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Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion detection lights are a great way to use the appliances you need, but allow them to turn off when not in use. Items such as outdoor lighting in particular will stay on all night using far more electricity than is really needed. By adding a motion detector to them, you will be able to have the light you need, only when you need it, and allow the fixture to save energy when not in use. Motion detection features are also good when someone has their hands full with groceries, a child, or whatever they are carrying. All you will need to do is walk up to the light source and it will turn on for you. It’s almost like having your own personal assistant. These motion detector were selected because they are affordable, have a detection range of up to ten feet, and the really nice outdoor motion detectors will often times run on solar power. If you are looking for a good motion detecting light fixture, then take a look at these.

Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light

Providing light to specific walkways in the night has never been easier than with this SunForce Solar Powered Motion Detector. Not all solar panels are made the same. This model uses an AmorphusSolar Panel that will convert sunlight into an electric current, where it is then stored in the supplied battery. These are also known as ‘Thin Film Solar Panels.’ This particular style is better at generating electricity in a wider variety of sunlight, such as those areas where the sun doesn't shine all day. Designed for cloudy areas, these solar panels are best when used to provide power for smaller areas; temporary set-ups, atop tractors and other farm equipment, and areas with unpredictable sunlight. The best part about this motion lighting system is that you won’t need to hardwire anything, or tap into an existing system. Just mount the light in the appropriate position, place the solar panel in the appropriate position, make only three basic adjustments, and wait for the sun to shine. These adjustments include, 1. The LUX Level (light level), that determines what level of darkness that must be reached for the light to turn on. 2. The TIME Setting sets the duration of time that the light will remain on once activated. 3. And the SENS (Sensitivity) determines the range of motion detection. Once these are set, and the battery is charged, you will be able to shine your lights simply by walking in front of them. Those who purchased this model claim that even after 3-years, they worked great, providing more light than they ever expected. By setting the dial to the crescent moon, you will be able to ensure that the light will only come on in the dark, and not on just a cloudy day.

Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

This simple to use motion detecting solar powered light is a very simple to use, very attractive light that will stay on all the time in dim mode, until some type of motion activates it. Despite the fact that it is on all the time, it is still very energy efficient. There is a small ‘on/off’ key that comes with this unit, but the unit itself is designed to stay on all the time in a very dim state to give simple low light 24-hours a day. However, because this source of energy is solar, there is no cost to you! This translates into no more fumbling for keys at the entryway. Once activated, it is very bright because it uses an LED bulb, and not an incandescent one. These are easy to replace and can be found anywhere. There is a tiny pinhole in the front of the unit that actually turns it on and off. Just put the key in, turn it, allow four to five hours for the battery to charge, and they are ready for use. These models can be mounted anywhere they are needed, and their solar panels anywhere there is light. You can even mount them with double sided tape since they are very light weight.

Frostfire Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

Here is another model of the well-known Frostfire outdoor, motion detected lights family. Made of high impact plastic, it is only 4.5in x 3.3in x 1.6in in dimension. The solar panel is mounted on top of the triangle shaped housing, and only 3-inches by 2-inches in size. This is however, enough to produce a fully charged battery in as little as 4 hours. So there is no need to hardwire anything with this model. It works well around your property acting as a security light, and spot light on your path to and from somewhere, or maybe just to light up the garbage bin so you can take out the trash without feeling so alone. At night this model will stay on a dimly lit mode, and then light up whenever something activates it with motion. Many times just turning on a light is enough to scare away intruders of both the animal and human kind. Designed to be a stationary, solitary unit, it will install easily without wiring, and do its job without assistance for several years to come. The warranty will go for 5-years, so you can expect at least that much service from your new light, and more.

First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Light Socket

This is probably the easiest motion detecting light adaption that there is. It is designed to be used in an existing light fixture, between the fixture and the bulb. Just screw your First Alert into the light socket, and screw the light bulb into the First Alert, and it is ready for use. As soon as someone or something walks into its path, the light will turn on. This is great for those that have a light in their house that is not near the front door. They can come home and simply walk in; and the lights come on. If your hands are full, or you are unloading groceries, or a small child, you won’t have to free up a hand to turn on the lights.

Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switch + Motion Sensor For Apple iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch

If you like automation, then you will love Belkin’s WeMo. Simply genius is all I can think of when it comes to this design. Just plug your electronic device in to an outlet, and set the activation to your desired distance, up to ten feet. When you cross the motion detectors path, the electronic device comes on. This works great both inside and out, so in case you have some Christmas lights you want on later in the year, just plug them in, and walk by. You won’t have to leave them on all night; they will come on and stay on according to your directions. What a great way to save some energy! This kit also includes an App for your smart phone so you can program lights to turn on and off at your command. You can program a light to turn on when you walk into the house or a fan to turn off when you leave. You can program lights, heaters, outdoor music, any electronic device can be programmed to turn on or off with motion, all from your computer or Smart phone. These devices are so smart, they can even send you a text message when something activates, such as your child returning home from school. You won’t have to settle for whatever outdoor light fixture your local hardware store sells, get what you like, channel it through WeMo, and enjoy your custom outdoor lighting as you direct.

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