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Best Samsung Galaxy Case

With the purchase of a smartphone, the next accessory for most new owners is a new case. Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are no exception; with the popularity of the device, there's no lack of companies and manufacturers looking to protect the smartphone in various degrees of plastic, silicone, and other layers of protection. Cases range from those that can protect against many of the elements and those with the worst case of butterfingers, to cases that provide a minimal amount of protection. Owners should evaluate what their needs in a case are, or they'll find themselves with too much or too little of a case.

OtterBox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S III

With a rock-solid reputation for protecting other smartphones, Otterbox brings its experience and expertise to Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. The Otterbox Defender provides a polycarbonate layer of protection as well as a silicone layer and a screen protector, in addition to a belt clip/kickstand. The ports of the Galaxy S3 are also protected by port covers, which helps the Defender keep out dust or sand. The protection the Defender affords also protects your smartphone against drops, bumps and scratches.

Urban Armor Gear GLXS3-COMP-BLK-VP Composite Case Samsung Galaxy S III

With a robust set of features, the Urban Armor Gear case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is much like the other premium cases. It provides two layers of protection: a hard outer case, and a softer inner case to absorb the shock from drops. There's also a screen protector for spills that could crack the touchscreen. However, the case does not seal the Galaxy S3's ports, and does not provide the same level of airtight protection against the elements as other, more hardened cases. Despite its shortcomings, the Urban Armor Gear is a good choice for those looking for a case offering real protection.

OtterBox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy S III

If you don't require a case that seals off your phone from the elements, the Otterbox Commuter case offers a lot of protection without the bulk of other, more robust cases. Like Otterbox's Defender case, the Commuter offers a hardshell, softer inner shell to survive and absorb drops, as well as protection for the phone's ports for dust and sand protection. The screen is also protected by an adhesive screen protector. The case is designed to keep the phone pocketable, unlike other, thicker cases. The Commuter is an excellent compromise for those who want protection and portability.

elago G5 Slim Fit Case for Galaxy S3

Though the elago G5 Slim Fit Case doesn't provide the same level of protection as the other cases on the list, it does provide a minimal amount of protection against drops and shock with a minimal profile. The elago G5 is a hardshell case that's custom designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It provides direct access to all of the Galaxy S3's buttons and ports. Its slim profile and lightweight makes it one of the of the most unobtrusive cases on this list.

Samsung Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Manufactured by Samsung for its Galaxy S3 smartphone, the Flip Cover Case offers a minimal design that also protects the screen. Made out of plastic and textiles, the Flip Cover Case should protect many of the daily bumps and spills smartphone users encounter. However, when it comes to drops, particularly against a hard surface like concrete, the Flip Cover Case won't offer much protection. Ultimately, a Galaxy S3 owner has to evaluate how truly accident-prone they are when they are deciding between a Flip Cover Case or another that offers better protection.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It goes without saying that smartphones - the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, in particular - are expensive. Dropping a smartphone, breaking it, and facing buying a new phone off contract — that's a very costly way to realize that you should have had a case. If you don't trust your fingers enough to always have a deathgrip on your phone and you know yourself well enough that butterfingers are inevitable, the Otterbox Defender is among the best cases you can buy. It offers three layers of protection in addition to a screen protector. However, this protection comes at a price (besides the charge on your credit card) in the way of bulk. This kind of protection demands the case be chunky.

Bear Motion Premium Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Though some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users are concerned with protection, others are concerned with practicality. With smartphones becoming as indispensable as house keys, there's no surprise that there's a push to turn them into de facto wallets. Though the technologies involved are slowly being adopted, if you're serious about ditching the wallet for your mobile device, the Bear Motion Premium Folio Case is a more practical solution. The Folio Case is a leatherette case that wraps around the Note 2 with slots for three credit cards or ID cards. The case also allows the Note 2 to be positioned to allow easy video watching or reading. The Folio Case is not only more functional than Samsung's Flip Cover Case, but cheaper as well.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Though OtterBox's Defender is considered to be among the best case a smartphone owner can buy, it does add appreciable bulk to a phone. If you're looking to protection your Note 2 with an OtterBox without the bulk of the Defender, consider the company's Commuter series. The Commuter offers two layers of protection, in addition to a screen protector. The Commuter case provides protection for the Note 2's various ports and buttons to ensure they're protected against the elements as well. The Commuter case, with the Note 2, can slip into a pocket easily, which the Defender can't do with the same ease.

Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Note II

If you're looking for the protection of the more expensive, multi-layer cases but are on a budget, the Iconic GUARDIAN Armor Case could be the savior for your clumsiness. Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 slides easily into the case, which is made of hard plastic with a soft, rubberized finish for grip. There's also a back panel for additional protection. Buttons and ports are easily accessed through the case's custom cutouts. It's a very economic alternative for smartphone users to many other cases on the market which cost three or four times more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Case

Manufactured by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Case is one of those rare accessories designed by the manufacturer for their own product. As you'd expect, fit and finish is excellent, with a screen cover integrated into a rear back panel for the Galaxy Note 2. That being said, is doesn't offer much protection other than the screen — and for occasions where the Note 2 will land on a hard surface, the protection a textile cover can afford for a glass screen is most likely negligible. However, if you're looking for stylish accessory for your Note 2 that complements it only the way its manufacturer can, there's the Flip Cover Case.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

As smartphones have gained popularity, so have the Otterbox brand of cases. Though smartphones are beautiful pieces of industrial engineering, they're not practical for many people in the real world. Drops happen. Cracks happen. The OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S4, with two layers of protection in addition to a screen protector, ensure that the case takes the most — if not all — of the damage, not the phone. The Otterbox also protects against dust and damage to the Galaxy S4's ports — probably the most fragile part of the phone — with plugs and dust covers. Overall, it's a hardy solution for most Galaxy S5 users.

Cellto Samsung Galaxy S4 Premium Wallet Case

The Cellto Samsung Galaxy S4 Premium Wallet Case wraps your phone in synthetic leather, which not only protects your Samsung Galaxy S4 against drops and scratches — it's also a wallet and a stand. A magnetic clasp secures the wallet/case when it's closed and the phone is just as secure in the case. Card slots and a billfold make this case much more functional than just a typical case, but an added kickstand function makes the Cellto wallet case a standout among other cases. The case also includes a screen protector, offering total protection for your Galaxy S4.

SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

If you're fairly sure the protection for your Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn't require much more than something to protect its back, the SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case has, well, got your back. The back-only case not only protects against scratches, cracks and other abuse the back of your Galaxy S4 might suffer, but it's also coated in a non-slip surface that gives your phone better grip — it could be said that preventing an accident is the best kind of protection a case might be able to offer. The SPIGEN SGP case also lightweight and unobtrusive and, for the most part, maintains the shape and form of the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover Folio Case

The Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover Folio Case takes the simplicity of the Flip Cover Folio Case (see below), but adds the functionality of being able to see the time, battery power, missed calls and missed messages through a cut-out. Strangely, the S-View Flip Cover Folio Case also wakes the Galaxy S4 (think Apple's Smart Covers for their iPads), though the Flip Cover Folio Case does not, apparently. The S-View Flip case protects against fingerprints and smudges (though not in the case' cutout area), and like the Flip Cover Folio Case, it does not guard against drops.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Folio Case

If this case looks familiar, it's because Samsung manufactured a similar case for their previous generation hero phone, the Galaxy S3. As you might expect, it's designed to fit the the S4 and allows users to answer the phone even while the cover is on. It also provides protection against smudges and fingerprints. However, don't expect it to do much more than that. It's a flip cover, but it doesn't protect the back or the sides of the phone. Don't expect it to protect against drops, particularly against hard surfaces like concrete. However, it is an elegant solution that works with the docks Samsung manufactures.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case Galaxy Note 3

While not as robust as the Defender series, OtterBox's Commuter Case is still a beefier solution for the Galaxy Note 3 when it comes to protection. The company markets it as more of an everyday case, but it still features a soft inner layer and harder outer layer of plastic and a screen protector, much like the Defender. It offers protection against drops, dust and scratches, much like the Defender, only in a less bulky package that's much more pocketable. While it's not as robust as the Defender, the Commuter is a compromise between heft and usability that should suit most people.

i-Blason Leather Book Folio Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Today's smartphones are more than just, well, phones. They're the go-to gadget when you're trying to make a point or proving that you're right. It's only appropriate that one of the most popular types of cases for these devices make them look like books, such as i-Blason's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Note III N9000 Smart Phone Leather Slim Book Case Cover. With slots for ID and credit cards and stand that props the Galaxy 3 up for horizontal viewing, the i-Blason case not only protects with real leather, but is extremely functional as well. The interior is lined to avoid scratching the finish of the device and a magnetic closure secures the case as well.

Spigen Ultra Fit Galaxy Note 3 Case

If you're a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner who prefers to use your phone with minimal bulk, but would still like some degree of protection for your device, consider Spigen's Galaxy Note 3 Case Ultra Fit. Finished with a non-slip finish, the case makes sure it stays put in your hands when you're talking, texting, on the web or answering email. The material its made from is soft to the touch that adds less than 2mm to the dimensions of the phone, which means its comfortable to use for extended periods of time – and really, who doesn't use their smartphone for extended periods of time?

OtterBox Defender Series Case Samsung Galaxy Note 3

While tech companies have made their name in the last seven years with their smartphones and tablets, OtterBox made its name by protecting those devices with multiple layers of rubber and plastic. It's ironic that as new, smart devices get more advanced, the thinner they get and the more accidents they get into. For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users who demand maximum protection, OtterBox brings its best selling Defender series to the device. The case includes a screen protector and a polycarbonate inner layer as well as soft silicone outer layer as well as belt holster. The combination of these measures defends against drops, bumps, scratches and dust. Though it's not the least obtrusive case, it does offer some of the best protection.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover Folio Case

With its large cutout for the front screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover Folio Case isn't very protective, but it does have the advantage of being a first party accessory designed for the Note 3. Users can answer or reject calls, check the time and status of the phone and use the S-Pen without having to open the case. The back of the smartphone is replaced but the Folio Case's leather back and the screen changes color to complement the color of the case. It also automatically wakes or puts the phone to sleep once the case is installed.

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