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Best Quiver

Quivers are an important piece of archery equipment that hold your arrows in place and protect them from damage. There are quivers designed for target shooting and hunting, so it is important to know how you will be using the quiver. There are quivers that attach to the bow's riser as well as ones that you can sling on your hip or back. You can choose a quiver that holds only a few arrows or more than half a dozen.

Kwikee Kwiver 4-Arrow Quiver Combos

The Kwikee Kwiver attaches to your bow for easy access to your arrows. It has a lightweight design that holds 4 carbon or aluminum arrows. The double arrow holders allow you to use mechanical or fixed blade broadheads so you will have the arrowheads you need. A quick-detach mounting bracket lets you install and remove the quiver with ease.

Alpine Archery Soft-Loc 5-Arrow Quiver

This Alpine Archery Soft-Loc quiver holds a wide range of arrows and broadheads. It allows you to carry different arrows, depending on your specific needs. The Soft-Locrubber rail grippers help to decrease vibration. You can easily adjust the quiver's position to rest anywhere along the length of the rails.

Lynx 4 Quiver, Mossy Oak Break-Up

The Lynx 4 quiver allows you to store fixed or mechanical broadheads. A cut-away hood design makes it easy to attach and to remove your arrows. With this wrap-around style you get durability in a lightweight package. Hunters will like the hood liner feature that dampens sound so it is less likely they will spook game.

Vista Predator Broadhead Hip Quiver

The Vista Predator is a hip quiver that securely holds 4 arrows. It is designed to hold both carbon and aluminum arrows, so you can carry the ones that best suit your needs. A foam cup in the bottom portion of the quiver protects the broadheads. The quiver adjusts to fit your hip securely and will not make a lot of noise, so it is a good choice for hunters.

Cabela's Hip Quiver

Cabela's Hip Quiver

This hip quiver from Cabela's positions your arrows so you can reach them quickly when you need them. Durable rubber clips hold up to 6 aluminum arrows in place so they stay in good condition. The broadheads are protected by the bottom portion of the quiver which is made from sturdy Cordura. This quiver can accommodate up to a 3" belt.

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