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Best Punch Mitts

A good deal of boxing training footage focuses on running, skipping rope and sparring in the ring. One of the places a boxer will really develop their punching skill and timing though is in training with the right set of punch mitts. This valuable piece of equipment is readily available and comes in all shapes, colors and sizes and from all manufacturers. This is not a piece of equipment that you should not decide on lightly though – especially if you are serious about developing your boxing skills. The right set of punch mitts will improve speed, coordination, timing and defense – all skills that are necessary for success inside the ring. Based on things like price, durability, ease of use and effectiveness we’ve put together this list of the top five punch mitts on the market.

TITLE Black Punching Mitts

TITLE Black Punching Mitts

Title Boxing has long been a “go to” company for up and coming boxers and professionals who are looking for good quality equipment at the right price. That combination is exactly what puts the Title Black Series punch mitt at the top of our list. These ultra high quality pads start out with the finest full grain leather. This makes for both a comfortable and durable place to land punch after punch after punch while you are developing your skill. These pads also feature more than two inches of foam designed to protect both the boxer and the trainer during the longest and toughest of training sessions. These punch mitts are easy on/easy off, well ventilated and feature a durable, adjustable strap to ensure the right fit. The Black series punch mitts will stand up to training session after training session without breaking down and come in at a price that will fit in most fighter’s budgets.

Rival High Performance Air Punch Mitts

The High Performance Air Punch Mitts from Rival have a number of features that both fighters and training partners will fall in love with. First and foremost, these well constructed pads feature a big three inches of high quality foam cushioning to protect both parties even when heavier punches are the focus of the workout. These top notch pads also feature a padded closure system for comfort and to provide an extra layer of protection for the trainer. Another feature that the trainer will love is the extra ventilation. These punch mitts are designed for improved air flow to keep the trainer cool and comfortable while the boxer is working on combinations. These pads are affordable, durable and comfortable – making them an easy choice to add to your boxing gym.

Everlast Safemax Air Mitts

Everlast has such a good reputation and name that it is difficult to think about the sport of boxing without Everlast coming to mind. They make bags, glove wraps and – of course – top quality punch mitts. Safemax Air Mitts from Everlast are crafted from top quality leather that keeps them going strong through hundreds and hundreds of the toughest boxing workouts. These pads also feature about an inch and a half of dense, impact cushioning foam to keep both fighter and trainer hands in the best condition. The Safemax Air Mitts have a specially designed hood that goes over the trainer’s fingers to prevent injuries during slips and missed strikes. Couple that with the rugged hook and loop closure that creates a snug fit and you’ve got complete protection for the trainer during the most intense workouts.

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts Genuine Top Grade Leather

Like other sets of mitts that cracked our top five, the Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts are also constructed of premium quality leather. This ensures that this mitt will hold up to the toughest of workouts without rips, tears or other failures. The Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts provide a great surface for all types of punches from all angles. This helps to provide a very safe and effective workout for boxers at just about every experience level. These top notch mitts are built tough, feature high quality impact resistant padding to keep fighters safe and come in at a very reasonable price.

Combat Sports Contoured Punch Mitts

The shape of the Contoured Punch Mitts from Combat Sports is absolutely perfect for receiving all types of punches from your boxer. This slight curvature of the surface makes coaching flowing and fast combinations safer and easier. These high caliber pads are also crafted from ultra durable, high quality leather which means that they’ll stand up to the toughest of workouts. The heavy padding in these mitts allows a trainer to absorb punch after punch without running the risk of impact related injuries. The Contoured Punch Mitts are comfortable, affordable and provide excellent protection during your boxing workouts.

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