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Best Mouse Poison

Pesky mice often need to be removed from the house, home and surrounding areas. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to know and choose what product is best for your space. Poisons work especially well when mice become trap wary and refuse to go into a trap. At times like these, there may be no alternative than to employ a poison to eliminate mouse infestation.

Modern poison formulas are based on either anticoagulant properties or disruption of the nervous system. Anticoagulants cause internal bleeding, and ingested, the mouse goes into shock from loss of blood, feels no pain and succumbs. Nervous system disrupters interfere with the the basic electronic controls of life. When the nervous system shuts down, so does the mouse. Care must be taken to hide the poison so that children, pets, and other wildlife don't consume it, and never distribute mouse poison unless you are wearing gloves.

The poisons on this list were chosen because they are the most effective, easy to use, and affordable. Bait packs top the list because they keep the poison contained until eaten. That means safety first for children and pets alike.

Havoc Di-Kill Pellets 373421

The most modern and up-to-date anticoagulant poison made is the highly effective difenacoum Havoc Di-Kill Pelleted Products. These pellets are distributed in a small pouch that mice will gnaw through to get at, and they will succumb with only one feeding, or less. The pouches are fully labeled for safety, and they are difficult to open for kids and pets alike. Always conceal them in out-of-the-way places that are on known mouse runs for maximum safety. They respond well to Vitamin K as an antidote and the pouches can be used indoors or out.

Tomcat Mouse Killer Mouse Disposable - Kid & Dog Resistant

If you are looking for the safest poison and delivery system, the Tomcat Mouse Killer Mouse Disposable - Kid & Dog Resistant is the one for you. The poison is made of bromethalin which effectively poisons and disrupts the nervous system on mice. It comes in a tamper proof bait station that is resistant to both kids and pets. The clear lid allows you to see if the bait has been eaten, and when it is gone, simply dispose of the bait station. There is no known antidote for bromethalin, which is why it does not make it to the top here, but in reality, its effectiveness is second to none.

d-Con Bait Pellet Place Packs

From a name you know and trust, d-Con Bait Pellet Place Packs will do the job in as safe and as humane way as possible. Made with the anticoagulant brodifacoum, it uses Vitamin K as an antidote, and comes in a package for maximum safety. Mice gnaw through the package to get at the bait, and although well marked as a mouse poison, always place packages in a hidden place along known mouse runs for maximum effectiveness and safety. These are one of the more expensive types on this list, but the anticoagulant has been proven to be effective after one feeding, and the small size packets make them easy to distribute behind appliances or between walls.

J.T. Eaton Peanut Butter Bait Block Rodenticide

Sometimes the smell is what gets the mouse to take the bait, and the J.T. Eaton Peanut Butter Bait Block Rodenticide smells like the best mouse bait in the world. Made of diphenadione, this anticoagulant responds to Vitamin K as an antidote, yet it will kill a mouse in one feeding. It comes in easy to use bait blocks that are small enough to place behind appliances or into spaces where mice may hide. You can get optional bait stations that will fully conceal the blocks for maximum safety, and always place either the blocks or the bait stations on or near known mouse runs for effectiveness.

Victor Fast-Kill Brand Disposable Bait Stations

For a poison in an easy to use and disposable, the Victor Fast-Kill Brand Disposable Bait Stations is the simplest to use on this list. The active ingredient is made of bromethalin, which disrupts the nervous system in a mouse. Although the bait is concealed within the bait station, it is not tamper proof, and caution must be used to conceal or hide this poison because it has no known antidote. Made with bakery grade ingredients to make the bait more attractive to mice, one feeding is all it takes. Poisons made of bromethalin are the most effective types in use, but extreme caution must be exercised when using this type of bait.

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