. So, if you are small in stature or spend lots of time standing in long lines with your briefcase, you may want to opt for something lighter. And, since this briefcase is only offered in brown and tan, you may long for more color options. Still this is a durable briefcase that you will be happy you purchased.

Samsonite Flapover Leather Portfolio

The Samsonite leather briefcase features a smooth top grain leather exterior. It has a padded removable computer sleeve. So, you can transport your laptop, if you'd like; or, easily remove for additional space when transporting large files, books, etc. You should know that this briefcase is not design to transport laptops greater than 15.4", so be sure your laptop will fit ahead of time. Aside from the padded interior, this briefcase is full lined for added protection. Plus, it has an adjustable, ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort during your transport. This briefcase has a classic look and feel that is sure to impress. You will spend around $200 for the Samsonite briefcase. However for top grain leather this is a bargain.

Zero Halliburton 4" Premier Silver Attache

Ok, there are spies and then there is Bond, James Bond. Well, think of the Halliburton briefcase as the James Bond of metal briefcases. Stainless steel hardware and extra strength hinges give this briefcase strength and durability. Created with heat tempered, anodized aluminum, the Halliburton briefcase can withstand frequent pounding of pulling. The sleek handle is sculpted for a comfortable fit. And, the durable and sophisticated leather interior is stylish with numerous pockets for superior organization. Now, it's not stated, but you should be able to transport the average laptop in this briefcase. However, this is up to 17," for anything larger you may want to confirm, before purchasing. Still, the coolest feature would have to be the console combination lock and latch system. Yet, the most coveted feature is the lifetime warranty. Understand that the Halliburton Premier line is one of the most expensive set of briefcases on the market. So, be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars. But, for style that is second to none, there is no substitute.

Samsonite Aluminum Attache

For, those seeking top notch style without the "Halliburton" price tag, consider the Samsonite Aluminum briefcase. Created with aluminum, this briefcase has a dark finish that's both stylish and sophisticated. This briefcase can transport most 17" laptops. Plus, it's equipped a restraint strap and padded adjustable bars to ensure that your laptop stay securely in place. And, the Samsonite briefcase has a fully lined interior for added protection of your valuables. The various sized pockets allow you to keep smaller items organized and provide quick access to important items such as cell phones, badges, or ink pens. The reinforced handle is designed for comfort. Designed with a secure combination lock closure, you are given added protection. The Samsonite briefcase comes with a 3 year warranty. And, if you are still not convinced, you should know that this briefcase can be yours for under $200.

Bond Street Aluminum Computer Attache

The brushed aluminum finish makes this briefcase a beauty. The Bond Street aluminum briefcase has the ability to transport a laptop up with a screen of up to 17 inches. Plus, there is a strap that will allow your laptop to stay safely in place. The numerous internal pockets give you the ability to keep everything organized. And, there are additional file folder compartments. So, you can easily transport everything you need for your next meeting. This briefcase has a combination lock system that is easy to set. The Bond Street briefcase comes standard with a 1 year warranty. This briefcase will cost you around $100. However, it's ability to set you apart from your peers, priceless.

Solo 17" Aluminum Laptop Attache

Similar to the other briefcases on our list, the SOLO briefcase will easily fit most 17" laptops. Plus, the laptop compartment features removable padding to give you added protection or addition space, depending on your needs. For ease of transport, the SOLO briefcase features adjustable and removable shoulder straps. However, the carrying handle has a sleek design for comfort. There are numerous pockets for organization, with a removable zippered pouch, which is great for your laptop power cord. The dual combination lock system gives added security. Sure, it does not have the flash of our top picks. Still, the SOLO briefcase is practical and affordable. It may not be 007, but it will effectively get the job done.

Shoptronics Aluminum Laptop Travel Executive Attache

This is a sensible, no-frills, briefcase that is similar to our 4thpick. Padded spacers allow you to safely transport a laptop of up to 15." Yet, these spacers are removable for additional space if needed. And, the Velcro restraint strap keeps your laptop securely in its place. Durable aluminum construction, metal corner guard protection, and the sturdy handle allow this briefcase to withstand daily or frequent use. The best feature of this briefcase is its price. For under $50, you can get a durable briefcase that will last, making this a perfect purchase for young adults.

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