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Best Mouth Guard

A good mouth guard can be the difference between well-protected teeth and a broken jaw. Mouth guard technology has improved so much over the years and they can be tailor-fit to any mouth. Choosing a proper mouth guard should be as important to you as choosing any other safety device and should be specific to the type of play you intend to engage in as some offer more protection than others.

There are three basic types of mouth guards:
- Stock mouth guards: you can find these in any sporting goods store, are inexpensive, and, as such, provide the least amount of protection.
- Boil and Bite mouth guards: also in sporting goods stores, a little more expensive, but can be fit to your teeth. Because of this, the protection is substantially greater.
- Custom-fit mouth guards: made at any dental office by using an impression to your teeth and making one only that can fit snugly to your mold. This is the best and most expensive type of guard you can buy.

No matter what guard you have, the brand you choose will have bearing on the quality of the protection. Here are a few.

Shock Doctor Mouth Guards

The Shock Doctor is in and offers unparalleled variety combined with protection and performance used by a growing number from athletes around the world. Shock Doctor has invested all of its time and energy on perfecting and improving upon existing mouth guard technology. Some brilliant innovations include Insta-Fit (designed to fit over braces), Shock Transfer Core (that redirects impacts away from the front teeth), and Gel-Fit Liner (makes an exact impression of your teeth). The prices are not only manageable for any pocket book ($10 - $25) but these Boil and Bite guard will give you the comfort that your mouth will be safe from any hit.

 Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guards

Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guards

The Rolex of mouth guards. This brand, endorsed by well-known athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and Terrell Owens, offers a wide selection of guards designed for any sport. It is the choice of many professional athletes as they can be custom molded to naturally align the jaw and allow uninhibited oxygen flow. These are the top-of-the-line guards that are on the high price range ($600-$2250) but provide some of the best protection you can find for your mouth. If you're looking at one of these, plan ahead as you'll to find a licensed Pure Power Mouth Guard specialist to order one.

Brain Pad Athletic Mouth guards

Brain Pad is Shock Doctor’s main competition in the mouth guard world. They have patented and field-tested technology proven to reduce concussions by stabilizing the lower jaw upon impact. Most mouth guards only offer upper or lower teeth protection, their dual-arch technology give you protection like no other. Brain Pad also offers an alternative for people with smaller mouths and women’s styles. The cost is comparable to Shock Doctor ($7 - $30) but the choices are a little more limited. This is the main reason why it’s dropped to third but you can’t go wrong with either one.

Adam's Mouth Guards

Adam's is one of the most wide-spread brands of Boil and Bite mouth guards you can find. This is a high quality, low price alternative ($1 - $60) to the one’s previous mentioned. They are your basic mouth guard that will give you what you basic protection but not much else. They come in a HUGE variety of styles, colors, and sizes that cover every sport imaginable. There is nothing to complain about Adam’s brand but not too much to write home about either.

Mueller Mouth Guards

Mueller is the most basic guard you can find. They fall under the Boil and Bite mouth guard style and come in a large selection of colors. They are latex-free for those with an allergy. The mouth guard can come with or without a strap to attach to a helmet. Mueller brand only comes in one basic style at a price range of $2 to $13 but they do have a higher level ShockGuard ($13) version that comes with a $9600 Dental Warranty.

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