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Best Money Belt

Tourists are often the targets of skilled pickpockets. If you’re traveling to a new area and want to be sure to keep your money and valuables safe, a money belt is a good investment. A money belt can be a pouch worn at the waist that holds documents, credit cards and money, or can be a literal belt that conceals cash with a zipper pocket. The best money belts are discreet and easy to remove quickly, when you need to access the money. They are slim, undetectable to thieves and will give you peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation.

Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt

Eagle Creek’s Money Belt will surely fool all the pickpockets. All of your currency is hidden inside a normal looking belt. This discreet belt can conceal a whole lot of cash with a smart zippered pocket opening. It looks just like a regular sporty belt and doesn’t look bulky even when stuffed full. The All Terrain Money Belt is made of tough nylon that will last for years. It is also one size fits all – you can easily cut off the excess material to make it fit your waist perfectly. This belt is unisex and available in a variety of colors to match your outfit.

PacSafe CoverSafe Waist Wallet

The PacSafe CoverSafe Waist Wallet is a great money belt that is worn under pants for the ultimate protection against thieves. It’s solidly constructed of thick nylon that will last for years and is also comfortable to wear on long trips. The belt also features a removable water-resistant liner, which is great for trips to rainy climates. It has 2 zippers, made to carry cash, cards, passports and travel tickets in one small place. The waistband is wire reinforced, making it hard for someone to cut it off. It fits waist sizes 28-46 inches. The belt is available in both black and tan.

Orvis Bison Money Belt

The Bison Money Belt from Orvis is a dressier money belt option. It is also a well constructed, unique design that is meant to last you for many years and many trips. It appears to be a regular men’s leather belt but it has a secret zippered opening, designed to keep your currency unnoticed. The heavy leather helps conceal money better than flimsier versions. The belt is available in brown leather and comes in men’s sizes 30-44. It is recommended to order this belt one size larger than your usual size, since the cash can add a little extra bulk to your waist.

Rick Steves Silk Money Belt

Rick Steves is the popular host of the public television series, Rick Steves Europe and author of many travel books. This money belt is from his well-liked travel accessory collection. Countless reviewers praise this simple belt for its practicality and security during their travels. It is thin and fits easily under the pants or at the waist. It is invisible under clothing and provides the ultimate protection against pickpockets. The belt is made of silk and is comfortable and won’t be hot in warmer climates.

Eagle Creek Under Cover Silk Money Belt

The Under Cover Silk Money Belt is a perfect belt to conceal cash, cards and other documents such as plane tickets and a passport. It fits slim under clothing and can be worn under pants or a shirt at the waist. It is made of silk and very comfortable against the skin. It has a soft elastic waistband that won't cut into the skin or irritate. It is great for long travels and makes your cash and documents easily accessible. This Under Cover belt has a main zippered compartment as well as a mesh organizational pocket for small goods.

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