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Best Rake

The rake was essentially invented as the poor person's version of the harrow in medieval times. A harrow was pulled along the hay fields, with a horse or an oxen, to gather hay. These were simple wooden frames with nails or tines attached that would collect the hay as it was dragged through the field. For those people that could not afford an animal, hand rakes were invented and used for the same task.

Modern rakes are used for essentially the same reason. The main difference is that, instead of gathering up the hay in fields, people use them to gather grass clippings from lawns, fallen leaves from trees, and as a gardening implement for moving soil and weeding.

In that sense, there are different rakes for different purposes, and no one specific rake will be perfect for everyone's needs. However, some rakes are better than others for the tasks at hand, some will be more ergonomically designed and some will perform better than the others. The rakes on this list were chosen because they are easy to use and effective, versatility and a competitive price also were considered.

Corona Clipper 62061 19-Inch Shrub Rake with 54-Inch Aluminum Handle

The Corona Clipper RK 62061 19-Inch 25-Tine Steel Head Shrub Rake with 54-Inch Aluminum Handle comes in at the top on this list. For raking grass and leaves from your lawn, none will serve you better than this one. Styled like the classic rakes of old, this rake is made with extra wide spaced spring steel tines for leaf removal in any circumstance. You can even safely and effectively remove leaves and debris from around newly planted shrubs and bushes without harming the feeder roots. A long 54-inch aluminum handle with a vinyl grip will allow you to place this bad boy anywhere it needs to go, yet it will always remain light, comfortable and maneuverable every time you use it.

Ames True Temper Greensweeper Poly Rake With 48-Inch Wood Handle

For a true lightweight powerhouse lawn and leaf rake, the Ames True Temper Greensweeper Poly Rake With 48-Inch Wood Handle 1920000s is hard to beat. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, this rake has a full 10-year limited warranty. It may look like plastic, but it is truly durable. Because of the poly construction, you'll never have to worry about rusting steel times, or nuts and bolts that may loosen up. This rake is a workhorse and will get into and under shrubs and bushes, as well as clean up the yard after lawn mowing or fall leaves. The lightweight design ensures that anyone can use it, and the 48-inch handle gives this rake a good reach for any raking situation. If a lighter weight poly head rake that costs about half the price of the top rated steel tined rake, suits your needs, then the Ames True Temper Greensweeper is your rake of choice.

Radius Garden 400 Ground Hog Circular Rake

The Radius Garden 400 Ground Hog Circular Rake is the most uniquely designed rake here. Its unique design makes it one of the most efficient rakes available so you can do twice the work with half of the effort. The curved head is what makes this rake distinctive, and it is one of the best rakes made for raking up sloppy wet leaves. Add to that the fact that once a pile of leaves has been raked, just flip it over and use it as a pitchfork to shovel leaves into a garbage bag or any other container. It features a fiberglass handle, padded grip and an extra long 65-inch reach to get into the hardest places. Because the head is curved, you can even rake sideways to remove leaves and other debris from around plants and clippings, which makes this the best designed rake available.

Bond 2060 7-Inch to 25-Inch Adjustable Steel Rake

Versatility is the middle name of this rake, and if you want an adjustable handle that extends from 7 inches to 25 inches, your only choice is the Bond 2060 7-inch to 25-inch Adjustable Steel Rake. Although it is a bit heavier than most rakes, the steel handle and tines are extremely durable. The relatively thin shaped head makes getting into smaller places easy, and the steel construction makes for short work when raking wet leaves. The extendable handle will fit virtually anyone, and that makes this rake the perfect tool for the entire family.

Flexrake CFP18 18-Inch Bamboo Rake with 48-Inch Wood Handle

For the traditionalist in all of us, nothing beats a bamboo rake, and the Flexrake CFP18 18-Inch Bamboo Rake with 48-Inch Wood Handle is worthy of every task you throw at it. This is one of the original styles of lawn and garden rakes, and they have been used for decades. It features genuine bamboo tines on an 18-inch head, a heavy duty rust proof spreader bar for added strength, and a long 48-inch handle to get you into and under bushes and shrubs with ease. Bamboo is biodegradable, so at the end of its useful life, it can just be thrown away. Nothing fancy here, just a darn good rake designed out of bamboo that works for all of your raking needs.

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