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Best Urine Detector

Whether you're moving into a new house that had furry tenants or if you have a problem spotter or incontinent pup of your own, you will no doubt need to clean up urine to eliminate the smell. Carpets, dark corners and other hidden areas are places where your canine culprit will pause to spot, but it's hard to identify exactly where the urine is at times. That's when urine detection comes into play. UV or florescent black lights will do the trick at spotting unwanted urine spots, and the following list is comprised from the highest rated and appropriately priced urine detectors.

Streamlight Multi Ops Flashlight

When you're looking for a urine detector that can also be a high powered flashlight, then the Streamlight Multi Ops is perfect. The shock-proof, UV LED flashlight boasts ten hours of continuous use and an additional red laser function. With several modes to choose from, all powered by three AAA batteries you'll be confident that you can detect unwanted urine stains and have a powerful light to guide your way.

Simple Solution Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector

For a simple, easy-to-use UV light, Spot Spotter UV Urine Detector will get the job done. Dim the lights and go to work finding those hidden spots that are stinking up your home. This battery powered urine detector will make the search effortless, so you know where you need to go to work with your cleaning products. This affordable device is well rated and will get the job done.

Clear Storm UV 49-51 LED Flashlight Urine Detection Torch

Clear Storm UV 49-51 LED Flashlight Urine Detection Torch

For a strong, reliable urine detector why not turn to the professionals. Clear Storm UV 49-51 LED Flashlight Urine detection Torch is well loved and used by carpet cleaners confidently. As a specialized product, this flashlight uses most of the battery power to function in the appropriate spectrum to detect urine. Beyond tailored usage, this torch is water resistant and shockproof ensuring that it will last for the long haul.

Nature's Secret Weapon Black Light Urine Detector

When you're dealing with urine odor or constant marking, detecting the sometimes elusive urine stains can be a challenge. Nature's Secret Weapon Black Light is tailored specifically for urine detection due to its optimum wavelength range. You'll spot an unwanted stain immediately once you dim the lights making cleanup simple. The incredibly affordable price of this perfected black light ensures that anyone can afford accurate urine detection.

Stink Free Stink-Finder UV Light and Flashlight

When you're struggling with odors in your home and simply cannot locate them, you'll need to turn to a urine detector. The STINK FREE Stink-Finder Ultra-Violet Light and Flashlight not only makes it easy to find urine stains, but also works on ringworm, scorpions, bedbugs and other bodily fluids. When you pass the Stink Finder about two inches above the floor or other surface you'll see any unwanted stains, making removal easier.

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