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Best Powder Foundation

Many women love a powder foundation because they’re easy to apply, remove and look so natural. help tame oil production, heal skin imperfections or help shield skin from harmful sun damage. Choose from loose or pressed formulas that give you a verity of effects from “dewey” to “full coverage”.

All powder foundations are compatible with other products so feel free to layer you blush, bronzer or highlight as you rest assured knowing you makeup will last. You can find powder foundations ideal for any skin type even those who could never wear makeup in the past. Powder foundations are not only geared towards specific skin types such as oily, dry, combination or acne prone but many contain active ingredients designed to better the skin over time. 

Powder foundations not only help prepare the skin by hiding flaw and creating a smooth surface for other products, but many work to protect, heal and nourish the skin as they cover. There’s a powder foundation for every skin type and budget but before you make a choice, consult our buyer’s guide provided below which offers a wealth of useful tips and tricks for novices and experts alike.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation

L’Oreal True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation gives you a youthful, even-looking skin tone in an easy-to-use, buildable formula. This perfect foundation allows you to choose your level of coverage in 12 shades ideal for any skin tone. I love how it conceals dark under eye circles without looking cakey and is gentle enough that it will not break out or irritate the skin.

L’Oreal recommends this product for sensitive skin types because it doesn’t contain preservatives or heavy fillers like talc, and fragrance. It also contains titanium dioxide; a mineral-based sunscreen (SPF 19) which is a safe and gentle alternative to other harsh liquid-based SPFs that can clog pores due to their heaviness.

I typically hate traveling with lose powder foundations because they tend to spill easily. The design of the genius little product allows you to keep the minerals under lock-down. The brush is a part of the twist-tight lid which makes application both easy and convenient. The clear cap houses the brush for extra security and cuts down on attracting bacteria (which can lead to breakouts).

Here is a great tip to help get even more use out this incredible product: tap the minerals a few times into the clear cap then dip in with a long handled foundation brush, buff in your minerals and you will see how quickly and easily you can build to full coverage.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation

The best thing about Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Compact Powder Foundation is the fact that it comes highly recommended by dermatologists and is specially formulated for those who may be acne and/or allergy prone (non-comedogenic.) This also means that it promises not to clog pores due to the fact that the product is oil-free.

This gentle foundation will not irritate sensitive skin since it is free from harsh additives like fragrances or fillers like talc. This product is so good for your skin and contains the highest known quality mica minerals which are naturally derived from the earth. Finally, this foundation also helps absorb excess oils with a rice-based starch, proven to be both gentle and effective this ingredient is ideal for oily skin. This same starch will also help keep shine under control. This mineral powder foundation helps draw oil away from pores and keeps skin looking smooth and balanced.

Milani Even-Touch Powder Foundation

Milani often gets overlooked in the drugstore because we have a tendency to flock to the more heavily advertised brands. Don’t overlook this brand because Milani will always deliver when it comes to color. The products are richly pigmented and give you lasting quality. This powder foundation comes in a classy gold compact and mimics the coverage of liquid foundation but in a powder-form.

This product glides onto skin and gives you smooth, rich, even-looking coverage in nine buildable shades. The moisture rich quality will prevent flaking and blotchiness so the product is ideal for drier skin types. It derives its moisture from safflower seed oil and aloe vera juice which are ingredients proven ideal for skin prone to rashes and redness too.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation

NYX is a brand that believes your makeup should not only be affordable, but a lot of fun as well. NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation is the ultimate primer to layer and blend in your favorite contours, highlights and/or blushes. This power will even out your skin tone so you can make the most of your more “active” products, helping  you create a low-key natural look, or turn up the volume and go “full on” glam so you can keep skin shine and oil-free.

The shade options range from fair to dark with all other tones in between. The main ingredient in the product is called Nylon-12 which is a polymer that is designed to stay on top of the skin and not get trapped inside the pores. It also helps the powder have “stretchy” texture so it covers and moves with your facial expressions instead of settling into cracks and fine lines. This ingredient is ideal for oily and/or aging skin.

Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1Beauty Balm Powder

Physicians Formula Super BBAll-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder is versatile and so easy to use. It is on the richer side so if you find many powders are too dry for your skin type, give this one a try. It shields skin from sun damage because it contains active zinc oxide, which is the ideal ingredient to protect skin from premature aging and sun sensitivity. This ingredient as well as the product itself, comes highly recommended by dermatologists.

The product formula is great if you’re prone to breakouts, rashes or makeup allergies because it contains willow bark extract, a natural anti- inflammatory. It’s also paraben, fragrance and gluten free making it safe for use by anyone. This powder foundation is also a great value because although the price is pretty average for a drugstore option, you still get a lot of product for your money.

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat is ideal for those suffering from daily, oil-based shine. This powder provides you the longest wear from day into night with minimal touch-ups. It gives skin a matte and smooth-looking finish and since this brand is known for stay-put power, it’s used by many who need to look their best both on and off camera.

The active ingredient in the product is a polymer that acts like a sponge to absorb excess oils and controls the shine. It also contains cassia angustifolia seed extract to keep skin supple without causing the product to cake as well as giving oily skin the perfect moisture balance so it never feels or looks too dry.

Trish McEvoy Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15

Trish McEvoy Even Skin Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15 is perfect for oily skin because it includes mineral-based sun protection from titanium dioxide and potent zinc oxide. Shine and oil slicks on the skin have a tendency to attract the sun and can cause damage quickly when not protected.

This product is non-comedogenic which means you get powerful protection without the risk of clogged pores. The gentle formula contains jojoba; a natural anti-inflammatory ideal for oily and acne prone skin. Safflower and pine bark extract help balance the moisture levels within the skin by controlling excessive oils and helps fight visible signs of aging.

Too Faced Amazing Face SPF 15 Foundation Powder

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation is ideal for individuals with oily skin types or continual oil control issues; it will control shine while giving your skin a smooth, rose petal-like finish. The product also builds to full coverage and works well with your other makeup favorites like bronzer and blush because it gives you such a natural look. The powder smells great, it’s a pleasure to apply and users who have tried this powder foundation noticed less oil production throughout the day.  

The Cocoa powder in this formula helps keep oil production under control while contributing to the products delicious scent. Anti-oxidant rich properties protect skin from cell damaging culprits like free-radicals and air pollution. Finally this product doesn’t contain any heavy parabens and sulfates which can easily irritate any skin type.

Nvey Eco Mattifying Compact Powder

I have to admit I’m becoming a bit obsessed with Nvey Eco. Just the design of this compact alone is eye catching because it’s so sleek and modern but the contents inside are what really matter. Nvey Eco Mattifying Compact Powder is milled with the finest quality, certified organic minerals meaning it doesn’t contain any talc or other synthetic fillers.

It’s formulated with jojoba oil and earth-based particles which provide a silky and radiant complexion instantly. Additional vitamins A, C and E will help to nourish, brighten, and protect skin from free radical damage. Those prone to rashes and sensitivity will delight in the lightweight feel and natural ingredients this stellar product delivers.

The Body Shop All In One Face Base

One of the biggest complaints women with oily skin is that most powder foundations wear off rather quickly but the Body Shop All In One Face Base comes to the rescue. Thanks to the ingredient silica, a natural, earth-based mineral, reviewers with oily skin say this product stays put and wears for endless hours without the need for a touch-up. The product also mattifies and keeps oil balanced with non-pore clogging corn starch. This is a gentle yet very effective ingredient used in many popular powder-based brands which eliminates the dreaded shine factor. Skip the included sponge applicator and apply this product with a brush for best results.

Bella Terra Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

Bella Terra Mineral Foundation is perfect for acne prone skin that may also be prone to allergic reactions resulting from ingredient sensitivity. The great thing about this product is it significantly reduces your risk for aggravating existing acne while gently covering it. This foundation will help protect skin from environmental damage like harmful sun rays thanks to mineral based SPF Titanium Dioxide.

Additionally there’s Mica and Sericite, both naturally occurring minerals found within the earth and are the finest quality particles known to mineral powder cosmetics. This product can be enjoyed on special occasions, or used daily to keep skin both protected while preventing future breakouts, but just know that a little goes a long way.

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder

Juice Beauty is an all-organic, all-natural product that is going to comfort and heal your acne prone skin. The product consists of natural fruit, bamboo and certified organic minerals guaranteeing quality as well as your skins safety. If you have combination and/or oily skin, you will reap the benefits of a smooth, even looking complexion while healing bamboo, fruit acids and minerals go to work to absorb oil, nourish, and protect. Juice Beauty works to also keep skin looking healthy and radiant while shrinking blemishes. This product is so potent and effective it can actually be used as a spot treatment.

Pur Minerals 4-In-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

Purminerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation contains SPF 15, concealer, powder and foundation in one ready-to -go compact. The first ingredient on the list is mica, a gentle mineral that is derived from crushed partials found naturally in the earth which will cover skin without the risk of clogged pores or irritation.

There’s also Ceretin Complex, an ingredient designed to reverse the visible signs of aging as well as Waltheria Extract to help even out your skin tone and correct discolorations over time. If you loathe loose powder foundations, then you’ll love the fact this pressed powder will stay put in its glamorous travel-ready compact complete with mirror. Choose from 11 shades ideal for any skin tone.

Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder

Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder gives you everything you could ever want for acne prone skin. This product is designed for individuals prone to extreme redness and inflammation as the powder shades actually counteract these issues while acne fighting salicylic acid treat and heals your skin. Soothing aloe and chamomile also help reduce redness and swelling while keeping the skin soft. The formula will not smother skin because it’s mineral-based and very lightweight. The only draw-back of this affordable product is the limited shades ranging from light to medium.

Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation SPF 30

Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation is one of the gentlest products you can use on acne prone skin. Made with completely natural ingredients, it covers beautifully and will not clog pores. The minerals are derived from natural quartz and other earth elements while plant based ingredients like natural rose and fruit oils work to brighten dull complexions.

This product doesn’t contain synthetic fillers that can easily irritate acne prone skin, will work on aging skin, and includes titanium oxide-based SPF 30. It also contains vitamin C to give skin a healthy radiant boost while improving skin tone and correcting discoloration. Best of all, this product won’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles like many powders do.

Hourglass Oxygen Foundation Mineral Powder

Hourglass Oxygen Foundation Mineral Powder is perfect not only for dry, sensitive skin types which may be prone to redness, rashes and irritation. This formula is designed to create a “breathable” atmosphere for pores with added oxygen. No need to worry about this powder settling into fine lines and wrinkles because the oxygenated formula helps stimulate skin, giving it a healthy boost. Soybean and Vitamin E will keep skin soft and moisturized all day while light-catching particles will make your dull dry skin glow with radiance.

Benefit Cosmetics Some Kind-A Gorgeous

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous calls this product “the foundation faker” because it covers flaws without ever feeling like there’s anything on your skin. Dry skin types can find it difficult to wear powder foundations simply because they don’t produce enough natural oils to cling to in order to stay on the face. Products with added oils may help products stay on dry skin, but this only causes trouble by clogging pores and possibly leading to breakouts.

This powder foundation from Benefit is oil-free and promises lightweight, silky coverage. The key ingredient in this product is called Phenyl Trimethicone, which helps prevent moisture loss in the skin. This product comes in three shades; light medium and dark and most find them to be a great match for their skin tone.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder not only hydrates and sets flawless on dry skin but it also fights visible signs of aging. This is a Mica mineral-based powder, Mica particles are the best known natural minerals found within the earth’s crust. Another key ingredient, Lycium Barbarum extract (part of the Goji plant family) helps protect skin with potent anti-oxidants.

In about six weeks the product works to actually reduce the look of aging You’ll see a significant improvement in skin health over time as fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. The compact comes with a built in spill proof sifter that only allows a little product to be dispensed at a time. This makes it one of the few travel friendly loose powders. It also comes with a kabuki brush, so it’s a great value overall.

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation is made with her signature hydrating Argan oil, an ingredient good for nourishing, hydrating, and smoothing skin. This product is gentle, made without dyes, oils, fragrances or other synthetic irritants while keeping skin protected from sun damage. There are three available shades from light, medium or dark made with a “smart formula” which auto-adjusts to match your unique skin tone perfectly. When applied, it hardly feels like a powder and skin on the sensitive side won’t have to worry about breakouts. This buildable product  goes on smoothly, leaving you with lightweight silky coverage.

Shiseido Sheer Matifying Compact SPF22

There are so many thing s to love about Shiseido’s Sheer Matifying Compact. It contains active SPF 22 which will keep delicate dry skin shielded from harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause premature aging. The SPF in the product is actually so good it is recommended by the skin cancer foundation and is derived from mineral-based Titanium Dioxide. This product’s featured ingredient is a nourishing complex called Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a Shiseido patented ingredient complex, which helps create a protective, moisturizing shield. This product is non-comedogenic, so it won’t ever clog pores or cause breakouts. This skin smoothing makeup comes in endless shades ranging from fair to dark.

Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation

If you are prone to a little shine, skin discoloration, and have a few wrinkles here and there then are sure to love this long-wearing formula. Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation offers an incredible value because you get tons of powder for a really economical price. Those with sensitivities or combination skin prone to rashes can wear this without worry since it is oil-free and features a high quality, mica-mineral based formula.

This foundation also includes boron nitride which is the key ingredient to keeping the powder on your skin and not melting off after a few hours of wear. Lastly, silica-based dimethicone keeps skin protected from outside damage and perfects the look and feel of your complexion with a smooth velvety finish. Choose from twelve long-wearing shades while covering up imperfections and never clogging pores.

NARS Powder Foundation Compact

NARS offers the ultimate in luxury when it comes to treating your skin right. Those who want matte coverage without the thick mask style foundations should give this feather-lightweight formula a try. NARS truly takes makeup to the next level because you only need a little product  to cover and even out your entire face.

Although the product is on the higher end of the price spectrum, you get lasting quality and added sun protection (SPF 12) in a formula that melts into skin. This will help even out your appearance and absorb excess oils because the product contains corn-starch and talc, which are gentle and ideal for oilier skin types.

Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15

This product is mineral-based, allergy-free, dermatologist recommended and ideal for combination skin. The first thing you notice is the texture as this light silky powder feels almost like a cream, but will spread out evenly while it glides on and smoothes out the skin tone. Next, it will keep skin protected from sun damage with mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 15 (titanium dioxide). It feel so light and the skin and is noncomedogenic which is a feature Clinique products are known for.

This foundation is build-able and will keep oils under control while the icing on the cake is the fact that this product will never settle into fine lines thanks to safe and effective nylon-12.  This ingredient keeps skin looking fresh and young, never old or flat.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

If you want a flawless matte foundation with a velvety finish in a travel-ready compact then try Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. This formula gives you the coverage you crave while still allowing skin to breathe. You can rest assured that this brand is a true makeup lover’s choice because it layers so beautifully with other products. There are countless shades options to choose from making this ideal for any skin tone. This is a water-based product which is ideal for skin with sensitivity issues; this also contains dimethicone, which helps the product last giving you a fresh look all day long.

Dolce & Gabbana The Foundation Perfect Finish Powder Foundation

Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Foundation is going to give oily uneven skin a smooth velvety matte finish. It comes in fourteen light-weight shades that will give you a verity of uses and you can choose to use it wet or dry, thus allowing you to control you coverage level with ease. This foundation is the ultimate companion when it comes to creating looks for both day and night, not to mention the durable, gorgeous gold compact is both strikingly beautiful and travel friendly. The main ingredient in this formula is talc, which is great for absorbing oils without clogging pores making it ideal for combination/oily skin. This formula is ideal for those with fragrance sensitivity because it is also fragrance free and uses talc to tame shine.

Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation SPF 20

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation is made with simple ingredients like Titanium Dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral which is the ultimate non-comedogenic sun protection agent.The main ingredient, Mica, is also a natural earth-based element that can be ground very fine and keeps your skin looking smooth and flawless. There’s also Zinc Oxide which offers you even more advanced protection from sun damage and comes highly recommended by dermatologists to help prevent skin cancer. Ideal for any skin tone or type, this powder foundation is available in countless shades and comes in a stunning, gold-mirrored compact.

GloMinerals Pressed Base - Honey Light, 0.35 oz

Glo Minerals Pressed Base blends in with a natural look because without the yellowish tint many other cheap mineral-based products have a tendency to have. The main ingredients are Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc which are natural earth-based minerals which work seamlessly to protect skin from sun damage while giving you beautiful coverage. This foundation is a perfect match for any skin tone and the product is formulated to match your main undertone so choosing a shade is foolproof. It also counters redness and absorbs excess oils without ever clogging pores. This is a very gentle formulas, ideal for sensitive skin types prone to allergies.

Ulta Mineral Powder Foundation

Ulta Mineral Powder Foundation is a great quality product for the fraction of the cost of other leading minerals and comes in shades for all skin types with true and accurate pigmentation. Not only does this product contain natural, earth-based minerals but chamomile as well. Chamomile is to the skin what water is to a thirsty plant as it softens the skin, smoothens out bumps, and provides a healthy, hydrated glow. This powder foundation also contains ginseng which perks up tired, stressed out skin and gives it a refreshed look and feel.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed Mineral Foundation

Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation is going to give you flawless, buildable matte coverage in an undetectable powder formula. This powder is milled so fine you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your skin, while offering superior, lasting coverage. This product contains only a handful of the finest quality mineral ingredients like Mica as well as Bismuth, derived from a rare mineral called bismoclite used as a cosmetic by the ancient Egyptians. It also offers mineral-based sun protection thanks to Titanium Dioxide while excluding talc, mineral oil, parabens, or other fillers and dyes.

Bare Escentuals - BareMinerals Ready SPF 20 Foundation

You can’t talk about a mineral powder foundation without bringing up Bare Minerals, one of the first brands that helped create the cosmetic mineral craze. Those with very sensitive skin types can finally wear makeup with this products gentle mineral-based formula which includes Titanium Dioxide and Zinc. Enjoy buildable coverage and give your skin a new found brightness thanks to quality mineral particles like Mica, Bismouth and Iron Oxides along with essential oils (Jojoba and other fruits) for incredible hydration.

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 won the 2012 Best of Beauty award from Allure Magazine thanks to its long wearing, hydrating features. Although advertised as “so gentle you can even sleep in it” (although I don’t recommend you ever sleep in your makeup ever).

100% PURE Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder SPF 20

If your skin is super sensitive to the point where you’re afraid to even wear makeup then 100% Pure Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder is perfect for you. There are seven color options to choose from and they all get their rich pigmentation from fruit extracts like peach, apricot, cocoa beans, papaya, strawberries, raspberries and more. This nourishing powder will  keep skin soft and hydrated while preventing infections thanks to natural chamomile, and eucalyptus leaf powder. Finally, this product is completely natural, containing active Titanium Dioxide to shield sensitive skin from sun damage.

Eve Lom Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation

Eve Lom Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation

Talc is great if you have oily skin, but if you have sensitive skin this ingredient can irritate the allergy prone. Rest assured this product is completely talc-free and only contains beautiful minerals like amethyst, ruby and rose quartz which help your complexion glow, Not only is this product going to give you a gorgeous “glow-from-within” look, it will never cause irritation or breakouts because it’s all natural. Eve Lom Mineral Powder Foundation also protects the skin from sun damage because it contains a bit of zinc. Personally I would save this foundation for those special nights out on the town.

Koh Gen Do Triple Lighting Foundation SPF 22 Triple Lighting Foundation Compact

The first thing you notice about Koh Gen Do Triple Lighting Foundation with Compact is the gorgeous red color and slim design. The initial kit comes with a pressed powder, sponge applicator, mirror and a refillable compact. The powder formula is best for fair to dark skin tones with sun sensitivity because this product contains Titanium Dioxide as its main mineral-based ingredient. It offers an SPF 22 factor with PA++ which is an additional SPF which keeps UVA rays from damaging and aging delicate skin. No need to worry about skin irritation because this powder is free from dyes, fragrances, GMOs and other fillers. If you don’t wear makeup a lot but want to feel special on those dressed up occasions, this product promises to last and not break down or curdle over time.

Faerie Organic Pure Mineral Foundation

Faerie Organic Pure Mineral Foundation

Faerie Organic is the perfect makeup for sensitive skin since it only contains five gentle ingredients which promise to never irritate your delicate skin. It won an American Made 2014 nomination from Martha Stewart, so you know it’s got to be good. This product comes in ten shades ranging from warm to cool undertones and should fit most skin tones. This foundation is going to give you an effortless airbrushed finish and contains high quality mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides; note darker shades may contain a little ultramarine blue which is also a naturally derived mineral. If you seek a safe and gentle formula that will even cover acne without further irritation, then look no further than Faerie Cosmetics.

Real Purity Pressed Powder Foundation

Real Purity brand cosmetics may not be well-known but you’ll discover this brand is perfect for your sensitive skin. Don’t worry about any “filler” ingredients like talc or fragrances that could potentially irritate the skin. This formula only contains six basic ingredients like Vitamin E and active Titanium Dioxide to protect the skin and keep oils under control. This powder also uses a natural, pine tree-derived ingredient called pycnogenol to protect and cover skin, helps reverse visible signs of aging, and doubles as an anti-oxidant. This powder blends into skin beautifully and comes in shades ranging from light to dark.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

Your skin will feel as good as it looks with Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation which will give you lasting, stay-put power in a loose powder formula. Those who find loose powders to be a bit messy or difficult to work with will love that this product is neatly dispensed with a sifter allowing you to get the perfect amount. Once you get it on your favorite brush, this powder will cover dark marks, blemishes, and scars with a waterproof formula. This powder is also great for your skin thanks to natural Amazonian clay and camellia leaf extract which keep skin protected and help heal any existing skin conditions.

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation will turn up the volume with any look you create. It contains the mineral pink opal in addition to exotic ingredients like nourishing and brightening pink- algae extract. This product is ideal for aging skin thanks to light reflecting mineral particles to minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines giving you a radiant glow which will never appear caked on or flat. This powder foundation is also dermatologist recommended and tested and does not contain any added oils that could lead to breakouts.

CoverGirl Professional Translucent Face Loose Powder

This loose powder will remind you of Hollywood Glamour with its giant puff and a traditional powder formula. This product is ideal for lightweight coverage by itself for absorbing oils and enhancing your complexion. Active ingredients include oil-absorbing oat flower and eucalyptus extract which is a natural antiseptic. Layer this loose powder over other products to set them in place, or you can build it from medium to full coverage for a natural matte look. This dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic  powder is versatile as well as gentle on the skin.

Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation

Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation contains mica and titanium dioxide minerals listed as its main ingredients, yet it’s half the cost of high end brands which contain these high quality ingredients as well. This mineral powder foundation does an excellent job of evening out the skin and concealing discolorations.  It comes in twelve shades for all skin tones and is gentle enough for any skin type. This powder foundation includes a mirrored compact and the sifter dispenses product slowly, thus making it mess-free and very travel friendly.

Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas Powder, SPF 15

If you are a huge fan of makeup that can multitask while saving you a little money, then you’re sure to love Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas SPF15. Richly pigmented for flawless, even coverage, this product can be used as a concealer and offers SPF 15 sunscreen protection. An easy-wash application brush is included with the product so you don’t need to lug your tools around with you for touch-ups. This powder foundation is both gentle and safe for all skin types thanks to titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and bismuth which are all potent ingredients to keep the sun from aging and damaging skin.

BECCA Cosmetics Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation

Ideal for year-round use, Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation comes in countless shade options and is a bit of a special powder foundation. It gives skin a silky smooth finish and contains high quality minerals like mica, zinc, and richly nourishing red algae extract (which is also rich in minerals). It doesn’t just stop there as this powder also contains safflower seed oil, aloe, jojoba honeysuckle extract to nourish skin and give it a hydrated look and feel. This powder is rich and only takes a few swipes for complete coverage so you get a ton of product for your money.

Stila Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation Refill Treatment Cosmetics

Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation comes in seven shades ranging from light to dark and is ideal for aging skin types where powders settle into fine lines and wrinkles. This foundation contains nylon-12 which gives this powder a reactive quality as your face moves so it will never lay flat top of your skin. Another great feature of this powder is the moisturizing shea butter giving it a rich creamy texture to prevent a chalk-like look on the skin. The last thing you need to know about this product is you will need to purchase a separate compact to house this powder foundation; simply order the refills and cut down on waste.

Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup

Lancome Dual Finish powder foundation is versatile because it allows you to control your level of coverage. You can wear it dry for light coverage, or use a tiny bit of water to build up coverage for concealing blemishes and skin discolorations. This compact comes with a puff and mirror making it ideal for travel. This formula is made with mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides, high quality minerals that won’t clog pores and work well to absorb excessive oils. Choose from twenty five shades ideal for all skin tones.

Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation

Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation is the perfect go-to product if you want to minimize pores for a porcelain-like look. Shade options range from fair to deep and this product will work on any skin type. This mineral-based formula contains top quality mineral particles like mica, zinc, titanium dioxide and iron oxide to brighten your complexion without risk of breakouts. This powder has a silk-like consistency so a little will go a long way. It’s completely build-able allowing you to control you level of coverage.

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation is great for even the most sensitive skin types because it is paraben, talc, fragrance, gluten and oil-free. This formula comes in a in a travel ready compact and packed with high quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin while offering excellent coverage. Mica, green tea leaf extract, various oxides of different shades (depending on your color) and titanium dioxide all work together to protect skin from environmental damage while giving you a smooth bright complexion. You can apply this with the included sponge applicator on the go or with your favorite powder brush.

Buyer's Guide

Powder Foundaton Buyer's Guide

There are many reasons you may want to start your makeup routine off with a powder foundation.Powder foundations are typically lightweight and less likely to cause breakouts since they are easy to remove. Since they wash off so easily they never linger deep down in the pores getting trapped by natural skin oils like liquid foundations have a tendency to do. Powder foundations are also resilient, not affected drastically by hot/cold climates, nor do they expire as quickly and dry up like their liquid-based cousins.

Applying a powder foundation is also much easier and faster than any other liquid or cream, and can last just as long without wearing off throughout the day. Always remember to cleanse your skin every night, even if the manufacturer assures you “this powder is so gentle you can sleep in it”.

Tools for Applying a Powder Foundation 

Applying a powder foundation is going to take a tiny bit of skill, a few tools and some slight planning. Many formulas provide a handy little (travel size) brush, especially those powders that come in a compact. Smaller brushes are great for random touch ups throughout the day but not for your initial application.

Some powder foundation companies sell specific brushes that are compatible with their powder foundation products, although some can be a bit pricy. It’s recommended you purchase one since it will pay for itself in the long run as you’ll likely use it just about every day.

You also need to make sure to consider the powder consistency. Loose powders are easier to apply with tight, fluffy rounded tufts of brush bristles. Since this style of brush picks up a lot of power this makes coverage quick and easy. Compact powders need a brush that contains stronger fibers and something to loosen the powder as you pull it out of the pan. A quality flat top kabuki brush is a great tool for these types of powders since they’ll give you smooth, even coverage.

Powder Foundation Application Techniques

Applying a powder foundation is going to require a little technique no matter what type of formula you choose. Loose powders are going to go onto the skin quickly and easily and will blend in to a smooth natural looking finish. For individuals dealing with severe dry skin, be sure to apply a rich moisturizer as your base before apply your mineral powder foundation so it will stick to the skin and stay all day.

Lightly dip the tip of tip of your brush into the loose powder, or swirl and swipe back and forth if you have a pressed powder foundation. Gently tap off a bit of the excess then blend into the skin using light strokes. Buff, swirl and blend until your skin is evenly covered. You can also use a smaller brush if you wish to cover the nose and eye area since accidently getting loose powder in these areas happens from time to time.

The best way to apply loose powders is to make sure you are not wearing you favorite “going out” outfit the first couple of times you apply. Don an old shirt first just to be sure any errant powder doesn’t accidently get onto your clothing; don’t panic if some powder gets onto you favorite white denim jacket, as it typically washes out very easily.

It’s best to simply lean forward over a sink during application and of course never apply loose powder in the car unless you’re an expert; however, even seasoned powder foundation wearers can find themselves prone to spills now and then.

Although pressed powders travel well since there’s less spillage, they can crack, break ,and crumble in the pan. Loose powders travel well as long as the lid is locked on and you make sure the product has settled before opening.

Powder Foundations for Dry, Sensitive, Acne Prone and Normal Skin

If you’re uncertain what type of powder foundation is right for you, start with a mineral-based powder foundation. These formulas tend to be on the natural side, work well on dry, normal, acne-prone and sensitive skin types. They’re usually a bit on the pricier side but you can find some excellent drugstore mineral options perfect for anyone on a budget.

Minerals give skin a bit of a natural looking “glow” so stay away from these if you want a “matte” or “flat” finish. With this in mind severely oily and combination skin should generally avoid this type of powder foundation. If you have acne, sensitive to cosmetics, or allergy-prone, look for an “all-natural” mineral powder which can safely since all-natural minerals are derived from rocks and earth elements.

Best Type of Powder Foundations for Oily and Combination Skin Types

These powders use the natural oils already on the skin to blend with the powder and stick to the skin’s surface. You want to look for either pressed or loose powders containing naturally absorbent ingredients like talc, rice flour, oats, and bran. Powders formulated with these ingredients will give you a smooth matte finish to keep oil production under control all day so you can wear a specific powder frequently without clogging pores or causing breakouts.

Selecting the Right Shade

Some colors look much different in the pan as it does on the skin when you try it on so it’s always good to start by consulting with an in-store expert who can help you narrow down the perfect match.

You need to know if you have either a warm or cool skin tone with bluish, pinkish or yellow undertones no matter how dark or light your skin tone is; especially when it comes to choosing a mineral formula. Since some mineral brands only have a few shade options, choose the shade closest to your skin type You’ll find these shades are usually very forgiving and blend great with most skin tones.

Try the foundation on if possible and walk to a natural light source  to see if there’s a stark contrast between your skin and the powder foundation (the top of your hand works great for testing shades). If you can’t tell where the skin begins and makeup ends, then you’ve found your match. Once you’ve determined your perfect match, you can order your products online or just pick one up quickly whenever you’re on the go.

You also want to utilize his testing process when switching in between brands. Just because you wear one shade in “Bare Minerals” doesn’t necessarily mean the same type of shade in the “Amazing Cosmetics” line will work as effectively.

Drugstore Brands

Once you’ve selected the right shade, know what ingredients to look for, and have an idea about how to apply your new mineral powder foundation, you’re going to want to consider a drugstore option. A cost-effective backup for all of your makeup favorites when you travel is ideal since containers break, get lost, or you can run out of product. That’s where drugstore brands come in handy.

Most drugstores across the US carry brands and products similar to high-end options so experiment a little until you find some good backup products you can use in a pinch. You can also throw a drugstore option into a gym bag, diaper bag, stash in your car or desk in case of a beauty emergency.

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