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Best Pedal Exerciser

Pedal exercisers as a whole don’t seem like much but they may be one of the most important cardio machines out there. One may question what could be so important about a machine which is basically a pair of bike pedals. However, it serves two important purposes as a machine for both rehabilitation as well as calorie burning.

Pedal exercisers are especially important because they can serve as cardio machine for paraplegics as they are small and can easily sit on a table. A lot more than meets the eye goes into these exercisers which is why choosing the best is a difficult task. These best pedal exercisers were chosen because of their quality materials and manufacturing, quiet and dependable resistance, and compact size for table top and floor use as well as easy storage.

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

Desk Cycle is one of the most highly touted pedal exercisers out there because it’s perfect in almost every way. The compact design and lightweight frame makes it perfect to fit underneath your desk to exercise while you work or on the table for an upper body workout. The Desk Cycle has the lowest pedal height available on the market which makes it more versatile for individuals of all heights. The Desk Cycle is also designed for maintenance free longevity with high quality steel parts and hard plastic casing which protect the components.

Desk Cycle offers eight levels of smooth, magnetic resistance which is so quiet it won’t interrupt your work or individuals around you. This device has a rather simple console with a twist; while it’s a single screen with few buttons which display only the most important information, it can be mounted on the device or displayed on your desk with additional equipment.

Isokinetics Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

This machine is one of the largest of the pedal exercisers which has its advantages and disadvantages. It may not work for every desk but it’s also heavier which makes it harder to tip. A combination of steel innards, powder coated steel feet, rubber, and high grade plastics make this machine solid and durable.

The feet of this machine are adjustable between 16 and 21 inches to better accommodate multiple user sizes. It relies on a sliding grade adjustable magnetic resistance which is smooth and quiet. Like most other pedal exercisers this pedal excerciser comes with a simple console which tracks your key information and shows them in on an alternating LCD screen.

Stamina In-Stride Total Body Cycle

Stamina has carved out a niche in the fitness industry by offering well-made, budget minded equipment like this one. The device is lightweight and easy to move yet is very durable thanks to high grade aluminum parts, soft polymers, and a hard plastic casing. The feet on this device are pretty special because they’re designed to comfortable support the feet while being thin enough for a comfortable grip when using it for upper body movements.

This device uses adjustable tension resistance which offers a deeper and more controlled resistance than magnetic-based pedal exercisers. The built-in console offers single button accessibility, displaying only your most important data and is protected from accidentally being kicked or knocked off the device.

InStride 0125 Folding Cycle...

The versatile folding cycle by Stamina folds up for easy storage and transportation and is made almost exclusively of durable, long-lasting steel which makes it perfect for whatever conditions you use it in. The pedals on this device are designed for both upper and lower body workouts with enough width for comfortable foot placement but thin enough for a comfortable grip.

This machine uses adjustable tension resistance which offers a deeper, more controlled workout than magnetic resistance and is almost as quiet. This machine also comes with a standard, single button console which displays all your information during your workout.

Footsmart Electronic Pedaler

The Foot Smart Electronic Pedaler is designed for rehabilitation but perfect for almost every exercise situation. Most of this machine is covered by a hard plastic exterior but the feet are made of durable powder coated steel with non-slip rubber footing. The pedals are definitely meant for your feet but can still be easily gripped for upper body movement. Unlike other devices which use tension or magnetic resistance, this device assists in pedaling with electronically adjustable rotations per minute which keeps you at a steady pace and your heart rate up.

The RPMs can be adjusted between 40 and 100 per minute and this pedaler will run for 15 minutes on its own making it perfect for those with little to no control over their limbs. Since there’s no traditional resistance you don’t need to worry about this machine getting being too noisy no matter what environment you’re in. The machine comes with a simple, screen with single button access to display your need to know information along with a connected controller for controlling the RPMs.

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