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Best PC Racing Wheel

Although PC racing wheels may be something of a niche item, there are a decent number of them on the market to choose from. When considering different options, look for racing wheels which offer a realistic PC driving experience while checking it’s been manufactured with quality materials to ensure  long-term enjoyment. Different manufacturers offer a variety of accessories and features to enhance your gameplay. A basic racing wheel gives you a more realistic experience in a driving game, but the addition of pedals and shift sticks can really take your game to the next level.

We’ve chosen these as the best PC racing wheels because of their minimum 900 degree rotation angles and variety of customizable buttons and shifting paddles for a more immersive driving experience. These wheels are also are built durably, with even the addition of metal and leather materials on some which help reduce the effects of wear and tear. While all of these are designed to work with a PC, some of these models also have functionality that works with a video game console, a level of flexibility which makes them a better overall value.

Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel (941-000110)

From top to bottom, Logitech made a lot of smart decisions when designing this racing wheel. The wheel itself features force feedback technology so you can actually feel the wheel react appropriately to whatever forces are being exerted in-game. The added depth of being able to feel things as they’re happening gives you terrific control and response time. A number of buttons and a D-Pad on the center of the wheel let you control your game without using a mouse or keyboard, even navigating menus in between races.

The wheel also features  a 900 degree rotation angle, paddles for your hands which let you easily shift gears, and LED indicator lights which let you know when to up-shift or down-shift. A separate unit with three stainless steel pedals mimic pressure-sensitive brake systems and includes carpet grips and rubber feet for stability on any surface. This wheel is also compatible with Playstation 3 and 4.

Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Premium Leather Edition

This is a great overall racing wheel that showcases just how good Thrustmaster is at making top-notch PC game control devices. The wheel rotates 900 degrees and features integrated magnetic sensors which reduce wear from internal friction to keep it working reliably over time. There’s also the inclusion of force-feedback technology which lets the wheel respond realistically to what happens in game and helps improve your response time.

The wheel is covered in hand-stitched leather for comfort and durability while the included metal pedal set can be adjusted to different positions to meet the comfort needs of any user. Offering multiple buttons and a D-Pad for menu navigation in between races, this racing wheel is compatible with both the Xbox One (including an Xbox guide button) as well as PCs. It is a great choice, but just not quite as strong overall as the Logitech G29.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel (941-000121)

Like our other picks, this racing wheel enhances any driving simulation with force feedback technology and a 900-degree rotation angle for plenty of control in any game or simulator. Stainless steel ball bearings in the wheel ensure fluid rotation for reduced wear while the leather wheel covering ensures user comfort while adding to the wheels overall durability. Steel peddles and shifting paddles round out this wheels robust build quality.

A few minor differences from the Logitech G29 are that you don’t get LED lights on the center of the wheel to indicate up-shift and down-shift timing. The 24-point selection dial that you find on the G29 is also missing here. This model is compatible with the Xbox One video game console while the G29 works with Playstation 4.

Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

This is an excellent all around option that offers a great, customizable experience for PC racing games and simulators. The wheel itself is very good, with force feedback technology which gives you an authentic feel for the road in any game. You can adjust the rotation angle on the wheel between 270 and 1080 degrees so it matches the game or simulator you’re playing,. This actually gives you a great total rotation angle than just about any other wheel on the market along with a mixed belt-pulley system for fluid, quiet operation.

This solid racing wheel also includes multiple buttons and a D-pad for menu navigation/input, along with two shifting paddles. It lacks the LED indicators and other extra features you can find on the Logitech G29, but remains an excellent option for virtual drivers everywhere. This model is compatible with Playstation 3 and 4 which gives you extra functionality if you have either (or both) of those game consoles.

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