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Best Racquetball Racquet

There are hundreds of racquetball racquets available today and finding the right one can be a daunting task. To get the racquet that suits you best, you need to consider weight, head shape, materials, grip, and string bed. Racquets generally weigh between 160 grams and 245 grams. Players who are just learning the game should start out with a heavier racquet (though not too heavy that they can’t swing it properly). Heavier racquets generate more power and accuracy. Lighter racquets require the player to have more accuracy, but are great for generating a faster swing and allow for more maneuverability.

Beginners should also start out with a larger racquet as these have a larger sweet spot, have a greater margin for error, and generate more power. Smaller racquets are better for control and allow you to hit shots closer to the wall. Racquets made with materials such as graphite are stiffer and help you gain more power and force on your shots. It is important to learn a little about the specifics of the racquets before purchasing one so you can choose the right one for your skill level.

Head Black Jack Racquetball Racquet Strung with Cover

The Head Blackjack contains a “smart material” called d3o, which changes its behavior depending on dynamic loading and impact. The material is “smart” enough to sense the needs of players during different strokes and hits during a match. This material in the throat of the racquet will stiffen when you hit the ball hard to maximize power, and it will flex when you hit softly to maximize control and feel. Head’s corrugated throat is a new throat design that allows for corrugated rails to be incorporated into the racquet’s throat. These rails create a higher percentage of stiffness and provide the player with more power. The Blackjack is 22 inches long, weighs 160 grams unstrung and comes with another of Head’s modern technologies, IGS2, Inner Grommet System. The IGS2 eliminates the need for exterior grommet holes which means less weight with optimal stiffness.

E-Force Heatseeker 160 Racquetball Racquet

The E-Force Heatseeker 160 racquet is made with high-tech components and is designed for more power, greater accuracy, and better feel. You will also notice more forgiveness when you hit the ball off-center, saving you a few points in every game, no matter what level player you are. The Heatseeker comes with new graphite construction, hi-octane boosters, and a new string pattern. The Hi-Octane boosters are a new feature that helps create a more solid stringbed, and increase your power on both center and off-center shots. It has a quad shape, weighs 160 grams unstrung, is 22 inches long, and has a string tension of 28-34 pounds.

Ektelon Ex03 Attack Racquetball Racquet

The EXO3 Attack is the new version of the very popular More Attack; it has the same shape, look, and feel. The EXO3 comes with extra energy bridge inserts that allow you to change the balance and weight of the racquet. The racquets come from the factory with all silver inserts, but you can change it when you string the racquet to any combination you want. The inserts are located at nine, 12, and three on the frame. Use all silver (the heavier insert) for an even balance and use silver only on top for a head heavy feel for faster acceleration. Use blue (the lighter insert) only on top for a light head feel and improved stability, or all blue for the lightest weight. This racquet is 22 inches long, weighs 168-175 grams unstrung, and has a string tension of 30-38 lbs.

Gearbox '10 GB 250-165G White Accent Racquetball Racquet

Gearbox is one of the newest players in the racquetball racquet industry. This is a great racquet for someone who wants a lighter weight but doesn’t want to sacrifice power. The single tube frame construction transitions into the head for optimal power. It is head heavy to maximize power on your strokes. The weight is 165 grams unstrung, the string tension is 25-35 pounds, and the length is 22 inches. It has an excellent swing profile that provides the least amount of air resistance and it uses a unique dampener system to minimize any vibration. The 250 also has a hybrid quad/teardrop frame design that provides better control and accuracy.

Wilson Warlock Blx Racquetball Racquet

This is the top of the line model in the Wilson BLX series and offers maximum power for experienced players. Not only is it powerful, it also earned excellent reviews for ball control in testing by Racquetworld.com. Wilson blends basalt into this composite racquet to help reduce vibration. It weighs 175 grams unstrung, is 22 inches long, and has a string tension of 28-33 pounds. It has a teardrop shape and is head heavy for extreme power. The Power Strings design helps to maintain constant string placement helping to increase power and accuracy. For heavier racquets, you can go to the Sword BLX (185 grams) or the Force BLX (190 grams); these offer the same quality, power, and control as the Warlock.

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