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Best Protein Powder

Protein supplements come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. In fact, there are so many different types of protein supplements out there that making the right choice can be a painstakingly difficult task. Even if you weigh the pros and cons of each protein category to narrow down the selection, there are still a tremendous amount of options to wade through in order to find the right product to suit your needs.

We know that protein is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle. We also know that it can be difficult for some trainees to get the proper amount of protein necessary for maximizing results from whole food sources alone, which makes supplementation a necessity. In this master list we’ve broken down the available proteins by category and picked the five best in each to make it easier for you to select a supplement that will work to help you get that much closer to your goals.

Vega Sport Performance Protein, Berry

VegaSport has many impressive vegetable-based sports supplements and this particular protein powder has an unbelievable 25 grams of protein with 5,000 milligrams of branch chain amino acids and rings in at 130 calories. Some of those calories are due to the amazing flavor profile you’ll find in their berry supplement.

The berry flavoring tastes great and a nice alternative to the basic chocolate and vanilla flavors that you find everywhere else. VegaSport vegetable based protein has a nice consistency, similar to what you’d find with a high grade whey protein but maybe slightly thinner. This protein tastes so good and goes down so easy that you may be a little disappointed when you finish it.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Powder

Sun Warrior protein powder is considered magic in some circles. This plant-based protein supplement has all of the components you would expect from your whey protein and more. The texture and consistency is a smooth, medium thickness; not watery, but at the same time you don’t have to chew your protein. This is a classic vanilla-flavored, vegetable-based protein that actually tastes good so it pretty much appeals to almost anyone.

The Warrior Blend comes complete with important amino acids including your branch chain amino acids which are hard to find in a vegetable-based protein. All of this would mean nothing if it didn’t offer a decent serving of protein. Warrior Blend goes above and beyond with 19 grams of protein per serving and a very respectable 100 calories per serving.

Source Naturals Pea Protein Power

Reading the words “pea protein” may make your stomach churn a little bit, but this is product actually one of the most awesome proteins around. It’s unflavored which is actually an advantage because you can mix it with literally anything without ruining the flavor of your favorite drink.

This powder boasts 14 grams of protein and another 18 grams of pea seed protein concentrate. That makes this 70 calorie per serving mix nearly 75 percent proteins. The consistency is great and the powder basically dissolves into any cold beverage so you can’t even tell that you’re drinking it. Though this may not be the most perfect vegetable alternative, it’s a legitimate source of protein.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal Vanilla Chai

Perhaps the finest attribute of this vegan protein powder is the great taste while it offers more protein per serving that many whey proteins. Raw protein offers 17 grams of certified organic protein and with only 90 calories per serving it is perfect for any diet. It mixes great in water and while the consistency is a little on the thin side, it makes drinking it quick on the go really easy. Unlike most other proteins powders, this Raw protein has the benefit of additional fibers and vitamins.

ALOHA Daily Good Greens Whole Food Powder (Chocolate Blend)

Aloha’s chocolate protein is one of the smoothest and creamiest proteins out there, and that’s when you are only mixing it with water. The perfect texture and spectacular flavor makes an amazing combination for a vegetable-based protein powder. Though vegetable based, it still comes with the complete amino acid profile as well as 18 grams of protein. Aloha promises no additives but the super foods they use to make their product combine to offer a ton of vitamins and minerals.

BiPro Whey Protein Isolate

There are a lot of great proteins on this list but BiPro whey isolate has to be the best. Bipro is unflavored which makes it easy to mix into water, milk, or your favorite sports drink. The reason it is unflavored is because it is completely free of fats and carbohydrates which make this one of the purest and best forms of protein out there. It is all natural and lactose free which makes it a great choice for those with milk issues. The protein count may be a little low at 20 grams, but the purity of this protein makes it well worth it.

Myotein Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Myotein is the next generation of whey protein. It is packed full of time released whey protein and Aminogen to ensure the maximum amount of protein of absorption. It is fortified with glutamine to aid in muscle recovery and Coleus Forskohlii for weight loss. It comes in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors that mix well with water or milk. Myotein is a little bit more expensive than other proteins on the list, but it is also a super formula. With how much stuff is in Myotein protein it is surprisingly low in calories and only has seven total grams of carbohydrates and a single gram of fat.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most respected nutrition companies in the world because of products like this one. Each serving is packed with 30 grams of pure whey isolate protein. Unlike a lot of other proteins there are not a lot of additives in this product. With only one gram of fat and a single gram of sugar most of the 140 calories in this shake are protein. It comes in two standard flavors that are easy enough to take down and mix well with water and milk.

NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate

NOW foods products make a lot of these lists because they are pure products at a reasonable price. As far as the protein itself it comes in a 110 calories per scoop which is pretty average. It also has a respectable 25 grams of protein per serving. This protein is not flavored which is great because it can be mixed with nearly anything without messing with its flavors. It also dissolves very well so you don’t get the gritty taste or excess protein left at the bottom of the drink.

Jarrow Unflavored Whey Protein

This is another protein that is awesome because it dissolves like it was already a liquid and tastes like nothing at all. It comes in three different flavors, but the unflavored version is the best because it mixes with practically anything. It has a whopping two grams of carbohydrates and an equal amount of fat. That means that the low 94 calories are comprised mostly of quality protein. The only real downside to this product is that it only has 18 grams of protein per serving which keeps the calorie count low, but is almost half the amount of protein as some other products.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Optimum Nutrition is a well-respected name in exercise nutrition because of their dedication to quality. Their casein protein is no exception with almost nothing but pure protein in the container. Optimum Nutrition offers their casein protein in a bunch of delicious flavors so there is sure to be one to suit your tastes. What is more surprising is that these delicious flavors are all low in calories and carb friendly. It has a great texture that works well with pretty much any mixer. The only real downside to Optimum Nutrition Casein is the price, but you get what you pay for in this case.

Dymatize Elite Casein

This sweet little product from Dymatize packs a muscle building punch. It comes in tasty chocolate and vanilla flavors as well as a cookies and cream flavor that should be left up to personal preference. It mixes well with water or milk for an extra calcium punch. For how easy it is to palate this powder is surprisingly low in sugar and fat. It is also fairly pure with a reasonably few amount of ingredients. What is added is meant only to help in the muscle rebuilding process including amino acids as well as essential minerals like sodium and potassium.

MusclePharm Core Casein

Muscle Pharm has inexplicably gotten a bad reputation in some places which is weird because it is one of the best out there. It comes in just a few basic flavors and they are all pretty decent. It mixes perfectly into any liquid with very little left behind. It is the lowest you will find anywhere in sugars or carbohydrates which allows for it to be 1o calories less than any other casein protein. On top of being lower in calories it also has one gram more in protein than most other casein proteins. It is also packed full of amino acids for muscle building potential.

BSN Lean Dessert Protein

This may not be a completely casein protein but it is made up of a blend of casein and whey that are a perfect complement to each other. It is about 2/3 casein/calcium product and 1/3 whey. This protein is so power packed that is could almost be a meal replacement. These are by far the most delicious protein supplements that you will ever find and they do not go crazy overboard on the fat or sugar. The sugar content is a little bit higher with 8 grams of carbs that boost the calorie count up to 150 calories. Though that may be higher than any other on the list it still a reasonable amount of carbs. What is perhaps the most interesting about this protein is that is super thick when mixed so it is more like you are eating a milkshake than a protein shake.

Inner Armour Nutritional Supplement Casein

Inner Armour casein is about as simple as you can get without compromising effectiveness. It comes in two basic flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Both are your pretty standard flavors, nothing too special, but also not disgusting. The carbs are a little higher than some but still really decent and at only 129 calories per serving you really can’t complain. This casein is pretty simple except for the muscle feeding amino acids that it is fortified with. It mixes really nice too and leaves barely any protein behind at the end of your drink.

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