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Best Muffin Pan

If you're craving homemade muffins or cupcakes you'll need a muffin pan. These pans contain a series of cups that cook up a batch of hand-held treats. Though many people use baking cups to allow these tiny cakes to slip right out of the pan, the pans on this list are made so you can bake cup cakes or muffins without a paper or foil lining. The five pans on this list are also made from high quality materials that heat up evenly so there won't be burned or raw spots on your baked goods. The final quality we looked for in a muffin pan was the ability to make out-of-the ordinary cup cakes or muffins that are absolutely delicious.

Wilton Two-Tone Cupcake Pan Set

The winner for the best muffin pan is the Wilton Two-Tone Cupcake Pan Set. This pan is made from a high-quality steel that is coated with a slippery non-stick coating. The steel heats quickly and easily and the coating allows finished cakes to lift easily out of the pan. What makes this set special is that it also comes with an insert that you can place in the tray while you're pouring out the batter. This way, you can make two-flavored muffins or cupcakes for endless variation. This insert makes it easy to make multi-flavored and multi-colored treats, but it needs to be removed from the pan before you put it in the oven.

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Filled Cupcakes Pan

The Nordic Ware Pro Cast Filled Cupcakes Pan is one of our favorites. The steel in the pan heats up and cools down quickly which makes cakes cook evenly. The non-stick coating allows baked goods to slip easily out of the tray when they're finished without the need for any extra oil or a baking cup. What makes this pan special is that it's molded so that cakes come out with hollow centers. This makes it possible to make cupcakes that are stuffed with frosting and muffins that are stuffed with fresh fruit compote, making a special treat even more delicious.

USA Pans Crown Muffin Pan

For delicious muffins with extra wide muffin tops, the pan of choice is the USA Pans Crown Muffin Pan. Made from aluminized steel with a corrugated texture, this pan cooks cupcakes and muffins much faster than the competition. The sides of the pan are also reinforced with steel wires, making this an incredibly durable piece of bakeware. The entire pan is also coated with a light-colored silicone-based coating that creates a superior non-stick surface. USA Pans also makes muffin pans for extra-large Texas muffins, cupcakes with swirled or fluted sides, and half-sized cupcakes.

Lodge StraightSided Muffin Pan

The Lodge Muffin Pan is a traditional cast iron pan that gives baked goods a beautiful golden-brown crust. Since this pan is cast iron, it isn't non-stick, and it can take a year or so before baked goods will slide easily out of the pan. Until then, you'll want to oil the cups before pouring the batter in. Though a cast iron muffin pan is a little more work than a non-stick pan, it does create some of the most delicious cup cakes and corn bread muffins around. These pans also get better with age, and many people pass down their used cast iron to children and grandchildren.

Wilton Perfect Results 12 Cavity Muffin Tops Pan

Everybody knows that the best part of the muffin is the muffin top, which is why Wilton made the Perfect Results 12 Cavity Muffin Tops Pan. This pan has a dozen shallow cups that create perfect muffin tops without any of the muffin stump. The pan is made from heavy-gauge steel that heats evenly and doesn't warp. The outside of the pan is covered with a non-stick coating that cleans up easily. It also has wide handles that make it easy to move the tray in and out of the oven.

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