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Best Moses Basket

Moses baskets are lightweight, portable beds designed for use in an infant’s first few months of life. They offer a more compact space for baby to sleep in which creates a cozier environment that more closely replicates the womb than a crib does, potentially helping your baby sleep more soundly. Since they’re smaller than a pack and play, Moses baskets are more convenient to carry from room to room as well as travel with. The Moses baskets featured on this list were selected because they are made with super soft, comfortable fabrics which are also machine washable, they stand alone, meaning they don't need an additional stand to support them when they’re put down, and these baskets are all designed with handles that allow for safe, easy transportation.

Stephan Baby Moses Basket

The Stephen Baby Moses Basket will provide your little one with a comfortable place to snuggle and sleep. This stand-alone basket features a firm, supportive bottom when it’s set down and the cotton fabric used throughout the basket is super soft to provide baby with a comfy and cozy environment. The hood provides additional shelter and warmth for baby and it features a star-shaped mobile that plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. The hood can also be removed for those times when you want a clear view of baby. This basket also features a ruffled cover which will keep baby extra cozy, and conveniently doubles as a changing pad. The cover and the bottom layer are removable and machine washable as well. You'll also love the large padded handles, which make for easy transportation. This Moses basket comes in a sweet polka dot pattern and you can choose either blue or pink fabric.

Badger Basket Natural Hooded Moses Basket

The Badger Basket Natural Hooded Moses Basket comes complete with a foam mattress pad, fitted sheet, and a removable, machine-washable basket liner. The hood adds to the beauty of this basket and provides extra shade and protection from drafts. Because the hood attaches with Velcro, it can easily be removed when necessary. Constructed of durable maize husk, the baskets stand-alone bottom will allow you to safely set this Moses basket down on any sturdy surface while the large handles make carrying the basket a breeze. Bedding for this basket is available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your individuals preferences.

Baby Doll Bedding Sheepskin Moses Basket

Your little one will feel safe and secure in the warmth that the Baby Doll Moses Basket provides. This Moses basket is made of imitation wicker and comes with a plush mattress, a waffle weave bumper, and a fitted sheet. All of the fabrics are machine washable which makes it easy to keep the basket clean, sanitary, and looking beautiful. The large handles makes it easy to transport this basket from room to room, and you’ll be able to easily set it down on the floor of any space you bring the basket, thanks to the flat, sturdy bottom. There are decorative waffle weave bows located on the bumper and positioned underneath the handles which add to the sweetness of this beautiful Moses basket.

Trend Lab Moses Basket Set Tulip Print

The Trend Lab Moses basket is constructed of natural maize and comes with a mattress as well as the machine washable bumper and fitted sheet. Thanks to the handles and the flat, sturdy bottom, you can easily transport this basket and know that your baby is comfortably resting in the basket. However, this particular basket really stands out for the variety of sweet and bold designs it’s available in. For example, you have the Max pattern, which features sky blue and chocolate brown striped and polka dot pattern or maybe you’re partial to the Maya pattern, offering a bubblegum pink and chocolate brown striped and polka dot pattern. With additional striking designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect visual match for you and your child.

Serena & Lily Sausalito Moses Basket

The design of the Serena & Lily Sausalito Moses Basket was inspired by the sail bags used on the Sausalito Bay which happens to be where the manufacturers design studio is located. This basket comes with its own mattress and fitted sheet as well as being made entirely of cotton canvas, making it one of the softest Moses baskets (both inside and out) on the market. This pick has a classic, traditional look to it and is well-suited for boys and girls alike. Because of its classic design, this Moses basket can easily double as a portable toy basket once your baby has outgrown it. You can choose from pink, blue, or green color accents.

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