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Best Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish removers are an inexpensive and effective beauty must-have, but stop and consider the specific product formula you’ll need before making a purchase. Those of you with acrylic nails are going to need a powerful formula to power through their powerful bonding solutions. Then there’s those of you who practically faint at the idea of smelling harsh chemical formulas, yet need polish changes often.

The best nail polish removers are absolutely incredible and are designed to power through thick and tough nail colors (Especially dark and/or sparkly polishes.) These picks top their product class because they have reduced chemicals (Or none at all) yet lose none of their effectiveness. The main criterion for why they’ve been chosen is because even with regular application they won’t dry out or damage nails or cuticles.

A good piece of is advice is to be sure to follow up on a polish removal with a thorough washing with a non-drying hand soap (Glycerin is good option because it leaves fewer residues.) You’ll have a fresh, clean canvas to create beautiful nail art.

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover

If you don’t do your nails as often as you’d like because of harsh nail polish removers, then you’ll love Zoya Remove Plus. Other nail polish removers can break down the nail causing them to become dry, damaged and even brittle, especially bad for individuals with naturally weak nails. Use Zoya and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your nail's health. This product uses a gentle acetone which contains significantly less chemicals and drying agents as other options. This is a top rated "Best of Beauty Award" winner for 2010-2012 and also a featured product in Allure magazine. This great smelling beauty product truly deserves its top spot.

Karma Organic Spa Unscented Nail Polish Remover With Vitamin E Oil

If you’re sensitive, allergy prone or simply not fond of the formulas you’ve used in the past, give this amazing soy-based product a try. This remover from Karmic Organic Spa is all-natural for those of you who absolutely cannot handle the harsh smell of chemical-based nail polish removers. This unscented formula contains vitamin E to hydrate, nourish and protect nails after polish has been removed. This brand is an Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” award winner because it’s just as effective as it is gentle. While a bit more expensive than other brands, you’ll get a lot of value for your money.

O.P.I Original Polish Remover

O.P.I. is one of leading names in nail color and care. Their original polish remover provides you with the best formula to remove the deepest and darkest polish colors. This is a low acetone formula but will power through tough lacquers. This formula contains aloe vera and is gentle on the nails without drying or damage. This formula is designed for natural nails and capable of getting color off in one easy swipe.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Polish Remover for All Nail Types

If you need something cheap and simple yet don’t know exactly what formula to choose due to the overwhelming amount of options, go with Sally. This polish remover nourishes and conditions both nails and cuticles. If you are prone to dry, peeling cuticles, especially during Winter months, this is a great preventative formula. This polish will remove any nail polish in a flash, even acrylics, without stripping or drying. Sally Hansen is one of the most popular, trusted and easy-to-find brands available.

Ask Revival Nail Polish Remover

Ask Revival Nail Polish Remover

Ask is a professional nail company offering a great alternative to high-chemical-based polish removers. This nourishing formula is designed to take off the polish while leaving the nail moisturized thanks to an infusion of Vitamin E. Ask Revival Nail Polish Remover is safe for frequent use because unlike many popular brands, the solvents aren’t as harsh. The result is natural nails free from dryness, chalky residue or leftover traces of polish.

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