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Best Rubber Cement

Rubber cement is a strong, reliable adhesive ideal for a range of uses whether you need to make a quick repair, create a poster-board display, or even patch a flat tire. Unlike regular glue, rubber cement combines an elastic material such as latex with an adhesive solvent; it’s important to follow any warning instructions and avoid letting children the cement without adult supervision.

Depending on your projects, you may want an all-purpose, artist’s archival quality, or specialized rubber cement. This list covers the best basic types of rubber cement available with each pick based on its overall adhesive strength, mess-free application for ease of use on a range of projects, as well as a high amount of positive feedback from satisfied users.

Best-Test Paper Cement

With a formula almost a hundred years old, Best-Test Paper Cement offers a high-quality cement delivering a strong adhesive and wrinkle-free setting to avoid damaging finished projects. Highly versatile, Best-Test can be used for anything from leather to glass to paper. This brand also manufactures a budget-priced alternative to this product; while both versions are comparable in price and quality, Paper Cement is acid-free making it a safer choice for archival quality projects.

Elmer's Craft Bond Rubber Cement

Elmer’s Craft Bond Rubber Cement is an excellent acid-free craft adhesive which works well with photos or artwork, creating a wrinkle-free fixative once it sets. The cement comes in 4-ounce containers with a brush for easy application but it’s best for small projects like scrapbooking. For large projects, Elmer’s sells No Wrinkle Rubber Cement in containers up to one gallon in size. While the No Wrinkle Rubber Cement is a quality product, it doesn’t have the archival quality of Craft Bond Rubber Cement.

Barge Cement Toluene Free

Concerned about the chemicals? This rubber cement from Barge is made without toluene, a potentially dangerous solvent commonly found in most brands of rubber cement. Barge offers several versions of with different drying times and specialized formulas, including the brand’s highly popular shoe-repair cement. Depending on which of Barge's cements you get, the product can be used on a wide variety of materials from paper to rubber. It has a short drying time and is available in a wide range of sizes, including gallon containers.

Monkey Grip Universal Cement

Monkey Grip Universal Cement

Universal Cement is a popular rubber cement product sold primarily for repairing tires thanks to its strong adhesive properties but also suitable for general household projects. The glue comes in an all-metal container which many users find easier to open and less likely to stick than plastic receptacles. Universal Cement comes in either quart or half-pint containers, depending on how big the project is or how often you will need to use the cement.

Slime 1050 Rubber Cement

Slime Rubber Cement is intended primarily for repairing or preventing tire damage. This glue gets high ratings from users and is favored by bicyclists; it will however work on any type of rubber and can be used for cars as well as all terrain vehicles (ATV). The rubber cement comes with its own brush and can be used with Slime’s tire plugs or patches to repair punctures and leaks. The cement comes in either one or eight ounce containers while also comparable in price to similar brands.

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