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Best Nut Driver Set

A nut driver is a tool used to tighten nut, bolts and other fasteners. It looks nearly identical to a regular screwdriver; only it features a socket on the head of the tool. They’re a really common tool and are good to have around because they’re quicker to use than finding a ratchet, locating what socket you need, finding an extension bar if necessary, fitting them all together and then finally loosening or tightening the fastener you’re working on.

Since nut drivers come in only one, unchangeable size, I will be focusing on sets for this list. To help make jobs easier, each of the sets I have included comes with at least six different drivers. This gives you a wide variety of drivers to work with, which makes working on differently sized fasteners easier. Furthermore, all of the drivers in each set are marked (either by color coding or easily identifiable markings) so that identifying what driver you’re about to use is easy as can be.

To make your set purchase easier on the wallet, each of the sets I have included can be bought for fewer than $50 and comes with a warranty. This makes whatever tool set you choose a lot easier because you can have faith you’re getting great quality tools for a decent price.

Klein 631 7-Piece Cushion-Grip Nut-Driver Set 3-Inch Shanks

The Klein Tools 7-Piece Nut-Driver Set - 3'' Shafts is the best set of nut drivers under my criteria because it has a fully hollow shaft. This allows you to work on longer screws that you normally wouldn’t be able to with a solid shaft. Furthermore, the tip of each driver is magnetic. That is useful because you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping and losing a fastener after removing it. Another great thing about this set is that each of the drivers has a cushion gripped handle. This makes it more comfortable to use by cutting back on hand fatigue, thereby allowing the user of the tool to apply more torque. That makes this a great option for professionals.

Greenlee 0253-01C Nut Driver Set With 3" Hollow Shaft, 7 Piece

The GreenLee 0253-01C Nut Drivers, Set 7 Piece is one of the top nut driver sets because like the Klein Tools set above, all of the drivers inside have hollow shafts. I also like that the socket head on each driver is six point. This gives you a more accurate fit around fasteners, which makes the set more valuable because the tools are more efficient. Additionally, each of the drivers included is chrome plated, which makes them rust resistant. This is a good feature to have if you want your set of nut drivers to last as long as possible.

Husky 7 Piece Nut Driver Set

The Husky Nut Driver Set (7-Piece) is a surprisingly solid set of nut drivers. The best thing about them is that they’re way cheap for how strong they are. This is great if you’re on a budget. The shafts of each driver are nickel chrome plated. As mentioned above, this makes the tools rust resistant. It also makes them easy to clean up should any spill happen. Another great thing I love about the set is that the handle of each driver is made from butyrate, which makes them sturdier by making them chemical and solvent resistant. When combined with the established criteria, the above-mentioned facts make this a heavy-duty, long lasting set to consider buying.

Craftsman 7 pc. Standard Nut Driver Set

Craftsman 7 pc. Standard Nut Driver Set

The Craftsman7 pc. Standard Nut Driver Set is a great set to look over because for starters, the handles are made from plastic, which is durable and very long lasting. The shafts are polished as well, which makes any accidental spill very easy to clean up. Like the GreenLee set, the socket on each driver is six point, which is a great feature to have for the reasons I mentioned above. Finally, I like that this set comes with a small zipper case for storage. It’s a little feature, but it’s cool to have something to store the tools in to help protect against damage while in your toolbox.

Stanley Hand Tool 62-541 - 6-Piece Nut Driver Set

The Stanley Hand Tool 62-541- 6-Piece Nut Driver Set is the final nut driver set on this list because for one, the drivers in the set are constructed from one piece. This makes each tool stronger and all but eliminates the concern of accidental breakage. Like the GreenLee set above, each of the drivers in this set is nickel chrome plated. As I mentioned above, this helps to protect against rust and makes the tools easier to keep clean.

Christian G. Mill
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