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Best Outdoor Speakers

Bringing music outdoors can be difficult as running wires from your indoor stereo involves drilling holes through the walls of the house, and mounting speakers. If ground-based or free-standing outdoor speakers are used, cables must be buried to keep them out of site. These issues make wireless speakers a potentially better choice for outdoor areas such as the patio, poolside, and garden.

Although Bluetooth connectivity is becoming increasingly popular for wireless streaming, many wireless speakers still use either a 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz transmitter. While the 2.4 GHz frequency can reduce interference overall, it might not be as well-suited for a household that already has multiple devices operating on this band. Either way, good wireless outdoor speakers must have the ability to connect and maintain a reliable wireless link with decent range.

These best wireless outdoor speakers are weather-resistant and rugged enough to withstand impacts; our picks range from those suitable for occasional use outdoors to those made for permanent installation outside. Sound quality is evidently important, although the standard to which sound quality is held outdoors is quite different than in a closed, controlled environment. Bass response is typically where outdoor speakers struggle, and since many wireless outdoor speakers can be battery-powered, sometimes they have issues providing enough power for loud volumes. In the interest of representing multiple price points, not all of the following picks are suited for a large open space, but they can all provide decent sound quality for the money.

Soundcast OutCast JR Wireless Speaker

The Soundcast OutCast wireless outdoor speaker is expensive, but delivers the performance one would expect at this price range. This all-in-one unit has built-in amplifiers, speakers, and an eight-inch subwoofer. Its 100 watts of power and round design allow it to effectively fill a large outdoor space with sound. Sound quality is excellent, with strong bass response and good clarity even at higher volumes.

The rechargeable battery provides 20 hours of use and the rugged weather-proof design ensures this wireless outdoor speaker can be used anywhere, anytime. Music can be streamed wirelessly from a computer or AV receiver using the transmitter, as well as from any Bluetooth device. There’s also an AUX input for added connectivity. The Soundcast OutCast wireless outdoor speaker is easy to set up and use, and delivers the level of sound quality and versatility one would expect from a pricey, high-end product.

Acoustic Research AWSBT4BK Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

This wireless speaker from Acoustic Research offers solid, affordable performance. Although the AWSBT4BK cannot match the versatility or performance of higher-priced models, this portable speaker can be used both indoors and outdoors, using eight AA batteries as well as the AC adapter. The AWSBT4BK uses Bluetooth streaming to play music from Apple and Android devices and has an AUX input. Its two-way design uses a three-inch woofer and 1.5-inch tweeter, delivering reasonably good sound output.

This speaker is not actually rated to be specifically used outdoors, as it is not weather-resistant. However, its portable design makes it well suited for small backyard events. The AWSBT4BK is less effective for very large space as it simply doesn't have the necessary volume output. If you don't need a permanent outdoor setup and would prefer a simple, affordable option, the Acoustic Research AWSBT4BK is a good choice.

Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker System

These two-way, wireless outdoor speakers from Audio Unlimited offer solid overall performance and features for the money, deliver good overall sound quality with decent bass. Designed to look like a rock to blend in with the outdoor environment, these speakers use a 900 MHz transmitter to wirelessly add sound to an outdoor space. The included transmitter works well, is easy to set up, and maintains a reliable connection, but there can sometimes be issues with interference from nearby sources.

A claimed range of up to about 150 feet (realistically closer to 100 feet) and the built-in rechargeable battery allows these weather-proof speakers to be used outdoors, although they should be brought inside during heavy downpours, snow, or extreme temperatures. The dock station can also be used on battery power for added convenience outdoors. One weakness with these speakers is the lack of a remote volume control, but they’re easy to use, perform well, and offer good value for money.

AWS6B3 Speaker System - 5 W RMS - Wireless Speaker(s)

The Acoustic Research AWS6B3S wireless outdoor speaker might not offer sound quality that will please audiophiles, but it does deliver decent sound quality for the money. Portable, compact, and easy to use, this outdoor speaker allows the flexibility of using either Bluetooth or the included 900 MHz transmitter for wireless performance, or using the AUX input to hook up a device.

The AWS6B3S uses a 2-inch tweeter and 3-inch woofer to fill a small outdoor space with decent sound and can be powered using the included AC adapter or six AA batteries. These weather-resistant speakers are for use both indoors and outdoors but not rugged enough to be permanent outdoor fixtures. Overall, these portable and easy-to-use wireless outdoor speakers are a versatile and affordable choice for those who don't require loud volumes or need to fill a large space.

TIC WRS010-CN Wireless Outdoor Rock Speakers

The TIC WRS010-CN wireless outdoor speakers offer weather-proof design and a rock-like appearance that will blend easily into most outdoor environments. These speakers are a bit on the pricey side, but use 2.4 GHz operation instead of the usual 900 MHz, which should mean less interference for more consistent sound quality as well as a broad transmitter range.

The WRS010-CN has a five-inch dual-cone driver to provide both highs and lows, which does a solid job of delivering sound to an open area. Sound quality isn't outstanding, but perfectly suitable for an outdoor space and a remote control is included for easy volume control. These speakers can use six AA batteries or the included AC adapter. While they are somewhat prone to chewing through batteries quickly, this is to be expected when powering speakers.

Klipsch AW-400 Outdoor Speaker

In order to eradicate that muddy sound from occurring during outdoor pool parties due to audio bounce, Klipsch has designed an outdoor speaker series which delivers high sensitivity audio dispersion and superior power handling capabilities. The AW-400 outdoor speaker contains a 1-inch polymer dome tweeter that does an outstanding job of sending top-quality high-end audio to most any outdoor environment with precision. The 50 watts per channel this speaker disperses is more than capable of covering a wide outdoor environment with pristine audio.

For the price of about $250/per pair for these amazingly adroit outdoor speakers, any homeowner will be pleased with the level of musical clarity the AW-400 speakers will bring to any swimming pool party or family barbecue they’ll be having every summer.

Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers

Bose has come a long way in terms of designing and developing high quality speaker systems that are easily hidden away in any environment that they are installed into. With the 151 SE Environmental outdoor speakers, this design element is one of the most attractive aspects of the 151 SE when installing these extremely durable speakers in your own home’s backyard area.

The speakers, which retail for around $280 a pair, have a very sleekly designed metal white enclosure covering the three, 2 ½ inch full-range environmental drivers contained within the speaker’s enclosure.
This metal enclosure keeps out wind, rain, sleet and snow while also optimizing the audio dispersion of the high and midrange so that everyone in your backyard area will be able to hear the music playing nearby extremely clear, with no overall noise distortion in the sound stage whatsoever.

Other outdoor speakers in the Bose product line are also very easily integrated with the 151 SE Environmental speakers as well, which means that building a much wider and louder listening area in your backyard will be simple and effortless.

Energy Take 5-Pair of Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

The Energy Take Classic I/O 5 outdoor speakers deliver excellent performance and durability for the price. Corrosion-resistant grills and a paintable tough UV-resistant cabinet ensure that these speakers are up to the challenges of outdoor use. A 5.25-inch woofer and 0.5-inch tweeter deliver good low and high-frequency response, although the specific mounting position you choose will make a large difference in sound output (as with all outdoor speakers).

Mounting options are flexible, with the speakers coming with a mounting bracket and dual M6 threaded inserts; they are capable of being mounted vertically or horizontally. The durability and audio quality of these speakers makes them a bargain and they can be found for around (and sometimes even under) $100 at online retailers.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Pair Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio's Atrium Series of speakers exceed military specifications for durability in all-weather conditions, ensuring their longevity outdoors. The Atrium 4 outdoor speakers feature a weatherproof design and excellent sound quality thanks to a redesigned 0.75-inch tweeter which smoothes frequency response, while a 4.5-inch woofer delivers good bass. A steeply-angled baffle means the speakers have an improved ability to fill a large, open space with sound.

Although the low-frequency response can sometimes lack some fullness, this depends heavily on where the speakers are mounted. This is also being quite typical for outdoor speakers including those that cost much more. Installation is extremely easy with a mounting system that simplifies the process making it safer and hassle-free. Overall, the Polk Atrium 4 speakers are an affordable way to have good quality sound outdoors and they can be had for around $100 online.

Yamaha NS-AW150 All Weather Speaker

The Yamaha NS-AW150W outdoor speakers might not be quite as rugged as our other picks, but they offer an affordable way to have solid sound output both indoors and outdoors. These speakers are water-resistant and suited to outdoor use, but must be somewhat shielded from the elements (installed under the eaves, for example) as direct rain and longterm UV light exposure are likely to cause damage. However, for those who don't need extremely heavy-duty outdoor speakers, the NS-AW150W outdoor speakers can be purchased for well under $100, while offering good sound quality overall. These speakers are compact in size, and are simple enough to install using the included mounting brackets. Although the brackets don’t swivel, the speakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor Speakers

The Bose Free Space 51 outdoor speakers are unique for their ability to provide 360-degree sound dispersion. In an outdoor space, this is especially useful because sound tends to dissipate and end up lacking in fullness. The design of these speakers helps to counteract that, while also making installation simple since there's less need to worry about what direction the speaker is facing.

A downward-firing, 4.5-inch woofer and centrally located port enhance low-frequency response as bass is often one of the most apparent weak points of outdoor speakers. High-frequencies are clear and crisp. These Bose speakers are built to withstand year-round weather conditions, and can even be installed partially buried in the ground.

Klipsch AW650 Black (Pair) Outdoor Loudspeaker

Klipsch has a strong reputation for producing excellent audio equipment that is a no-brainer choice for almost any situation. The Klipsch AW-650 outdoor speakers feature a paintable enclosure capable of resisting UV light damage, as well as a rustproof aluminum grille. This weather-proofing allows these speakers to be installed and enjoyed for almost any outdoor occasion, whether a backyard gathering or for listening to music by the pool.

As to be expected from a Klipsch product, sound reproduction is excellent although despite their 6.5-inch woofer, these speakers do suffer somewhat from the lack in bass most outdoor speakers struggle with. However, sound is powerful and extremely detailed even at low volumes. Durable zinc C-brackets are included to allow for easy and versatile mounting options. For those who want excellent durability and all-around performance, the Klipsch AW-650 are worth the added cost.

Rockustics OctoRock 8" 100-Watt Outdoor Rock Speaker

Rockustics claims to be the original and best manufacturer of outdoor speakers with their products used by many high-profile clients in places such as public theme parks. With their rock-like appearance and choice of multiple different finishes to choose from, the OctoRock 8-inch outdoor speakers are designed to blend fluidly into outdoor environments.

Rated to handle 100 watts, these two-way speakers are designed to provide more bass than the average outdoor speaker; most outdoor speakers tend to struggle to provide adequate low-frequency response in an open space. The OctoRock speakers can also handle having the volume cranked quite high without distorting, making them overall very well-suited to adequately filling an outdoor space with sound.

Durability-wise, these speakers are extremely rugged and can last through all seasons outside. Although these speakers lack some versatility in terms of installation options, they are the go-to choice for those wanting outdoor speakers that blend in seamlessly and provide good sound quality.

Boston Acoustics Voyager 70 Outdoor Speakers

The Boston Acoustics Voyager 70 outdoor speakers deliver good overall sound quality while being suited for the rigorous conditions of both outdoor and marine use. A seven inch graphite injected woofer delivers solid bass output, while a one inch soft dome tweeter is designed to reduce the unwanted resonance that can come with outdoor-use speakers.

These speakers are rated to handle up to 175 watts; all internal parts are sealed and gasketed, while the tough exterior cabinet is resistant to both moisture and UV light damage. Mounting is simple, with adjustable C-brackets that allow for versatile mounting options, while being made from heavy-duty aluminum to resist rust and ensure durability. Although the Voyager 70 outdoor speakers aren't cheap, they offer good overall value for their durability and performance.

Tannoy Di6 Outdoor Speakers

Tannoy Di6 Outdoor Speakers

The Tannoy Di6 outdoor speakers offer a compact size and superb overall sound quality. These speakers are very weather-resistant, with durable construction and the ability to handle extreme conditions season after season. The Di6 utilizes the same drive unit used in Tannoy’s studio monitor, with excellent power handling and extended frequency response. The result is wide sound coverage with very low distortion, allowing for filling a large outdoor space with crisp and accurate sound.

These speakers can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and come with a unique multi-angle bracket that is both pre-wired and fully adjustable. The high quality, durability, and versatility of the Di6 outdoor speakers have made them an excellent choice for profession applications, such as in restaurants, theme parks, or other retail environments. Although these speakers are not cheap, they offer top-notch performance and durability.

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