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Best Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampolines, or rebounders, have gotten a bad reputation as a cheesy piece of equipment used in lame 80’s exercise videos. But the fact is they are an excellent piece of equipment that can offer a crazy cardio workout. Rebounders are actually making a comeback in the fitness industry and a lot of clubs are now offering rebounding classes. The trampolines on this list are widely considered the best in the industry. They are mostly portable, quiet, and offer a superior bounce to other rebounders on the market.

Needak Mini-Trampoline Rebounder-R02

The name Needak is synonymous with high end rebounders. They use doubled music wire springs for an awesome bounce. The only problem with metal springs is that they can get a little squeaky some times. The Needak rebounder offers plenty of clearance underneath and they come in soft bounce and hard bounce versions to support users up to 600 pounds. There is a safety covering over the springs to prevent injury. Needak offers a non-foldable version which is great for a home gym and a half fold version which makes it easier to transport or store.

Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline Workout System

Urban Rebounder combines elements of a top-of-the-line trampoline with some measures that help to lower the cost, making it much more affordable. The mat is high quality and the springs are thick and tight, however there could be a few more springs. This rebounder offers a few perks like exercise DVDs and a stabilizing bar, which is great for beginners while adding an extra element for more advanced exercisers as well. This model also folds for easy storage and transportation so you can exercise anywhere.

Bellicon Premium Rebounder

With so many available combinations, it's hard to describe in detail what makes the Bellicon Premium Rebounder so great. Every part of this rebounder is customizable from the frame size to the leg style, even down to the color of the bungees and mat. The parts used in these trampolines are of very high quality. However, this level of quality and customizability comes with a hefty premium, as these can run you the same amount as a decent treadmill.

Tri-Fold Cellerciser

The Cellerciser is the perfect rebounder for those who never work out in the same place twice. It's constructed with high quality durable parts. The frame, in addition to the springs, flexes for a great bounce. The special springs adjust to the weight and jump style of the user. They are not the quietest, but that's easy to look past. What really makes this rebounder special is its portability. The Tri-fold does exactly what it says &ndash folds three times to fit into an easy carrying case. All of the parts of this rebounder are weather resistant so it can be used, or even left, outside. The Cellersizer measures 40 inches in diameter and has clearance underneath.

ReboundAir Standard Rebounder Mini Trampoline Rebound

ReboundAir is another widely popular home quality mini trampoline. Even though it's meant for home use, it offers industry leading durability and safety. Their claim to fame is monster springs that offer a great bounce while providing a certain amount of stability to the trampoline. Metal springs are not the quietest, but these extra thick springs do keep the noise down. This trampoline supports users up to 300 pounds and is sold in multiple folding options for easy storage.

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