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Best Play Saucer

Keeping your little one entertained can be a difficult endeavor. While there’s nothing you love more than spending quality time playing with your child, there’s times when you can’t give baby your undivided attention. In these situations, a play saucer is the perfect solution to keep your little one safe and entertained. Play saucers feature toys and plenty of interactive activities within a safe and stationary location; it’s a dream come true for parents and babies alike. There are multiple play saucers on the market, but we’ve chosen the following picks as the best because they all feature spinning seats so your baby can easily move around and access all of the saucers included play activities. Additionally, each pick allows your baby to either jump or walk around while remaining within the saucers stationary location. Lastly, each of these play saucers can be converted into activity centers to provide additional playtime options as your child grows.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in The Amazon

The Evenflo Triple Fun Exercauser is a leading contender on this list because it’s a multi-functional product offering a variety of entertainment options and designed to grow with your child. For very young infants, there’s a play mat that can be used on the floor with the exersaucer activity bar. And when your baby outgrows this exersaucer, it can be converted to a freestanding activity table that is the perfect size for toddlers. Plenty of interactive toys including light and music ensure there’s plenty within baby’s reach to keep them entertained. This pick is also designed with a bouncy seat to enhance the fun as well as carry handle which makes this play saucer easy to travel with.

Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

The Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station offers multiple ways to keep little ones busy and entertained. One of the best features is the built-in piano keyboard, an extremely interactive toy that plays a variety of kid-friendly tunes and helps stimulate young minds. Parents will also appreciate that the toy tray and seat are both removable, meaning this activity center can be converted into a play table. The most unique feature on this activity center is the “around we go” seat, which allows your little 360 degree mobility as opposed to a standard play saucer with fixed seating. Thanks to wheeled legs, the seat can move fully around the activity center, giving your little one convenient access to every activity this play saucer offers.

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step 'n Play Piano Entertainer

Your little one will love the mobility and plenty of interactive toys offered by the Fisher Price Little Superstar Step ‘n Play Piano. There’s just so much for your child to play with including a giggle trumpet, spinner triangle with a mirror, a drum, a maraca, and a tambourine. There’s also two different modes of music for your little one to groove to and the sliding seat allows your baby to “walk” back and forth, strengthening their legs in preparation for their first steps. And, with each step your child takes in this play saucer,  piano underneath their feet lights up and plays music. When your little one grows into a toddler, the seat can be removed and the activity center can be used for engaging musical play.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Double Fun Saucer, Bumbly

Your little one will love the more than 20 activities that Evenflo’s Double Fun Bumbly Saucer has to offer. The Stage One Playmat will allow your infant between zero and four months old to interact with the fun toys while either playing on their back or tummy. In these playtime position, your little one will be able to develop muscles in their core and neck as they reaches for the fun toys overhead. Later on when your child has physically matured, the playmat can be converted into an activity saucer. The seat rotates a full 360 degrees so your child can easily access all of the toys. The seat also bounces so they can exercise and build the muscles in those little growing legs. Stimulating sounds, flip books, rattles, lights, and a mirror are just some of the interactive features that your little one will have hours of fun playing with.

Discover & Learn Activity Center

Your little one will love playing with the 2 stage Discover and Learn Activity Center. There are a total of 12 interactive toys that will keep your child entertained as they sitting 360 degree swiveling seat. A battery operated train travels along the tracks stimulates your child’s attention and encourages further play. The saucers seat bounces up and down which allows your little one to exercise and strengthen the muscles in their developing legs, back, and neck. As your child grows, the train track can be removed from the activity center so that they can continue playing with it on a flat surface.

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