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Best Resistance Bands

Exercise bands are one of the most brilliant exercise inventions ever made, offering the same or additional resistance and weighing less when compared to traditional dumbbells. They are easy to travel with and a handful of resistance bands can potentially replace an entire dumbbell set. Exercise bands can even recreate cable movements to open up your exercise options, something dumbbells can’t offer.

The best resistance bands on this list were selected from criteria including the industry reputation of their manufacturer, long-lasting durability, and their variable range of resistance weight.

Bodylastics 19-Piece Strong Man Quick-Clip Resistance Band System

Any band aficionado will tell you that Bodylastics provides some of the most durable and elastic bands around. The S.H.S. Resistance Bands kit is the best because it offers a wide assortment of resistance levels and a generous anchor and handle assortment. Offers resistance up to 30 pounds (Actually a lot for an exercise band), these bands will not unexpectedly snap and the handles provide a comfortable grip which won’t slip or dig into your hands. The easy clip bands make it simple to switch bands, handles, and anchors quickly for a seamless workout routine.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain offers a high quality, inexpensive resistance band set being some of the most durable bands on the market and backed by a lifetime guarantee. The only really downside to these bands is the handles are fixed, so there is not a lot of room for customization and can only be used for a certain range of movements. Black Mountain however does provides a carrying bag for your bands along with a helpful exercise guide for beginning users.

ProSource 48-Inch Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Band Set

If you are looking for a classic, hassle free band you can’t get much better than Prosource. Their premium 48-inch latex bands are thick, durable and offer resistance up to 20 pounds. These bands have fixed handles offering a decent grip while remaining comfortable throughout your workout. Even though the handles on these bands are fixed, Prosource still provides a way to anchor them for added exercise options. These premium latex bands bands offer the perfect blend of quality materials, workout flexibility and basic affordability.

Lifeline Resistance Fitness Cables

Lifeline is an industry favorite known for the quality of their resistance bands. Their unique handle system makes it easy to attach bands and puts less stress on the ends unlike traditional clip systems. Lifeline allows you to pick and choose the resistance levels and accessories you need, keeping the price affordable and allowing you a more customized workout. These bands offer astonishing resistances up to 100 pounds and offer multiple types of handles accommodating to all workout routines.

SportCord Fitness System

The Sport Cord is for the most rough and tumble of resistance band users. This product uses a latex resistance band covered in a nylon jacket which protects the latex from damage by light, air, or other external sources. The easy clip bands are simple to attach and remove from any one of Sport Cords many band attachments. While Sport Cord does not offer exact weights, they do offer 4 different color-coded models ranging from extra light to extra heavy resistance.

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